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    I live under the only shade tree in Hell .
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    Time travel... Just got back from banging your mom when she was still Hot ! LOL !

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  1. Not A Bad Weekend

    Congratulations... That’s something to be proud of !!!
  2. Mopar 'Hellcrate' motor is 707 horsepower in a box

    This was not a stock engine ! It has 8 carbs on top of a custom intake manifold, looks like the offenhouser setup. Also not a “True” restoration because they used the painless wiring harness. The the car is beautiful and period correct. The. Car builder would not let me take any pictures .
  3. New from El Mirage

    Hey I think I know you ! LOL 🦆
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

    Wars always seem to bring out the best Innovations ! 😛
  5. Pic Of The Day 2

    Meanwhile in Houston ..... 3,176 Dicks Later ?
  6. Pic Of The Day 2

    That's not à guy ! But she is leaving a wet spot !
  7. WAAAAAYYYYYYY outta line here!!!!!!

    Thanks for a reason to do some 2Cellos' Covers !
  8. WAAAAAYYYYYYY outta line here!!!!!!

    Classic rock
  9. Hello from North Alabama

    Welcome from AZ !
  10. AZ Fall Shoot, Nov 2017

    Family road trip ???