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  1. COBrien

    New Magpul D-50 7.62x51/.308 Win Mag

    This was my thought, too.
  2. COBrien

    EOW: Officer Corona 1/10/2019

    My understanding is shooter ate one of his own bullets.
  3. COBrien

    I hate Kel Tec

    I hope the muzzle is threaded. Ditch that stupid comp (on a .22 WMR? Really?) and thread on a can -- now we're having fun.
  4. COBrien

    New here - total novice

    Seconded. I've got 2 TacOps handles, one for my LR-308 and one for my 5.56 rifle. Though I'd love to have a TacOps CQB for my 5.56, and put the "full-size" handle in a scoped setup I'm formulating...
  5. COBrien

    EOW: Officer Corona 1/10/2019

    Such a tragedy. She was only 22 years old. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours, Robo. All the officers of my wife's department and their families are including Natalie's family and friends in theirs.
  6. COBrien

    Combo Barrel Extension Wrench and Lapping Tool

    I have a hard time wrapping my head around clamping the round "head" of the lapping tool in a vise. No flats, no knurling, nothing. Just clamping your serrated vise jaws onto a "precision ground" tool. Personally, I'd prefer a MagPul BEV Block and a PTG lapping tool. Granted, this won't work for "AR-10s" (am I the only one irrationally annoyed when companies generalize the term 'AR-10'? But I digress...). But a set of vise blocks for a .308 AR and a PTG lapping tool are still substantially cheaper than this... thing...
  7. COBrien

    New here - total novice

    Ah. Gotcha. My build is based on a plain ol' M5.
  8. COBrien

    New here - total novice

    I second this. AFAICT, the only difference between Aero's LPK and, say, a Luth-AR LPK is that the pivot and takedown pins are "custom-made for [their] M5 lower," and "may stick out farther" if used with any other DPMS-pattern lower. Quotes from Aero's website. I just put an Aero M5 lower together with a Luth-AR LPK and had no issues. The pivot pin is sunk in maybe 1/32" on the left side, and the takedown pin sticks out maybe 1/16" (makes it easy to get started). Now, the lower hasn't been run yet (waiting for DVOR to run another batch of Faxon barrels through at $185...), but I didn't notice anything unusual. Aside from the fact that I had to jump on Amazon and buy some 4-40x1/8" set screws...
  9. COBrien

    New here - total novice

    Welcome aboard! First and foremost -- and I'm not trying to be "that guy" here, I promise -- you keep saying AR10 and DPMS. AR10 is a very specific pattern, and that is Armalite's pattern. DPMS LR-308 is a specific pattern, and is what you're building. Preferred terminology around here is .308 AR or "large frame AR" for generic use, or specific pattern names (i.e., LR-308) when it could possibly make a difference. Also, you have to be careful with DPMS... They released their "Gen II" or "GII" series of rifles a couple of years ago, and many parts don't interchange with LR-308 or "Gen I" parts. With that out of the way, I would be willing to bet the 80% lower you have is DPMS LR-308 ("Gen I") compatible. I can't say I've seen any AR-10 80% lowers. Your Moriarti upper should work, no problem. For your recoil/buffer system, your best bet is going to be picking up an Armalite AR-10 (I know, it's Armalite, but the recoil systems are cross-compatible) rifle-length system. It's all together, and it all works. Don't change a single part. https://www.armalite.com/product/ar-10-rifle-length-receiver-extension-kit-no-stock-ar10rekit02/ It shows to be out of stock right now, but sign up to get an e-mail notification and snag it quick. Finally, and I know you weren't necessarily looking for input on your build, but what are you planning to do with this rifle? A 24" bull barrel is going to turn an already heavy beast into an even heavier b*tch. For bench work, no worries. But for walking, stalking, etc., you may be better served (and happier) going with a 16"-18" barrel.
  10. 26,266 triggers purchased between 7/1/18 and 12/25/18, according to Mark's e-mail. That's 148 triggers PER DAY. That brings the total of MBTs purchased or installed in LaRue rifles to over 66,000. Now he wants to hit 100,000 by July 4, 2019. Almost makes me want to wait until July 1 and see if they drop the price even more, just to get to the magic number...
  11. I understand that sentiment, I do. Rifles for myself and the wife fall squarely into that line of thinking. Money is no object, just make it perfect. That's why her rifle cost me $1,200.00 to build. Well, that and the fact that I got in a hurry there toward the end and didn't want to wait for sales. I've got him a LaRue MBT ($87 + shipping) on the way. This makes the 6th or 7th MBT I've purchased. I'm impressed, especially for the price. However, this rifle is a dare, to some extent. He was asking me about PSA PA-10s back in the spring, and was just losing his mind over the fact that he could get a complete "AR-10" [insert Hank Hill eye twitch] for ~$850 and that would only weigh 8.5(ish) lbs. So I popped off and said, "Give me some time to find some good deals on parts, and we can build you a much better rifle. But you're gonna have to bump your budget up a touch. Make it an even $1,000." So this is a build with a hard-line budget. So, watching for deals, some time on DVOR, and I've got a complete rifle built (in Excel) for $972.73, excluding sights/optics and a mag. That's with the Faxon barrel. And it should weigh in right around 7.25 lbs., again, sans sights/optics/mag.
  12. I've got a friend who's asked me to help him assemble his first .308 AR. Wanting, essentially, an exact replica of the rifle I built for my wife, but in .308. While I ran a Criterion Hybrid in the wife's 5.56 rifle, he's not looking to spend that kind of money. I'd recommended the Faxon Big Gunner 16" mid-gas to him. Then he found the BA Modern Series 16" mid-gas. I know the Faxon barrels are, to some extent, "darlings" around here. The BA can be had for ~$40 less than the Faxon, but it's about 5 oz. heavier (not trying to go ultra-light, but obviously the lighter, the better). And I have zero experience with BA. Which of these two barrels would y'all gurus recommend, as far as accuracy, stringing, and general impressions of quality? TIA, fellas!
  13. COBrien

    I'm Blaming Y'all for This...

    Just wanted to swing back through and update this thread. I learned my way around my new-to-me drill press, bought a better vise for it, and picked up a #35 drill bit. At low RPM, it went right though, like butter. Got 'er all put back together, with my A.R.M.S. 41-B folding FSB. Now to find a day when I can get out to the range...
  14. COBrien

    Lets talk AR BCGs

    RightToBear.com has the best prices on ToolCraft BCGs I've come across. Especially if you're looking for a 5.56 BCG...