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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. WTF ... West PHX ! Worked in that area for over 20 years ! 2 warehouses off of 47th & Van Buren.
  2. 4 Glock’s : 19 , 19 , 23 & 31 EAA Witness 10mm SA SD40
  3. I forgot to tell you guys on the Saturday when everyone else was shooting that 1000 yard target 🎯 . I was attempting to shoot a 1000 rounds of Pistol Ammo but only managed around 800 plus. I developed a blister on the knuckle of my thumb . Lol 😂 . But I did break in two new Guns !
  4. Happy birthday Tom !!!!!
  5. It is not a real issue with pistol cartridges because only a few calibers have to be trimmed. For me it’s the 10mm auto , I size ,trim and chamfer a batch at a time then primer them later. I also take my time and weigh each powder load 50 at a time.
  6. Shot a couple hundred rounds of the converted 40s&w brass rounds with Hornady 124 XTP’s and they cycle flawlessly, Ran the CFE Pistol with Berry FT 124 Thick plated and 800X loads with 124XTP. Had 2 rounds that did not fire with primer strikes and both were Win WSP , every Fed ? went boom ?! As far as accuracy... Matt was ringing Steel at 376 yards with a load using 9.1gr of 800X. I even hit steel at 250 yards. The loads with 9.2gr , 9.3gr & 9.4gr of 800X are stout but not hot . I only used up 5 rounds of SD Ammo I let someone shoot, I probably had 250 to 300 rounds go through the G31 over the weekend. And just 1 box of 357sig brass ammunition and 5 SD rounds. I am very pleased with the formula and process of this 357sig load developement.
  7. I have some dirty pictures ! Somewhere north of 1600 rounds !
  8. Tom shamed me into not taking the 10mm up the mountain ! So we shot the Glock 31 in 357sig from the mountain top !
  9. Matt had an impossible shot , he hit the 385 yard target , Standing up shooting the Glock 31 on the first attempt! Truly impressive ?
  10. Because Wilson’s is overpriced !!! I get their emails all the time. You must wait for a sale or close out for their stuff .
  11. Picked up a box of Hornady 9mm XTP’s and loaded them up for this weekend. Never seem to have enough 9mm Ammo anymore!
  12. Lmao ? I have to work Friday night!!!
  13. Hi Point’s are the gun of choice for a military officer to shoot himself with !
  14. Went through all the ammo I made in 2012 and used the Lee FDC on . Oh what Fun ! Also made a Thousand rounds of practice ammo with Berry 125gr FLatPoints using converted Federal 40s&w brass. Hornady 124xtp and the converted Fed 40s&w brass with Federal 100 Primers using 9.2gr or 9.3gr of 800X is a great Range load. I am running an OAL between 1.127” and 1.131” with the Lee FDC. Some notes ; 125gr Projectiles with 800x and any loads over 9.5gr are to hot to cycle properly. Also the Sig SD factory ammo may be too hot for my gun, it doesn’t cycle consistently.
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