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  1. You obviously haven't researched hard enough...
  2. Are you planning on running a suppressor in the future? Because that'll make up your mind for you...
  3. So I signed up for a Stock Watch notification at Davidson's for a Tavor 7 in FDE about a month ago. Just checked my junk mail yesterday, and they sent me an e-mail on March 5 saying they had some in stock. Texted my gun pusher this afternoon to ask if he'd heard anything -- his response? "Yeah, they had a few show up at Davidson's 2 weeks ago and they were allocated in under 10 minutes. Haven't heard anything from RSR or Sports South. They're all sold out of semi-auto rifles!" Gotdam CoronaVirus...
  4. Make no mistake -- I have not and will not shop at CTD after Newtown. Nor do I support their business decisions. But I have had friends who have justified increasing (often drastically) their prices during times of panic buying by saying they were attempting to curb the craziness. They didn't sell a single item at the ridiculous price, so I guess they accomplished their goal...
  5. Just playing devil's advocate here for a moment... If I'm a retailer who believes people are needlessly panic buying and want to stem the tide of that panic buying, what's the easiest way for me to do that?
  6. Let me start by saying I tend to be a cheap-ass, with expensive tastes. While the Wheeler armorer's vise is a neat product, you can accomplish the same thing with a set of vise blocks and a hold-open device: https://www.fulton-armory.com/cleaning-hold-open-device-ar-15-308-ar-j-dewey.aspx (That's a link to Fulton Armory, but it's a Dewey product -- you can find those lots of places, for less than Fulton wants for it...) As far as a torque wrench, I'll probably get lambasted here. But oh well -- it works for my builds. I use a mid-range click-type 1/2" drive torque wrench (the same one I use for automotive projects). Most recommend a beam-type, but I used what I had and I haven't had any issues yet. To be clear: I'm not recommending you use a click-type torque wrench, as that's technically incorrect. I'm just saying I've used it on 4 complete builds and at least half-a-dozen handguard and/or barrel swaps, and so far none of those rifles has been set alight by the ghost of Eugene Stoner... Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away from 308ARs (the 10/22 galaxy), I bought a pre-loved Proto 6106 torque driver on that all-too-common-yet-not-linkable-here online auction website -- with a calibration statement -- for, like, $70. Brand new, they run $275ish. I've heard mixed reviews of the Wheeler FAT Wrench. But, while Googling, I did come across this Husky 1/4" hex torque screwdriver that has some pretty good reviews: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-1-4-in-Hex-Inch-Torque-Screw-Driver-H4DTRQ/204772217
  7. That's a good start. Inevitably, no matter how many tool recommendations you get, you'll find something you forgot (while you're in the middle of a build, and probably late on a Saturday or Sunday night...). You will need a torque wrench, BTW. And I like to have an inch-pound torque driver/wrench on hand, as well for gas block set/clamp screws, handguard hardware, sights, scope rings, etc. Having said that, and I'm trying to be careful here... Caldwell makes good "starter" tools. I'm not talking about the vise blocks and other fixtures -- those are probably good to go. Their hand tools, though... Eh. IME, the Caldwell roll pin punches are prone to bending, and the paint (yes, paint...) won't last through the first build. After bending or mushrooming a couple of punches from my Caldwell set, I picked up a good set of punches from Grace USA: https://www.opticsplanet.com/grace-usa-16-piece-ar-15-punch-hammer-set-w-bench-block.html They're not cheap, but they're damn fine tools. And they come with a bench block and a quality hammer. Buy yourself a good magnetic bench block, as well. I have a few, but find myself reaching for this one 90% of the time: https://www.opticsplanet.com/real-avid-smart-bench-block.html For vise blocks, I use a set from No-MAR: https://www.plastixrevolution.net/collections/ar10-upper-receiver-vise-blocks/products/223-ar-15-308-ar-10-upper-receiver-vise-block I also have a No-MAR lower vise block: https://www.plastixrevolution.net/collections/ar15-ar10-lower-receiver-vise-blocks/products/ar10-sr25-lower-receiver-vise-block All used in a 4" bench vise, bolted to my workbench. With magnetic vise jaws: https://www.amazon.com/Vise-Jaws-Multipurpose-Reversible-Available/dp/B018QNM7V2/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/139-3663406-1318522?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B018QNM7V2&pd_rd_r=2524bca2-6a82-48a1-9313-f2e33cdfa375&pd_rd_w=0lSYy&pd_rd_wg=KJLG5&pf_rd_p=fd08095f-55ff-4a15-9b49-4a1a719225a9&pf_rd_r=5DA9FV1WES5ZG25ZHMPA&psc=1&refRID=5DA9FV1WES5ZG25ZHMPA The Gas Block Genie is a great tool. I'm still waiting for them to release their 0.625" and 0.875" versions... Also, if your barrel nut requires aligning a relief or hole for the gas tube, this tool from Squirrel Daddy is amazing: https://www.squirreldaddy.com/Gas-Tube-Alignment-Gage-Pin-p/sd20-196.htm Finally, a good pivot pin detent tool will save you a ton of heartache... https://www.squirreldaddy.com/308-Detent-pin-and-spring-installation-tool-p/sd20-181.htm I am an admitted "tool queer," so I could go on. And on. And on. But between what you've posted and what I've shared above, you should be able to get your build rolling with the bare minimum of yelling, cussing, and throwing shite.
  8. Do you travel with money for medical bills? Because Momma may shoot my sorry ass when she discovers a Hebrew Sledgehammer in the gun safe!
  9. 🤣🤣🤣 Sure, "safety."
  10. I can always count on these guys when I need a helping hand!
  11. I did ask my dealer about pricing. Looks like I'm gonna be in the $1,800 range. "Frequent flyer," "We grew up together," and "Mutual back-scratching" discounts applied, of course... I'm willing to wait for a $300-400 difference in price. 😉
  12. Alright, so... Local pusher says Tavor 7s are allocated through all his distributors. All are awaiting a new shipment, apparently. He's gotten himself on the list at all the distributors -- first one that shows up will have my name on it. I should probably talk to SWMBO about this. Right?
  13. @blue109, it sounds like the radius from the barrel to the gas tube hole in the barrel nut is off. He's saying at 12 o'clock, inside the gas tube hole in the barrel nut, the top of the X or cloverleaf in the upper receiver is blocking the tube from being inserted. @hondo, am I reading you correctly?
  14. Right? I found one on GunBroker. One. It was listed above MSRP...😳 I’ve been waiting to see if accuracy reports improve. Not that I’m thumbing my nose at a 2 MOA bullpup, but...
  15. I did just say "I'm gonna see..." 😂 From what I can tell, they appear to be out-of-stock everywhere. So it'll be awhile before I can get my hands on one -- there's still time to talk me out of it!
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