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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. If they flipped the picture, she is at Usery Pass shooting range !
  2. Looks like the Superstition Mountains from the East side.
  3. 9, 10, 40, 357s, 357m, 38s, 45acp 223rem, 224v, 6.5g, 6.8spc, 270w, 270wsm, 300wsm, 300b, 308w And a couple more but I don't shoot those.
  4. 1 in 10.5" on a 21.5" barrel.... Crazy math thing ! Good luck finding one 😁 Seriously .... A 1 in 10 or 11 will be fine. 147 gr through 180 gr projectiles are going to shoot great.
  5. Looks like YOU are going to buy one and give us a report ! LOL 😂😭 BTW McGowan barrels are great !
  6. That is pretty cool to watch. My daughter's house is about a mile plus from the end of the runway at Like AFB. On Monday's they do maneuvers. F15's and F35's. Loud as hell !
  7. Had 2 XD 40's Still have one it's a great gun. Several thousand rounds through it !
  8. Picked up a pound of CFE223 and a box of Hornady 80gr 224 ELD Match bullets at Pistol Parlor. I have my 224V brass ready to load.
  9. This pants do look stretched !
  10. I am only guilty of doing the beer run ! Becca bought that CHINESE RICE FUEL we drank.
  11. Saw RUSH in the fall of 79 ... Epic !!!;
  12. Or while playing ... Hungry Hungry Hippos while drinking Jameson from the neck !
  13. Damn ! That is nice !!!!! So are you going to get the Barrett fixed ? 'Cause the chamber is tighter than a whores ass before a gang bang when you have to break out a hammer to make a round fit 🤣
  14. Nahhh !!! You were already fucked by the time the Krakken Monster raised it's ugly head out of the sand. ... Your boy Jon got fucked by the Hennessy Black 🥵🤕🤒 ...Newton Laws do apply, Gravity wins !
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