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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. Lance is the guy for this !!! I don't think it's worth the effort, " if It ain't broke don't fix it !". Buy another barrel just like you want it and build another gun. I have actually done this on a couple customer's guns and it turns out nice but the weight loss of a pound is probably not the best use of money.
  2. Dion , Give me a number $$ and I will get a money order to you by next weekend. Thx MikeH
  3. Dion , The calibers your collecting for me will they fill a medium USPS flat rate box now ? If so , PM a price . MikeH
  4. 21.50" and shoot 140gr projectiles ! "Nuff said" ! That's what I would do !
  5. Thanks , Rene . I have $495 into this one, just need to upgrade the sights and it will be done. It's a G32 (357sig) so those hot rounds will probably have me pointing the gun at the ground after firing it.
  6. That was funny as hell ! We shot that till the part flew off ! LMAO !
  7. It's there . Got to shoot this ... Soon ! Threadlocker ? Red or Blue ??? I have Blue Locktite in the Garage.
  8. Go for it bro ! Pistol Engraving 101
  9. Well what do you think ? Overkill ! Would have to take a little metal off the shoulder of the barrel. It lines up at about 12:03 , really close.. weight is 3.8 oz.
  10. Chrome one... Tom ! You know I like stainless steel.
  11. Thinking about a Red one on the G35 build, bought some Red parts from the Glock Store already.
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