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  1. I would like to know about aero response. i have a BCG from them and have had trouble with my rifle so please fill us in. Personally i think my rifle is just a princess and only likes certain ammo
  2. shazam


    Hey guys, i love this forum but we do not get that much traffic. Is there any way to get more attention and more users? This forum is so positive and upbeat, it is a major refresher to the negative forums that i usually take part in. Lets make a plan guys....starting with a mobile app....because i'm a young guy haha. Seriously though, there isn't any other 308 specific forums. We need to compete with ar15, so lets take them down a notch. Even if some of us have to donate, ill be at the top of that list. Come on guys, who wants to shoot 556 for the rest of their life.... NOT ME.
  3. That is a nice build man, gets me all excited. As for jtallen R.I.P. Lemmy.
  4. shazam

    Help me finish!

    Cycles correctly now, vortex optics are awesome. Frigging bi-pod sucks though, its an blackhawk sportster. Does not mate well will my slr handguard, loose as hell. I understand most of you guys are Harris or atlas guys but im only pushing 400-500 yards. The blackhawk is wobbly as hell, the "set-screw" just bottoms out. Should i replace the screw or suck it up and go Harris, atlas is just way to excessive for me me in mass. I think she is quite pretty though huh? haha
  5. shazam

    Help me finish!

    I was thinking that it just needed some breaking in. I lubed the hell out of it, I brought it to the shop that headspaced it. They were going to polish the throat? This is my first and wanted to make sure everything was in order. I chose an Odin Works adjustable gas block, nearly cranked the gas adjustment all the way. I figured it was an excessive amount of gas, amongst the lube I used I thought something else was the issue. Plus the casing had a "snake bite" on the primer lip.
  6. shazam

    Help me finish!

    waiting on taxes for some vortex awesomness. Shot it today, wont cycle correctly. Light strikes and bolt wont close completely.
  7. shazam

    Help me finish!

    Ohhhhh and this is the brake http://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPTRE-5.58S.750 Although it says the brake is for a bull barrel...should be interchangeable... Correct?
  8. shazam

    Help me finish!

    Hey guys does anyone have a side by side of the Bennie Cooley brake standard vs large style? I'm going with a criterion barrel from brownells http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/308-ar-stainless-steel-barrels-prod80215.aspx Just want it to look normal ha-ha,if I go with a 20in barrel I need the .750 compensator correct?
  9. shazam


    For this particular forum?
  10. Savage what size rail is that? Nice rig man.
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