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  1. If the buffer tube is installed correctly, there should be no way for your buffer retainer and spring to come out. The buffer tube should cover/catch the edge of the retainer and keep it in place. How were you installing the retainer after installing the buffer tube?
  2. I know, and I appreciate it. As easily as this upper went together (once I got ahold of some barrel nut shims...), I'm hoping the trend will continue when it comes time to get it running. But Murphy and I have been very close friends for a long, long time. I'm sure he'll find some excuse to show up.
  3. Fair point, and well taken. It’s gonna take some fiddling with (as have all my builds thus far...), but I’m good with that. One added complication is that I’d like to find the combination that’ll work both with this 6.8 upper AND my 5.56 Dissipator upper (if there is such a combination). Ultimately I will be building another lower for the 6.8. But, for now, this’ll have to do.
  4. I was waiting for you to say that... The SRS C is comparable to a 3.3 oz. buffer, so that shouldn’t complicate things. Right? Lol! I’m running a non-adjustable gas block for now, and will make changes one at a time. Also not complicated, right? 🤣
  5. The rifle buttstock part really doesn't play in, though. I'm running the Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring with a Delrin spacer behind it to accommodate the rifle-length buffer tube. Shouldn't function any differently than in a carbine tube, right? My thought on the adjustable gas block is just to keep it from being over-gassed when suppressed. Maybe it won't be necessary, but I won't be paying that $110 until I find out it is. Lol!
  6. Thanks for the tips and kind words, Mike! After talking to Harrison @ AR-15 Performance, he strongly suggested a C buffer and spring on his barrels. Said the gas ports are specifically sized with a C buffer in mind. Having said that, I have C, H, and H3 weights for the SRS. We'll fine-tune it and see what she prefers. When I get it running like I want without a can, I'll see how it runs with the can mounted. Will probably be springing for an SLR adjustable gas block at that point... As far as ammo, I have some 60 rounds of Hornady Black 110 gr V-Max on hand. And my 100 gr. Controlled Chaos arrived today. Then I got a PM from a guy at the 68forum saying he had 80 rounds of 90 gr Gold Dots from Druid Hill Armory that he'd sell me. Suddenly, I'm somewhat flush with 6.8 ammo!
  7. I've never handled a PRI or DD rail, but I do know they both have a reputation of being stout. I guess it makes sense, then, that I had to pick up a PRI barrel nut wrench to install the LaRue rail. None of my other wrenches had pins that were long enough to reach the gas tube holes, once the barrel nut got down into the knurled "retaining ring," for lack of a better term. I'm extremely happy with how this build came out, and I can't wait to get it to the range. I swapped out the weight on my Armaspec SRS to a standard C weight last night, so now all I need to do is give her a quick strip and once-over with some Ballistol, then run some patches down the bore.
  8. I just checked the website, and they’re still showing $329.99. Optics Planet has them for $329.49, plus a 7% discount for reviewing a product. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been getting emails from PA. Gonna need to look into that...
  9. I think it took them 2-3 days to get it shipped out. Since I’m in OK, once it leaves their place, I get it in 2 days. The mounting system is different, but it’s rock-fvckin-solid. I don’t consider myself a fanboi, but for the money you can’t beat the quality of this handguard. On a side note, I took this rifle by the gun shop the other day. My buddy/pusher/PRS snob who tried talking me out of a 6.8 became extremely interested when I started telling him about the rounds Druid Hill Armory is putting out... 90 gr Gold Dots @ 3,088 FPS, 100 gr LeHigh Controlled Chaos @ 2,845, 110 gr V-Max @ 2,757. All loaded to actual SPC II specs, not the original SAAMI SPC spec. He’s pushing a 6 BR or 6 CM at those speeds out of a 22-24” barrel, so I now have his attention. He now wants to get behind this rifle and walk it out to 1,000 yards. We’ll see... Here’s a slightly less sh!tty pic, taken after I got the kids to bed.
  10. This isn't really a "build thread," since it's already built, but anyhow... In keeping with my stubborn habit of being about 10 years behind the curve when it comes to calibers and/or rifles, I decided to build myself an "alternate caliber" AR upper. In 6.8 SPC II. I was looking for a good all-around caliber that'd do everything better than a 5.56, but without needing to resort to a 20+" barrel to get decent velocities. And I landed on the 6.8. So, without further ado, here's the parts list: AR-15 Performance 16" Socom barrel, 1:11.25" 3R rifling, mid-gas; AR-15 Performance "Super Bolt"; USGI M16 Parkerized/chromed bolt carrier; Larue SAT 13.2" handguard; Faxon gas block w/ nitrided gas tube (will probably be swapping it out for an SLR adjustable, but wanted to get it running first...); and, of course, a Griffin 30SD muzzle brake. This will all be at home on my A2 lower that I built for my Dissipator, at least for the time being. I may end up putting together a lower with a carbine buttstock at some point in the future, but who knows. Also, my Leupold VX-HOG is riding on this upper for now. I robbed it off my Tavor 7, which will soon be getting a PA 5x prism. I'm excited to get this thing out to the range and see how she shoots. No comments on the state of my workbench...🤣
  11. Helluva setup! One question I haven't found an answer for yet, though... Does the PA 5x accept any "ACOG" QD mount? Running this on my Tavor with flip-up irons is going to be useless unless I can get the thing off in a hurry. Lol!
  12. Also... How'd the offset irons work out?
  13. @Lonewolf McQuade Man, I've been looking for this thread. Just couldn't remember what forum it was on, as you and I seem to run in the same circles... Glad to hear the Wolfhound is working well. I'm now torn between it and the PA 5x prism. Comparable price (like, within $10 or so most places), but the PA looks to be slightly more compact. Plus, I will soon have a new home for my VX-HOG that's currently sitting on my T7 -- a 6.8 upper that's coming together slowly (just waiting on my barrel & bolt from H @ ARP).
  14. 45 more hours... Copying and pasting here for convenience... "If you post, inquiring about a product, be it new or old, and no one responds with a review within 48 hours, you are hereby required to buy said product, and review that product, so that this rule doesn't apply to the next person with the same inquiry. "The Rule" shall not apply to the announcement of new or upcoming products, unless there is some context inquiring as to who will be the first to assume ownership of said product. At that point "The Rule" will once again apply to the poster, who will be obligated to be the first in the stated question. While this shouldn't need to be stated, pictures are required, or that s*** didn't happen."
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