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  1. Rifle is Sold Pending Funds.
  2. $1350 shipped for just the rifle and the magazines.
  3. Folks, the price has been dropped to $1500 shipped.
  4. Folks, I'm getting out of the AR10 game. What is being put up for sale was several years in the making. Most of it done, just needs a bit more tweaking, such as milling off the "fence" on the lower. It started out as a bare AR10B upper and a set of AR10B brown handguards. The upper originally had a deflector bump which was milled off when the engraving was done on the left in the same style as the first AR10s. Lower is a standard AR10B, barrel is a Rainer Arms 20" SS match unit which was turned down in front of the gas block and duracoated. Trigger is Armalite's tactical match trigger, and it has an XH buffer and spring from Slash. Buttstock is a type D M16A1 unit, pistol grip is a recontoured A1 unit and the handguards are the original AR10B units, all painted with Krylon Fusion "Expresso". The flash hider is an almost exact copy of the ones used on the original Cuban AR10s. The only difference is it's threaded 5/8x28 - standard DPMS/Armalite F/H threads. The sling is a Greek M1 Garand piece. It will come with four 20rd Armalite Gen II mags, two are still NIW. Also included is an Armalite Field Replacement kit NIW, an Armalite barrel nut and slip ring both NIW, two dust cover rods, a dust cover spring and a one-piece McFarland gas ring, and a Brownell's 308AR torque rod tool and an extra charging handle(which both not pictured). Notice for full disclosure - it does need a new dust cover spring installed and the dust cover rod needs to be notched to use a c-clip also. I've got close to $2000 invested in this, parts and labor. Asking $1700 shipped. Payment by USPS money order or PayPal gift. The first "I'll take it" posted in the thread gets it. Please ask questions via PM here and thanks for looking. This is cross-posted in other forums also.
  5. Folks, the rifle has been paid for and shipped today. Please lock this thread. ;)
  6. Folks, this is Sold Pending Funds on another forum.
  7. Folks, The only trade/partial trade I would consider would involve a Rock Island Armory .38 Super full-size 1911 like http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21_876/products_id/411539803/Rock+Island+Armory+51815+1911+Standard+GI+9%2B1+38Super+5%22
  8. Nathan, I didn't mean to demote you. ;) Seriously though, other companies would do well to try to emulate your customer service/support practices AND attitude! I love your products. Best bang for the buck around - pun intended. :) And your responsiveness to customer demand is excellent! Keep doing what you've been doing!
  9. This is now cross-posted elsewhere.
  10. Price, profile and the fact that it was nitrided. Previous barrel was a SS BHW "medium" contour that was close to some bull barrels in weight and appearance/profile. Plus I've had some limited experience with Faxon's 5.56 barrels and was pleased and impressed. Especially in light of the price, plus their customer support is some of the best I've experienced. One of their company reps is a member at another gun forum and he has gone above and beyond to take care of customers! ;)
  11. Update gang! I had to go to the range to run a function check and BZO a FAL I had just built, so I took along "Killer" too. Ran 30 rounds through in break-in mode and then ten more rounds to BZO the BUIS. Since I shot the FAL first I noticed that the recoil on the LR308 was noticeably more stout, but the trigger was so much better! :) If you do your part the rifle will make head shots at 200 yards. ;) Suffice it to say, she is more accurate than I am capable of shooting. On this new Faxon barrel, can't say enough good things. I've tried several of their 5.56 offerings and now a .308, makes me wish they made barrels for FALs too!!! :)
  12. Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to keep her, she should be a tack-driver.
  13. Folks, unfortunately I've had some things come up and I have to get rid of one of my babies. She's a SI Defense HK format LR308. Has a brand new Faxon Arms mid-weight .308 barrel with an A2 flash hider. Midwest Industries free-float tube with a low-profile 3-gun gas block. She's wearing an A1 stock and pistol grip and MagPul BUIS front and rear. Inside is a NiB BCG from SI Defense and the lower parts kit was from DPMS. Rifle will come with 12 HK aluminum magazines, all in EXC to LN condition, with two flectarn pattern mag pouches that have had ALICE clips fitted to the back. The receivers/BCG have had 20 rounds fired through them, the barrel is brand new with zero rounds down the pipe. The MI barrel wrench and all of the rails will come with it also. The bottom photo shows what I had intended to mount on her. Vortex Crossfire II 1-4 x 24 V-Plex scope, Burris AR-P.E.P.R. mount, and the correct Butler Creek Flip-up lens covers - all BNIW. Okay gang, here's the deal. The rifle just with the magazines $900 shipped. With the scope, mount and lens covers $1100 shipped. You guys get first shot before I post it elsewhere. I won't sell the scope and accessories separately unless the rifle has already sold. I'll accept discrete PayPal plus fees, or USPS money orderThe first "I'll take it" posted in the thread gets it. Please ask questions or conduct negotiations via PMs here. Please make sure that your FFL will accept shipments from individuals. If I have to ship through my FFL that will be an extra $75. If this hasn't sold by Saturday afternoon I'll post it elsewhere.
  14. Folks, unfortunately I've had some things come up and you might want to take a look in the For Sale forum. :(
  15. Damn! I'm sorry to hear that but glad to hear that you prevailed. My Dad was a victim of Agent Orange and ended up dying from Pulmonary Fibrosis. The local doctor kept diagnosing him with bronchitus, which he never recovered from! Finally a young, hot-shot doctor in the University of Pittsburgh got the diagnosis right. Unfortunately it was too late. My father passed on the Marine Corps birthday 1990, while I was in the Gulf during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. wetncold, please be careful. From one vet to another, we talk a mighty game but we're getting old and brittle. Be careful bro! I miss my Dad!
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