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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. It will work but... I little help at the bottom of the upper receiver would improve the feeding of Ammo. Just get it started and match it to the feed ramps of the barrel extension. Do Not get carried away.
  2. Citizen Solider and Platoon this weekend.
  3. Did you say Challenge Coin ?
  4. Pistol caliber (9mm) don't have feed ramps on some guns. Almost ALL rifle rounds require feed ramps to assist in loading of the round into the chamber. Please take a picture of the inside of the upper. Are you talking about the barrel extension NOT having feed ramps???
  5. I need to get you your brass back, I have a few pieces.
  6. Know the GunTec owner. He get a lot of parts made on the Eastern coast of Asia. Some of the parts are awesome !
  7. This is what happens when there is no ammo around ! 🙉
  8. Next up 223. Doing them Wednesday morning. I have 500 55gr.fmj. Also 3 x100 of Hornady 55gr fmj w/ cann.
  9. I powdered up 300 cases 10mm with Longshot this morning and loaded 125 Berry 180gr RNFT. Plan on doing the next 125 when I get home in the morning.. I have a box of Hornady 200 gr XTP's that will get loaded tommorow. I should be set on that caliber.
  10. I fell down this rabbit hole in 2012 and found my way out in 2015 . I put together a spreadsheet with gas port sizes from different manufacturers in pistol, carbine, mid-length & rifle gas tubes. Did this in 3 calibers. Do your own research, enjoy !
  11. Magnum primers were designed to be used with Spherical powders originally to completely burn the powder charge. In rifle cases.
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