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  1. 18" Larue Tactical 7.62 OBR. The fiel has approximately 340 round fired through it and is in excellent condition. Hold 1/2 moa groups with 168grn Gold Medal Match ammo. I have targets to show if needed. A2 buttstock and Surefire SOCOM 7.62 muzzle brake. Also comes with Leupold MK4 rings and four 20rnd Magpul Pmags. I have 28 additional Pmags that I will sell along with the rifle. Bipod/adapter, sling and scope are not included with the rifle. $3,275 ftf in Oklahoma or add shipping to your FFL. If anymore info or pics are needed, PM or e-mail thirty7moa@gmail.com
  2. I recently bought a used 7.62 OR and started having issues with the gun extracting spent rounds but failing to eject them before the next live round tried to feed, causing a jam. I called LaRue and told them about the issue. The first thing I was told was that the rifle has a lifetime guarantee and they would make it right, even though I bought it used. They sent a e-mail and requested information about the rifle and ammo etc... Within maybe four days I received a phone call from LaRue and was told I would be receiving a new bolt, buffer and spring. Got the parts a couple days later, installed them and headed to the range. The rifle works flawlessly now! From my first call to LaRue till I received the new parts was maybe a week and a half. They were easy to deal with and very helpful. Aside from talking with me about the issue I was having, they were interested in what kind of accuracy I'm getting and what I thought about their guns. I currently have two LaRue rifles and couldn't be happier with them and the customer service.
  3. Both stocks are sold pending funds
  4. I have two PRS stocks for AR-10 rifles. One is currently on a OBR and the other is on a DPMS. They are used but in like new condition. $175 shipped
  5. My OBR has a PRS stock on it now. Not sure if I really like it and thinking about replacing it with a regular stock. Will a standard A2 buttstock work on this rifle?
  6. Used to ride my motorcycle over to Ft Peck
  7. Been reading about the Privi ammo but haven't tried any yet
  8. You up around Malta? I used to live up there.
  9. ]Been wanting a OBR for while since shooting a buddy of mines. Just picked up a 18" OBR and topped it with a Leupy 4.5-14x40. And yea, I'm worse then a kid with a new Tonka truck, so headed straight to the range. I didn't have a lot of time so I just got it on paper and shot one 3 shot group at 100 yards. The rifle shot sub-moa with Federal 168 grain Gold Medal Match ammo. Can't wait to stretch this thing out.
  10. I've shot a buddy of mines OBR out to 600. What ammo are you using? I'm shooting Federal 168 grain GMM. Probably start looking at loading some 175 grain SMK bullet.
  11. Just found this forum a few days ago. Been shooting .223/5.56 AR's and long range bolt rifles forever. Just picked up a 18" LaRue OBR last week. Topped it with a Leupy 4.5-14 x 40. Only had a chance to zero it at 100 yards where it's holding consistent 1/2 moa groups. I'm looking forward to stretching out the distance before to long.
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