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  1. I bought my wife an XD-S 3.3" in .45 ACP 2-3 years ago. She loves it, but generally carries her duty weapon (G19) concealed due to familiarity. My father-in-law, after shooting the wife's XD-S, bought himself an XD-S in 9mm. My mother-in-law now carries it and likes it. Personally, I carry an XD Mod.2 3.3" in .45 ACP daily, and couldn't imagine carrying a single-stack. But everyone I know loves their XD-S.
  2. The problem I had was headspacing. The bolt -- naked -- would headspace just fine on my Criterion barrel. But put that bolt in a carrier, and the assembly would not close on any headspace gauge or a live round. Sent the upper off to Criterion, and they said the headspace was in-spec, and actually a bit looser than they prefer for precision builds. They narrowed it down to the upper receiver (because, after all, there are only so many things that can cause a headspace problem...). I called Gibbz Arms and they offered to look it over. For a price. No thanks. So now the upper is just sitting, stripped, in a drawer in my workbench, waiting for me to get the time, energy, and want-to to un-fvck it.
  3. I don't have anything to add to help your situation, but I am curious to see how those Gibbz receivers work out for you. I had a bad experience with a Gibbz upper (wouldn't allow carrier to close on a live round or headspace gauges -- bolt alone would headspace just fine), and Gibbz wouldn't admit it could be their design. "Has to be a bad chamber," they said. Criterion found otherwise...
  4. Well, we didn't get to hit the range with the can. My gun pusher's shop isn't just for guns and Title II toys -- it's also a jewelry store. So the week of Christmas (before and after the 25th), he's slammed. But he and I did meet up on Sunday, the 29th, at our local 1800-yard range. Started breaking the CSASS in, and couldn't quite get her to cycle. Nonetheless, zeroed the Bushnell Nitro 2.5-10x44 FFP MIL/MIL scope at 100 yards, then shot at 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600, scoring repeatable hits on steel with a good wind call. It all broke down at 800 yards, though. Mostly due to the wind being finicky, partly due to the cold, partly due to fatigue (straight-pull bolt-action mode...). All in all, I like this "little" rifle. Just gotta figure out my short-stroke issue and get 'er broke in. As an aside, I shot my gun pusher's PRS match rifle -- chambered in, uh, 6 GT? Repeatable hits at 1,200 yards for a guy who's never shot PRS or, until then, shot past 300 yards with any seriousness or belief that I'd hit my target. That sh¡t was fun! Now he's trying to convince me to "get my feet wet" and pick up a Bergara + Vortex combo (in 6 Creedmoor) he's got on the shelf, at an entry-level price of $2,500ish...
  5. I'm having trouble figuring out just what the purpose of the DigiTrigger is, based on info on their website. I haven't watched the video (currently at work...). Lower/electronically adjustable pull weight? Doesn't seem like it. Additional safety via grip safety? Meh. Semi vs. Binary trigger? Several products available that are much cheaper. Somebody help me out here.
  6. Walmart isn't a union store. In fact, if more than 2 of their employees are congregating in a location, management has a duty to break them up. Any attempt at unionization or collectivization results in mass firings. They simply won't have it.
  7. Yeah, that's the issue we have. We get to pick between hauling people or hauling stuff in the Durango. 98% of the time, it's just us and the kids. So car seats in the second row, third row down flat. But when we have people to carry around (i.e., in-laws in from Colorado this week), the 3 y/o's car seat goes to the third row, and we now have just enough room for a golf bag and a loaf of bread back there.
  8. Did you buy a JK or JL? If it's a JK, keep an eye on the heater temperature. Casting sand left in the 3.6L finds its way into the heater core and clogs it up, usually on the driver's side first. Cold air for the driver, hot air for the passenger. Nothing except thorough cooling system flushes will even touch it... I'm getting rid of my JK for exactly that reason (and the fact that we've got a 3 y/o in a car seat and a 6 m/o in a carrier, so there's little room for much else in the Jeep), and looking to get into a full-size crew cab pickup. EDIT: Oh, also, nice ride, DNP! My wife wants all the space of a minivan, without having a minivan. So we bought her a Durango R/T last year.
  9. Same story here. My Fulton Armory .308 upper was pretty good out of the box -- didn't take much lapping. 2 Fulton AR-15 uppers were okay. A no-name Cerro Forge AR-15 upper was comparable to the FA AR-15s. The upper I've had that needed the most lapping was an Aero M5 (not E1). First pass revealed a high spot over about 1/4 of the circumference, and it took quite awhile to get her evened out.
  10. The wife and I each have a pair of old (like, 2014) Walker's Alpha electronic muffs, and those are good enough for us for most purposes. If I'm shooting at an actual range, around other shooters (especially indoors), I will run a pair of foam earplugs under the Alphas. For the kids, we have kid-sized passive muffs (23 dB NRR). So far, the kids haven't joined us on the range yet (3 y/o and 6 m/o), but we wanted to have muffs for them when they/we are ready. They won't be shooting anything more than .22 LR for quite awhile, so those should be plenty for them. Eventually I plan to step the kids up to electronic muffs, as well. As an aside, I'd like to get myself a pair of slim, behind-the-head, electronic muffs for hunting. Or maybe some sort of "Game Ear" type product... Of course, the best hearing protection is a suppressor. But widespread and de-listed use is up to the legislators, in their infinite wisdom.
  11. Fair point. I was trying to take the lazy way out and say, "Well, Michael from Criterion checked it, and he says it's good, so..." I just have limited garage time after the youngerns go to bed, so I'm trying to make the most of it. Still have a Griffin Hammer Comp to install on the Dissy (with Accu-Washers...), boresighting to be done on the CSASS, further boresighting to be done on the RART (just eyeballed it down the bore at 0100 one night across the garage, want to actually set my laser boresighter up with 20ish yards across the front of the house and get it closer). Trying to get all this done before the in-laws come in this weekend for Christmas. FIL (the one I gave the 80% lower and buildout parts to last year) really wants to go to the range this visit. Since my FFL/SOT is a good friend, we'll be meeting him at the 2,000(ish) yard range, where he'll let me "demo" my can. I think the FIL will get a helluva kick out of shooting a .308 suppressed.
  12. Alright, so before brother 98 threw in his support for the Accu-Washer system, I'd already pulled the trigger on some jam nuts, shims, and peel washers in 5/8-24. Then, on the advice of @98Z5V, I picked up some Accu-Washers. I was thinking I'd get all this stuff in front of me, then decide which looked to be the most reliable. I finally did that last night, after I got the 6 m/o to bed. First thought was, I'll run the jam nut down to the barrel shoulder, then shim it. Was still gonna need some 0.030" of shims. Ehh. Then, I thought I'd run an Accu-Washer between the brake and the jam nut. Good look, but I wasn't all that confident in the flatness of the jam nut. So, I ended up running a #17 Accu-Washer against the barrel shoulder, with a #10 Accu-Washer (IIRC -- it was 0100 by the time I buttoned everything up...) on top of it. Getting the brake timed perfectly was going to require excessive torque. So I tore it all down and tried a #9 Accu-Washer. Hand-tight, it was just a RCH past where it needed to be. Torquing was only going to make it worse. So a #10 it is, then! Couple little schmears of Mobil 1 grease (yeah, the red stuff) on each side of the #10, some RockSett on the muzzle threads, and she timed up pretty damn good. Still took a bit more torque than I would have preferred, but it is what it is. By the time the RockSett goes off, she ain't goin' nowhere. Also mounted my Bushnell Nitro 2.5-10x44 FFP scope back on the rifle, but this time in a Warne LR-XSKEL (20 MOA) mount. Then mounted up my new Griffin M2 45° irons. This rifle is shaping up pretty good at this point. Still have to boresight the scope and will boresight the irons before my first -- err, second -- range trip. Debating on checking headspace just to satisfy myself that it's been done. Criterion hand-selected this Fulton Armory bolt (with this carrier), so there shouldn't be an issue. But that was with everything assembled on the Gibbz upper. Seeing as how Fulton Armory puts out a had-and-shoulders better product than Gibbz, should I be concerned about checking headspace here?
  13. Mine should be in tomorrow (was supposed to be here today, but USPS is a government entity, after all...).
  14. I'd heard of the Accu-Washer system around here, but had never taken the time to actually learn how it works. Seems like a solid way to mount any muzzle device, and (except in rare circumstances, like where you've got 0.100" of gap to take up...) would only require 1 washer.
  15. Is your muzzle going to be threaded 5/8-24? Many suppressor-mount brakes have a "blast shield" or something similar available. For instance... https://www.griffinarmament.com/taper-mount-paladin-2-port-brake-1/ https://www.griffinarmament.com/taper-mount-blast-shield/ Or... https://www.griffinarmament.com/30sd-suppressor-mounts/ https://www.griffinarmament.com/qd-blast-shield-gen-2/ These are just a couple of examples, and only from one manufacturer.
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