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  1. I'm thinking Sunday after Christmas. Working six days a week...
  2. IDK Maybe the following weekend.
  3. Ok so I made all the rounds of CFE223 using the 75gr & 80gr bullets. 10each. 75 gr ELDM 27.0gr 27.3gr 27.6gr 80gr ELDM 26.1gr 26.4gr 26.7gr Except the first batch the 75gr rounds had a COAL was between 2.250" and 2.271". The 80gr rounds were between 2.254" and 2.266". My test round chambered up without any problems. It is 2.263" with the 75gr projectile. Fits with room to spare in the magazine.
  4. Loaded up 10 rounds with 27.0gr CFE223 then 10 with 27.3gr. Going to make 10 with 27.6gr.then change to 80gr ELD-M bullets.
  5. Sized , trimmed and primed 160+ 223Rem cases this weekend with CCI-400 and 80 / 5.56 cases with CCI 41.
  6. I have 10 cases sized, trimmed , champfered primed with CCI 41. Ready to load. Just need to pick out a powder load.
  7. Made 5 rounds Sunday from 2.25" to 2.28" going to check the fit in my chamber. Used 27.0gr of CFE223 and Fed205 primers under Hornady 75gr ELD-M projectiles. I have some 6.8spc mags that can take COAL of 2.3" , so going to try that also. Notice a mark on the projectile wear the seating stem makes contact with the bullet. Might try to polish that area on the stem. The tension feels pretty good but still going to use the Lee FCD. Did it on one round.
  8. Found this chart that has ACC 2520 at the same burn rate as IMR 4064 . So I will try the IMR 4064 since I have a couple pounds of it. Got any loads for this ??
  9. McGowan barrels are the $hit ! But you may have to wait a little. 2-3 weeks or more. Had 3 ... Have 2 still, fluted SS and a black barrel that's more accurate than me at 24" long in 6.8spc.
  10. Hornady 75gr ELD-M and Hornady 80gr ELD-M. Going to use CFE-223 and Varget on both. Federal 205 (Champion) primers in the cases already.
  11. Get a 308W first ! The ammo is cheaper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Primed 112 -224V cases 83 -308W cases 42 - 40s&w cases I will load those puppies up this week !
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