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  1. Thanks for the correction 98Z5V. I sure-enough had the rifle/carbine part of that acquisition turned around in my noggin. I’m starting to think back on the sequence I followed seating my magazines, (Bolt closed or open) as we fiddled with the GB adjustment. could be I was contributing. going to try one round in mag, set GB at two full rotations and increase till bolt locks back - then try again with multiple rounds in the magazine. I’ll post back when I get to do that.
  2. Thanks for the responses! per recommendations on page one I ordered the Armalite Rifle buffer/receiver extension. Just pulled and measured. Stuck a small rod and marked - mark is at 7&11/16”. Buffer is 3&1/4”
  3. OK, match schedule been taking precedence last two seasons so so just now getting to shoot this. Got cycling problems and need help trouble shooting. Adjusted the superlative gas block all the way down then counted three revolutions open. Then 3rds stripped off top of magazine and cycled/shot - no problem. Next adjustment to 4 revolutions & produced a jam. Round partially sripped off the top of mag but cocked and dented going in chamber. Back to 3 revolutions and repeat of jam. 2&1/2, again jam. Several instances of failing to strip round from magazine and sent bolt home on empty chamber, including first pull/release of charging handle/bolt. AERO upper and lower, mags are magpul, rifle gas length system, rifle length buffer with Armalite 6-position tube and rifle buffer. 18” Criterion barrel, aero bolt. What else do I need to add to help diagnose the problem? in advance - Thanks!
  4. Love those old vets! Pretty cool video. My brother wore wings. Not sure I could have done better than getting booted overboard.
  5. NightStalker... that was a question/concern I had in mind when I mentioned doing what I could to limit that excess squeezing out around that flange down inside that "Enhanced" fixture. I plan on spreading the loctite thin as practical for that reason. Couple thousands ain't much before you start plowing it towards and over the extension flange. Should be interesting.
  6. RedRiverII, it was gonna be Magpul after I saw the price of the new front sight but I found one used I thought I could identify from the pictures as not China knock-offs and took the risk.
  7. Good to know. Appreciate the reply!
  8. Thanks a bunch for that reply gnumadic, that's exactly the info I was looking for. Appreciate it! The GB I have now is a clamp on.
  9. Cool beans. You got it a couple $$ cheaper than mine. I like what I see now that I have it in-hand but will know more once I'm done with the rifle and get it to the range.
  10. Very interesting about the Vltor receivers!! Machined well then, and 'rigid' with more material too. And on sale for $139 right now. Hate to keep asking questions JT but did you like your uppers from them in all other respects. I see the deflector is pinned/attached vs part of the forging. And just of interest, since it's the first I've seen... they make an upper with fixed hand guard. Don't know that I'd want one but unique, eh.
  11. I share your curiosity unforgiven, I surely do, especially being my first build. I've got an M1A and an AR but I shoot about 16 matches a year in BPCR and BPTR so that's where I spend most all my time. While it's not bench rest its precision in a sense. And shooting my own cast bullets, of my own bullet design and my own load work, anywhere from 200 to 800yds for score, even in 135 yr old rifles, leaves me disposed towards the best accuracy I can get. Honestly I bet I'd be the same if I was hunting hogs at 150yds:-) Regarding the 'stock box'. I was tempted. But I usually immerse myself and thought a build would be best for knowing the rifle. I think I'm right about that but I'm making no claims about a novice's ability to exceed some of those better regarded turn-key rifles out there.
  12. And for those who have, here is a thought I'd had for limiting that 'excess' squeezing out: I thought perhaps that could be minimized by using a piece of card stop or something to ensure the film of bedding, whatever you used, was spread very thin and uniform on the extension in order to limit the excess being squeezed out down in that recess. I ruled out using shim stock since I only have about three thousands tolerance - I thought working that extension in there with a 1 thousands shim wrap would really be a bear.
  13. JT, maybe I missed it but have you done a AERO Enhanced? I ask because I really am bothered a bit by that "excess" issue down inside their fixture. btw, I've been in another discipline and remain in that camp (at least as long as my Glaucoma is held in check) despite my interest here but everything I've learned there tells me this is a no-brainer. But here is the kicker... you go to another venue like this and you run into the same thing you do anywhere. There are internet gurus and then there are the guys you are trying to assess for trustworthiness. So, here I order a Criterion and I have a few exchanges there and the word I get is "start over" concerning the Enhanced and go back to the M5. Dang, that one threw me for a loop since it was that free float fixture that caught my imagination and got me off the fence finally about building a 308. Go figure, right!
  14. Unforgiven, or anyone, If you are interested here is a short video that purports to go back to the 'cause that found a remedy'. Anyway, the gunsmith for the team didn't seem to have any prior knowledge/experience with it. The gentleman is the former chief gunsmith of the USAR team as well as a world record holder. He writes, or did, for the American Gunsmith magazine, which in my world almost qualifies him as a suspect, but I read a few of his articles and he didn't appear to be just another marketing mouthpiece to me. Now... I did exchange some emails with him and he did have an experience with AERO and opinions on uppers I can't get a vector check on. Personally I'm intrigued by JP's "heat-shrink" process. Not saying I'd do it but dang... doesn't even look like they use a barrel nut. Maybe they do but didn't look like they spun one on in their video. Now that I put that in black in white... surely they do. Not using it would be an insane liability. Oh, also of possible interest to you, this guy further tunes harmonics (ammo specific) with barrel nut torque.
  15. gnumadic, hope you post pics. If I had a restart I'd consider the M5/Atlas combo over my first choice. I am curious about the gas block/tube clearance under the smaller Atlas. Any issues there or are we good-to-go. Still tempted to change my mind. Would just be the cost of the upper and hand guard till I turned them over on GB or EBay.
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