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  1. I know of a supplier for reloaded blackout ammo for $1.05 per Round. they always have some in stock, or can make it in a very short lead time. they are loaded with Hornady 150 FMJ and 300MP for powder. Custom loads available for a slight increase in charge per round.
  2. Check out this item on eBay. Enter G.S.Custom primer pocket swager in the search bar. There has been hundreds sold and has received rave reviews, Not one negative review. combine this swager with a size die and a Dillon case trimmer and all your hand work goes away. If you want to process 1000 + cases in an hour, or less then you need this swager. It has been on the market for 2 months and has feedback saying "it is the best thing since gun powder" and "It save 70% time not 50% as advertised. Lifetime warranty on the swager as well as powder funnels and shell plates for all of the Dillon presses. All are available on eBay, or you can contact me through this site. The add was just re-opened after a sell out and will take until the end of the day today to show up. Geoff
  3. I've noticed them to be one of the highest...I think they charge their shipping rates per total $$$ of the order. It sucks and letting them know that, is the only way to hopefully change their rates.
  4. 550 is in the works as I get a lot of request for a 550 model as well as RCBS, Lee and Hornady. We are trying to make sure we keep up with the current demand, but will finish up the 550 model soon - 2 weeks ish.
  5. Then check this out on ebay and be sure to look at the reviews. No more long, tedious process of swaging brass. You can also contact me through this add for a 5% discount. Dillon XL 650 Press Primer Pocket Swager Uni Former re Size 223 ... www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-XL-650...-/221261273362?pt...‎ $77.80 Dillon XL 650 press, primer pocket swager, uni-former, re-size .223/.308 brass. in Sporting Goods, Hunting, Reloading Equipment | eBay.
  6. Hi Terry, I'm assuming you are talking about the swager ? I finally finalized the pricing. The unit is $72.95 including shipping and will come with a small or large rifle swager pin - your choice. Both pins can be purchased for an additional $24.95. I can send you an invoice through Paypal if you would like to purchase one. Thank you for your interest! Geoff
  7. Hi All! Check out my ebay listings for top of the line tool steel 550, XL650 and RL1050 shell plates and powder funnels. You will NEVER rip the lips off of my shell plates, or wear them out. I have blanks pre machined with redesigned feed lips for 100% case loading , You just tell me the caliber you want and I ship inside of 5 days, but usually within two days, NEVER later! I have all 100% satisfied customer reviews on ebay and not one negative review of any of my products. The latest item just released is a primer pocket swagger for the XL650. No more hand processing the pockets. Just one pass through the press for case prep, pour the cases back in the hopper and load. The units will sell for $72.95 including shipping and will be supplied with either a small or large rifle swager. both pins can be supplied for an additional $24.95 I have been developing the unit for 3 months and I'm now ready to release them to the market. Prickly Pear Ammo, here in Tucson is using this unit exclusively for processing .223 brass and is where all the development was done. These units preform as good , or better than any swagger out there, but it is done in the same pass as you re-size, de-cap and trim on the XL650. All of my products carry a 100% lifetime gaurantee. Respond to this add if you are interested in any of my products. Thank you for looking! G.S. Custom
  8. Hi Terry, Thank you for the positive feed back! I would not shorten that firing pin just yet. I've used several as is and have had no issues with "primer puncture" all of the bolts are inspected and that particular dimension is the same as the JP bolts. "Heavy Handed" is the intention when it comes to polishing the radii on the locking lugs. I've seen on several bolts both AR-15 and LAR-10 where the lugs start to gall up on the barrel extension. It is one thing to gall the bolt lugs, but to gall the barrel extension, could mean replacing a barrel. The first bolts I made had smaller radii on them and showed signs of very slight signs of galling or small horizontal lines. These generation two bolts show no signs of side wall wear at all while maintaining the most lug engagement on the market. I just put my 2500th round through my gen 2 bolt this weekend and I can say despite a couple of shinny areas from engaging the lugs, or the bolt carrier the bolt is like new. Good luck and let me know if you EVER have ANY issues. Geoff.
  9. Looks good! Found one on Amazon for $205 W/free shipping.
  10. I may be sold. Thanx, EasyEjl !
  11. Anybody know of a good, free floating one that the rail will align with the lower profile A3 upper receiver rail ? Tucson308
  12. Dammit, They are still in stock...Midway is one of the only places I did not check. I figured they for sure would not have been in stock. Oh well, it's only money...Booo, bad researcher!
  13. So I won't tell you that both of the receivers I bought were A-3!
  14. There are several on Gun Broker and can be bought for under $250 I've bought two for $185 & $240 in the last couple days. I've searched long and hard and have found none anywhere else, except for the $400 + sellers.
  15. Hi, I have bolts for sale...They are the ones that are being talked about in the ".308 parts" here on .308AR. Yes, they are new to the market, but have went through extensive testing and there is not a bolt out there that could match the precision of the lug cut's and case head pocket. They are made from S-7 tool steel, which is a type of tool steel that was developed for extensive pressure and battering, but still is rock hard all the way through. Geoff
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