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  1. Looks like 125 gr.: https://fortscottmunitions.com/collections/handgun-ammo-bullets/products/40s-w-tui-handgun-ammo WARNING– Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.
  2. I love my Griffin 30SD. I bought it for the same reasons you mention -- ability to be a "do-all" suppressor on common rifle calibers, plus a good selection of muzzle devices that will work with it. .30 caliber, QD is compatible with mil-spec A2 flash hiders and similar devices which will interface with the USGI Blank Firing Adapter ("rings" on the back end), though "mil-spec" is the key criteria. I run Griffin 30SD brakes on my .308 AR, 6.8 AR, a Griffin .223 Hammer Comp on my 5.56 AR, and a 30SD Flash Comp on my IWI Tavor 7. IIRC, I ordered mine in June of 2019 and paid $900ish for the can, plus the stamp. I'm impressed with it -- it makes the Tavor 7 sound like a 16d air nailer with M80 ball on-board.
  3. My. God. I have to know who the one in the second pic is... That must have been a Feudian slip on Mike's part -- hell, I didn't even catch it the first time around.
  4. It’s going on my Tavor 7, so it’s gonna need about 1/2” to 5/8” of additional height. I ordered the Kinetic Development Group QD riser. That oughta do it.
  5. I'm not quite sure what to think about this. I can tell you what my PRS-oriented gun pusher buddy has to say about it: "No. 6.5 PRC." I've heard others say "It's too stout for PRS, not stout enough for ELR, and there's no aftermarket support (yet) for F-Class competition." Could make a great hunting round, though. Especially if decent bullets can be loaded to .308 AR mag-length. It looks interesting (probably because I recently finished up a 6.8 SPC II build...), but only time will tell. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/68-western-ammo-c-2758.aspx
  6. Very nice! I'm waiting on my PA 5x to show up. When I ordered it, Optics Planet showed "Unknown ETA," and PA showed "Out of Stock." Now OP shows "5-7 weeks," PA has had a batch come and go, and OP just sent me an e-mail estimating my ship date as 1/27. Of course, the riser I also purchased isn't going to be shipped until sometime in February. So...
  7. I'm assuming that was directed at me... ...and I'm not exactly sure how to respond to it...
  8. If RRA builds such a sh­­ìt rifle compared to what you can build, WHY'D YOU BUY ANOTHER ONE?! I long ago realized I could build a better rifle myself. Once that happened, I never bought another AR-pattern rifle off the shelf. No, no, no. Nothing about this thread or this situation makes sense to me. If you're just here to bìtch, that's fine -- go ahead -- but if you're here for us to sympathize with you, that ain't gonna happen this time. Now that I've commented in this thread, I'll be watching the show here. Methinks 98 has his DEWS back online, and this should be interesting.
  9. Oh, I know it's a large frame. SWMBO ain't petite, and she's not afraid of a big, heavy rifle. However, something smaller and lighter-weight is never a bad thing. When you're talking about rifles, that is...
  10. You know, my wife was asking me the other day about building her a "reach out and touch somebody" kind of rifle. While I was considering a 6 Creedmoor, maybe a 6 ARC would be a better bet at this point. It'd be a good complement to my 6.8...😉
  11. Some good stuff in there. Matter of fact, all the "Well Regulated" opinion pieces I've read (now that I've discovered it...) have lots of good stuff.
  12. I can't help but think this "raid" is in some way related to the fact that the State of California (and AnyTown, etc.), as well as the State of New York have brought federal lawsuits against BATFE over "ghost guns" which are "designed to or may readily be converted" into functional weapons. For some light reading, see the PDF, below. I haven't yet downloaded the one for New York, but I suspect it's substantially similar. California_vs_ATF.pdf
  13. I see you've made yourself some spacers, but if you decide you need/want some aluminum buffer weights, let me know. I've got 5 (I think...at least 3 for sure) sitting on my workbench getting in my way. 😆
  14. I don't have much to add re: feed ramps, but... I notice that's a Gibbz (or Gibbz-type) upper. BEFORE YOU GO MODIFYING IT, check your headspace. I have a Gibbz upper in my junk drawer because the upper -- for some reason -- wouldn't allow a perfectly good bolt (as checked by Criterion) to headspace correctly on a Criterion barrel, with the bolt installed in the carrier. Take the bolt out of the carrier, and no issues. Also, search around here for Gibbz and read those threads. I can't recall exactly all the problems others have had, but they're numerous.
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