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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. Got 3 entries ! 😙🤗🧐
  2. I wouldn't touch that bet . I would lose !
  3. Starting a new build.... Long slide 40s&w ... Theme Gun ! Got the slide , Barrel is in the mail. It will get a paint job , mag base plates and a gold pin set. Looking at a custom lower from a company based on the Colorado River near Vegas.
  4. Black Label now has 223 in 3 versions. Also picked up a box of their 40s&w ,they have 180gr and 105gr.
  5. Well I can't help you with you Bob sled search or the POF mags that I saw with my own lyin' eyes. BTW I did know Frank . RIP !
  6. Your POF gun didn't come with a magazine 😂. Maybe the company that made those magazines didn't get paid by POF and went bankrupt. And the magazine that you so desire sits in a warehouse in Phoenix in a box with a POF logo on the Magazine. And can't be sold because of a lawsuit. Or maybe that magazine sits in a building in Chandler in a box next to a box of bolt carriers with POF logos on the bolt carriers that can't be sold. BTW the former owner of said company got ran off the road and no longer cheats business associates.
  7. Easy #2 ... But her husband will not return calls , order products for your store or be helpful to your business !
  8. The moat around Tom house is hazardous ! Can't wait to drain it and reclaim the rusted pieces of junk on the bottom ! 😆
  9. Happy Father's Day 🎂🎈🎉
  10. Haven't shot it from the Witness. G20 is a bulkier gun, going to get a stronger recoil spring soon.
  11. I met her a few years ago at Rio Salado @ Usery Pass but it didn't make me want to buy a Glock either. Shot next to a Pistol Champ who ended up on Team Glock the next year.
  12. Dirk I got the sight for my PCC yesterday. First time I have bought a part for this project since last year. Next up U.R. and rail.
  13. Shot 2 rounds of the Black Label into the shoot tube. It's pops pretty good but not a stinger load. Bought another box today
  14. MikedaddyH

    Glock 43X

    I bet you would like the G20. Shot it ...2 rounds into the shoot tube with the Black Label SD Ammo. Pops pretty good.buts doesn't sting. That's some loud ammo.
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