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  1. Maybe you should buy your first AR before trying to build one ! Just Sayin' !
  2. Got to take a picture of the G24 also. Still need another rear sight. Got the Gold TiN pins and switches ... And a Magwell that just stands out 🤑
  3. Just looked at the picture again... Rifle Buttstock !! Ok ! Did a adjustable gas block on one, not really necessary.
  4. That is one beautiful rifle , handguard looks great. 16" to 18" barrel is all you need from this caliber. The 115gr projectiles worked the best for me, the lighter ones would open up in groups (110gr) the 90grain bullets were fast but I had a lot of flyer's. Hornady 120's were the most accurate round but I had a hard time finding more of them. Also get/use a H3 buffer ! Have fun with your new toy 👍
  5. Another update, got a LPK and a pistol receiver extension for this build. Parts are out there. Went to a LGS , his prices are a$$ rapingly high !! There are a lot of parts on the shelves and Handguns on the wall. Dude is marking up 50% to over 100% from what was there just a few months ago. Will only go back if I really need something ! And he is on my text messages list of friends. Going to leave this one alone !!
  6. Tom I just installed a 22# spring and SS guide rod in the G20. I have and extra 20# & 24# spring just in case.
  7. I finally got a G17 slide. Machine shop came through after a month of waiting. I assembled the slide after work then did a couple of function checks. Ordered Truglo sights should get those Sunday. Just need a holster and a magazine to complete this build. It's a gift for my father in law and it feels good to be able to give back considering all he has done for us.
  8. Try the TrailBoss ! I used a bottle a few years ago when I was playing with sub Sonic Rounds. If you have a problem it will not be a catastrophe. Way,way back in the day reloaders used to scoop up TrailBoss in the rifle cases put a projo in the seat it ! No BS , got that info from 3 old timers. TrailBoss is a low pressure powder.
  9. Picked up a pound of H335 & CFE Pistol yesterday. Got corn and walnut media and brass polish for the tumbler last weekend. Got to start polishing some rifle brass soon. Also found a box of Hornady 75gr ELD 223 projectiles. Slim pickings in alot of calibers.
  10. No . Dave comes to our shop occasionally to talk with Lance. Sun Devil is run by the boy scout troop. Not sure if they are allowed to communicate with the outside world. Best bet is to find an email address.
  11. Still in business, always super busy. Their products are sold under other companies logos. One hell of a shop !!!
  12. This one I have to disagree on . With 308's vs AR15's ... Mag Catch , Mag Release , P &T Pins come in a kit now , just buy one. A decade ago we had to buy these separate or get a 308 LPK for $30 more than an AR15 LPK. I always used a DPMS mag Catch or an Armalite mag catch. The couple millimeters of height always helped.
  13. Tom I got a new Tank... The G20 is bigger than the Witness. Just ordered a SS guide rod and 20# , 22# , 24# recoil springs. The fun gets to start all over again .😈😿
  14. I got a PMag for the G34 and it works also. I have a KCI but haven't used it yet.
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