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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. Larry it's always good to see you ! Great meeting your wife !
  2. Sure beats laying on rocks ! Or ... Likes to got down and dirty ! Actually it wasn't a bad idea, it worked.
  3. Snake ... Teamwork ... Dead snake !
  4. 6.8spc it's a small version of a 270 , which has killed more deer than just about any other cartridge. The 6 eight needs a bolt , barrel and magazine that's it. It's a 500 yard range on animals. 110 gr and 115 gr. Pro hunters and Sierra Match Kings are the go to projectiles. That will put the meat on your table ! Another plus is the price has dropped on brass now that the 224V & 6.5G are the newest greatest wonder cartridges.
  5. Adding by 5's..... Then using my fingers 😁
  6. I was counting the people who showed up ... About 18 ... 19
  7. Checked out some Nexus Ammo this weekend. Pretty nice stuff , Sierra Match King projectiles. Really liked the brass also !
  8. Makers of Nexus Ammunition and several other arms production companies based in North Phoenix. The SAC group has us on their radar and we will start using their products. Really good looking brass and Sierra projectiles. Claiming accurate measurements on the powders that handloaders can't touch ! Looking forward to trying out their products.
  9. Ouch !!! Only on high end Euro rides !
  10. Shot mine today also, ran 123black also.
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