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  1. ...and it’s a damn shame, because their idea is brilliant. But the execution is apparently piss-poor...
  2. No offense taken. I haven’t posted about Gibbz problems before, but now that you mention it, I do seem to remember someone (maybe you?) mentioning previous problems, either in this thread or in the “anybody know anything about these?” thread I started. I didn’t check out those threads, but I figured surely they’ve got their problems worked out by now. Fawk. I actually called Gibbz this afternoon to ask WTAF could be the problem. They blamed Criterion and NLA (“that’s a pretty new BCG to the market, maybe they haven’t quite ironed it out yet”), then said, “If you hit a wall, send it to us and we’ll see if we can figure it out.” No, thanks. I’m having Mike headspace me a bolt. I figure it can’t hurt to know it’s been hand-selected by CBI. I’ll try ‘er out — by hand — with live rounds. If she won’t work, I’ll try various combinations of NLA, FA, and DPMS carriers and bolts to see if I can find something that’ll check out. If still no dice, the Gibbz upper will go in a parts box for “one of these days” when I have the time and patience to dick with it. Then I’ll bite the bullet and pick up a Fulton upper on sale. I’d love a FA side-charger, but that’ll require another $175 for a carrier. So it’ll be a standard upper, and I’ll throw the NLA carrier, FA bolt, and my TacOps Sniper in it.
  3. I heard back from Mike at Criterion Barrels today... He says the NLA bolt I have is "within tolerance," not way tight, but within tolerance. He says he can go ahead and select a Fulton bolt if I'd like, but he can't promise it will improve functionality or accuracy over what I have. He also said the NLA bolt closed on a GO gauge, and would not close on a NOGO gauge. I asked him how that could be, when it wouldn't close on my Forster GO gauge or a live round. He didn't know, other than to say that, in his experience, left-side charging upper receivers tend to have reliability and accuracy issues. He also said my receiver isn't DPMS-spec, in the truest sense of that phrase. I'm at a loss here. My headspace gauges are telling me there's a problem. My range experience is telling me there's a problem. CBI says there's no problem but, if there is, it's with the receiver itself. I've just about resigned myself to having Mike fit a Fulton bolt, ditching the Gibbz upper in favor of a Fulton "standard" DPMS-spec upper, and calling it a day. But dammit, I hate to do that. I've got $350 in that upper. And I won't offload it on anyone if I suspect it's got issues.
  4. No problem. So long as the quote is all there every time it’s used...
  5. True. I never said a GO gauge was the only way to get it done. But I have a tool specifically for that purpose. I’m a tool queer, and I freely admit it.
  6. Headspacing is a very real concern with large-frame AR-pattern rifles. Even using quality parts from reputable manufacturers, you can have an issue. I'm extremely fortunate that my "CSASS" rifle (Gibbz upper, Criterion barrel, Next Level BCG) didn't blow up in my face the first time I took it out. Chambered a round (or so I thought, from behind the rifle), dropped the hammer, and got a "click." Had to mortar the unfired cartridge out. I could swear I checked the headspace after I completed the build, but apparently I didn't. If I had, I would have known there was an issue. After checking the headspace, where the rifle wouldn't go into battery on a GO gauge, I sent the upper to Criterion to have a bolt fitted for it. I'd highly recommend having a full set of Forster headspace gauges (GO, NOGO, and Field), or at least GO and NOGO, for large-frame ARs. In my case, if I'd only had a NOGO and Field gauge, I still wouldn't have discovered the issue I had. Because, well, the bolt isn't supposed to close on either of those gauges. But it is supposed to close on a GO gauge.
  7. Hell, they don't have a warning -- they have exactly the opposite. I'd be hard pressed not to demand a full refund on the completed lower, and a return and refund on the untouched lower...
  8. That's bad juju. I understand them not accepting returns on a milled 80% lower -- it's now a firearm, and many 80% sellers aren't FFLs. That's kind of why they're selling 80%s...
  9. In fairness, it doesn't seem Walmart wants to create a "gun-free zone" in their stores. They just want to create a "don't ask, don't tell" atmosphere. "We don't have a problem with you carrying in our stores, but don't advertise it because it makes people nervous."
  10. @98Z5V Lockers are definitely on the list. Well, I say “lockers,” but what I’m really looking into is the Detroit TrueTrac — helical LS — at least in the front, maybe also our back. Rear may get an Aussie. But, with the rear being a D44, options are pretty much limitless. Honestly, just getting the thing to the point that it’s not a mechanical center of uranus will be my first priority. Then... Mods.
  11. I mean, it’s got a D30 up front, and I’m just planning 2.5ish inches of lift and 31s. It’s gonna be “my wife’s toy,” so it won’t get beat on. But still...
  12. So, I got curious today. Numrich is now selling the 41-B w/o bayonet lug for... $79.95 41-B w/ bayonet lug... $99.95 Just in case anyone's still interested in these and didn't snag one from mrraley. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1436750B (Click 'View All Items' to see all the A.R.M.S. sights they have -- and all on sale!)
  13. Well damn, @98Z5V, I didn't know you were into Jeeps... I'm currently trying to weasel my way into a '74 CJ5, AMC 304, 4-speed. Dealer-installed steel hardtop (will be the first thing to get sold off...). Needs a little of everything, I'm afraid. A buddy owns it and has been threatening to sell it to me for a decade now. I hate that it's a mid-year CJ5, because most of the aftermarket sh¡t that's out there is for '76-up. It'll be a resto-mod type project, trying to keep aftermarket stuff period-correct, while making it a respectable rig at the same time. 4-wheel discs are high on my list, though a front D44 swap and YJ spring conversion are up there, too. The AMC engine is staying, though it may get a 360 or 401 if I can find one reasonably priced, and with an oil pump that's not completely FUBARed...
  14. I should have thrown these in with my other post, above. These are the signs Walmart will begin distributing to their stores "in the coming weeks." Note the comment about "selling-through" .300 BO, 7.62x39, and .224 Valkyrie. They won't be restocking those calibers (as well as .223/5.56), once they've sold everything they have already committed to purchasing.
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