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  1. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    I'd buy that in a heartbeat! I love the Minimalist I ran on the wife's patrol rifle. Lightweight and simple. I like the USS, but a more rapidly-adjustable LOP (not just the 1.25" or so that's spring-loaded) would be nice. Not everyone who shoots my rifles needs -- or wants -- my LOP, so having to get out a tool to adjust (or just "make do") is going to be a bit of a PITA. Also, it turns out using correct-height rings to mount a scope means an adjustable cheek riser is pretty much unnecessary. In those pics, I have the riser adjusted as needed. It's barely 1/4" above its lowest adjustment.
  2. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    Two quick, not-so-great pics. Waiting on my muzzle brake to show up. FedEx says Saturday.
  3. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    So, uhh... The rifle fairies that live in my garage found all those parts in my Jeep and put them together for me overnight. Or, at least, that's the story I'm telling. I got the two barrel nuts SLR sent me. Happily, one of them threaded on -- dry, by hand -- without complaint. So a little AeroShell 33 on the upper, install the barrel, and she torqued right down. 35 ft-lbs (SLR's torque spec for their barrel nuts) twice, then back to 35 ft-lbs. to lock it down. Fortunately, with SLR's barrel nuts, there's no need to "torque and test" with a gas tube. It's a Ron Popeil setup. The handguard top rail doesn't exactly match the upper's rail, height-wise. I didn't put calipers on it, but it feels like just a couple thousandths of difference. Gibbz upper works just as advertised, with their special cam pin installed. I'm really digging this setup. No optics mounted yet, that will have to wait until tonight. Also no muzzle brake installed, it's on its way from OpticsPlanet. Pics forthcoming, as soon as I can get a free 10 minutes at work.
  4. COBrien

    Gas tube

    Have a Question? If you have a question for our team or just want to let us know that you're stopping by, we look forward to hearing from you! Phone: 309-376-2288 Fax: 309-376-2286 Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST Friday from 8:00am until Noon. https://www.whiteoakarmament.com/support/contact-us.html
  5. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    He was saying to run one down with grease to clean the threads, then to degrease and install dry. Weird, I know.
  6. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    Oh yeah, that’s AR building 101, brother. The only reason I was even attempting to thread the barrel nut on the upper was for purposes of mocking it up to get an idea of what it was going to look like with the handguard and upper together. No barrel, no grease, just trying to run it down finger-right to familiarize myself with the parts (first SLR handguard for me, unique hardware).
  7. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    I cringed a bit when he told me to torque it down dry... I’ve got some Aeroshell (got it cheap), and will apply it just as I have on previous rifles. The way SLR’s handguard mount, I don’t see any way for the barrel nut to loosen (assuming that’s why he’d recommend dry torque). Handguard clamps to nut with 2 clamp screws, plus an anti-rotation insert over the gas tube. She ain’t goin nowhere.
  8. COBrien

    Robo's Magpul Bipod Sale

    Any updates on the bipods? My new rifle is coming together quickly, and I’d love to have an MLok ‘pod to break it in with.
  9. I’d love to buy a couple of these in both 5.56 and 7.62. Unfortunately, Armalite’s checkout process doesn’t seem to be mobile-friendly. I can fill everything out, but when I click ‘Submit,’ nothing happens. Not even a blank page. Just nothing.
  10. I’m sure at the time you dropped $1,100 for it you thought you needed it. LOL!
  11. Let's be honest, though. The quality of a Nightforce still must be substantially better than that of Bushnell -- especially the mid-priced "tactical" Bushnells.
  12. COBrien

    The Dodge Hellephant... Brace for it...

    What, you don't want Bushwacker fender flares on your '69 Charger? All the cool kids are doing it...
  13. ...and I waited to mention this until I had it in my hands... I only paid $300 + shipping ($10). Midway has the lowest price on them right now, at near-as-makes-no-difference $500 for the FFPs.
  14. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    Gibbz says they've seen this a couple of times before -- something about SLR's barrel nuts being threaded "too tight," and that another, identical barrel nut fixed the issue. I shot an e-mail off to SLR and asked about this issue. After e-mailing some pics to Todd at SLR (per his request), and a brief phone call from him, I have 2-3 new barrel nuts on the way. I have the correct DPMS (1 7/16"-16) barrel nut, but variations in anodizing thickness (and, of course, variances in manufacturing tolerances...) can make the difference. Todd agreed to send me a couple more barrel nuts to try. If one will thread on by hand, great. If not, he suggested I apply grease to the threads and work one nut on until it bottoms out, then remove it, clean and de-grease, and do my final install with one of the other nuts, dry. Also... Dropped my FIL's receivers off at a local (ish... 40 minutes away...) 'smith for Cerakote. I also took this SS Criterion barrel with me to see if he'd bead blast it to knock the shine off. While I was there, describing what I was wanting on the receivers, he threw the barrel in his blasting cabinet and gave it a quick once-over with some 120-grit aluminum oxide. It came out looking like light gray primer. After rubbing it down with some WD-40 (all I have on hand at the office), it turned out a nice mid-gray. The pic doesn't do it justice.
  15. Scope showed up today. I can't say I've ever purchased a scope that came with more packaging. Outer sleeve, inner box, bubble wrap to protect the 'quick start' guide, custom-cut foam insert, bubble-wrapped and plastic-bagged scope. Good lord! Having said that, I've never bought a scope with an MSRP of over $300 before, either. But still, if this is how Bushnell packages a $600 scope, do you get a custom-fit Pelican for a Nightforce, U.S. Optics, or Swarovski?? Planning to get this scope mounted up in the next week or so (SLR is sending me a couple of new barrel nuts for the CSASS...). Will take pics and give more info after that.