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  1. Looks like it won't clear the OEM front sight without being 3-1/2 feet tall. Damn Ruger... Is the front sight pinned like a Mini-14/30? If so, it shouldn't be too hard to remove. Then you could drop that rail down to a DNP-approved height. 🤣
  2. Lookin' good! Glad you put that brake to use -- I've switched my desire to the Griffin 30SD...
  3. I came here to say exactly this. ^ I think it depends on whether or not he removed the "bag" from the airbag...
  4. $400 Folding Glock? Not quite... https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/46866/Full+Conceal+M3+Folding+Glock+19+Gen3+9mm+Pistol+w%2F+21+Round
  5. As close as I could get with the Gunstruction parts inventory...
  6. They come and go -- batches of 20 or so, it seems. Sign up for notifications, and check your e-mail religiously. When it comes available, jump back on Armalite's website and buy one right then. They were in stock a day or so before I posted that link -- they must have just sold out. Another couple of weeks and they'll be back. I don't tend to trust anything unless/until I have it in my hands. I/we know Armalite's parts work, every time, so I tend to stick with them, even if it means waiting a bit.
  7. What's really on my mind is a retro. But this #41 FSB won't really "fit in" with that. Also still gathering parts for a matching pair of .22LRs for my kids, but those will get .920" barrels. Again, not suitable for this FSB. Another possible project is a "trophy rifle" for a local LEO who was shot while trying to serve a search warrant. Rifle used against him was an Armalite, and he wants it. BAD. The shooter was recently sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences (which means his appeals process will be lengthy...). DA can't release/sell/auction the rifle until all appeals have been exhausted. So I'm considering building him a replica of it. I already have the correct green furniture (thanks again @Phatassjay...), just need to start piling up Armalite parts. The rifle involved in the shooting was wearing the standard Armalite railed gas block (which I have one of, thanks to a buddy who wanted a free float rail).
  8. I already know that... Considering starting a new project, now that I've got this FSB and a gas tube pin lying around. Don't wanna lose that pin!
  9. FSB came in today -- thanks @mrraley! Now to find a rifle to put it on... 🤔
  10. Don't go back to PSA. They don't know (don't care??) what the difference is between AR-15 and AR-10 or .308 AR buffer systems. One-shot solution to your buffer tube/buffer/spring problem, right here: https://www.armalite.com/product/ar10rekit01-6-position-receiver-extension-kit/ Yeah, it's $55, and you've already spent an untold amount of money un-fvcking a PSA hack-job, but *that* setup ^ will get you where you need to be, at least as far as the recoil system is concerned. Don't swap parts with what you've got, install it exactly the way it comes out of the bag.
  11. I second SLR. I bought a 13.5" ION Ultralite M-Lok low-profile for my CSASS-inspired build. They were closing them out (which they do, from time to time), and I got it for ~$160, if memory serves. Good deals are out there from SLR -- sign up for their mailing list, and act quick if they've listed something you think you want.
  12. I ended up buying one from Numrich last fall (got impatient...), without bayo lug, $136.45. I showed that one to the local PD's armorer (after I installed it on my green Dissy), and he fell in love with it, along with the KAC Micro 0-600 "USMC" rear sight. So now he wants one of each for his personal rifle -- that's where I intend for this one from Mr. Raley to go.
  13. Since I don't currently have the money to continue buying parts just yet (pay day is next Tuesday...), I've been doing some thinking. My original plan was to run a Doublestar ACE/AR UltraLite Entry buttstock (pistol buffer tube, clamp-on "buttstock", etc.). Then I got to thinking... The kids are eventually going to outgrow that entry-length setup. So I've now decided to run a mil-spec carbine buffer tube and a BAD LBS for the time being. Once they've outgrown that setup, I'll just remove the LBS and slide on a carbine buttstock. Added benefit -- that will end up being a touch lighter than the ACE. I'm still on track at sub-5 lbs. per rifle, without resorting to exotic or polymer receivers...
  14. Good lookin' out, @98Z5V! I'm in for one, complete. PM outbound.
  15. I've been watching it for awhile now. It goes on "Deal of the Day" every 2 weeks, for 14 days at a stretch... That is to say, no rush. Also, I've made up my mind re: anodized vs. raw lowers. I've got a buddy (wife's co-worker) who's been dabbling in Cerakote for a year or so now, and he's getting it down. Now that I know he's got a blasting cabinet, I'm going to order raw lowers and have him 'kote the uppers and lowers at the same time. Also, my jeweler/gun pusher got nervous about engraving a S/N on my FIL's unfinished, incomplete (i.e., no work done do it besides unboxing it...) 80% lower, so I'm going to save him the hand-wringing this time around...
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