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  1. Well, it has started in earnest. As mentioned above, I picked up a couple of uppers from RTB. Having them in hand, I have to say I think these were a good choice. https://www.righttobear.com/RTB-9mm-22LR-Slick-Side-Upper-Receiver-p/rtb-pcc-m4.htm Aero forged uppers, no FA, short ejection port, no provision for ejection port cover. I also picked up a couple of Aero Precision LPKs from DVOR -- $39 each, and they include a MagPul MOE grip and enhanced polymer trigger guard. Those Luth-AR LPKs I previously bought were $26, no grip or trigger guard. I think this was a steal. Now I need to decide -- do I buy raw 80% lowers (RTB will engrave mfr info, city, state, model, caliber and serial number), then have them blasted and Cerakoted (would Cerakote uppers at the same time), or do I buy anodized 80% lowers, then have the information engraved by my jeweler/gun pusher and fill the engraving in black later? Hmm...
  2. A resounding review from a guy who definitely doesn't hesitate to call shite shite. I think it's settled, then. The "RTB" BCG and collar setup, with a Beyer barrel (16.5" x .920" bull), and a Redi-Mag Better-Mag II (I believe this is what @Robocop1051 was referencing). That, with some M&P 15-22 mags, should at least get me running. Right?
  3. I bought a CMMG clone charging handle from Right To Bear (along with their “pistol caliber/.22LR uppers — short ejection port, Colt 603/605 style forward assist delete). The charging handle was mostly to reverse-engineer it and convert a standard, aluminum CH with judicious application of JB Weld. RTB offers both the CMMG and a “house brand” (CMMG sans logos) dedicated .22LR BCG. I know this will work with a Beyer barrel, but I’m concerned about the bad press CMMG has gotten. Of course, the OpticsPlanet reviews for CMMG dedicated BCGs are all positive. So...? Lol!
  4. I've been looking for info on the Taccom3g setup, but their website is a bitch to use. All I'm seeing is their extruded upper and super special takedown/pivot pins...
  5. That's interesting. It's probably been 20 years since I've been to Tippmann's website (my rig of choice back then was my heavily-modified Tippmann 98 -- nitrogen-powered, adjustable gas and recoil spring, sidesaddle red dot mount because this was back before any of us knew what Picatinny was, crossfeed with a shaker hopper. It was a beast!). Their BCG, charging handle, and barrel setup looks like a one-off deal. Wonder if they'd sell me the parts individually...
  6. I hadn’t looked at TacSol yet — thanks for that! Their barrel, BCG, and magazine combo might be just the ticket. https://www.tacticalsol.com/ar-22-series-uppers/ar-22-barrelandbolt
  7. I've long considered a .22LR upper and, now that I've pert-near cleared myself out of rifle projects, I think it's time to build one. Well, two, actually. One for my 2 y/o (once she's old enough and past Crickets and 10/22s), and one for our little boy who's due in June. They'll be complete rifles, built on 80% lowers, identical in every way, except serial numbers. I want to get these done now, while they're still legal and able to be "grandfathered in." I've got complete spreadsheets on them -- they're looking like they could be sub-5 lbs. Anyhow... On to my question. I know CMMG makes a dedicated BCG setup. And I know Clint Beyer is making high-speed-low-drag AR .22LR barrels that are compatible with the CMMG setup. But I also know CMMG's track record and the reputation they carry around here... Enter 2A Armament. Their titanium BCG looks like a slick deal. But they offer a whopping one (1) barrel for a dedicated setup -- a 16" aluminum bull with a stainless sleeve. I've been a fan of Clint Beyer's barrels since I got into 10/22s, and would love to do business with him. He offers several different profiles and lengths of aluminum .22LR AR barrels, but I hate that his barrels are married up to CMMG. Are there any other reputable manufacturers of dedicated rimfire BCGs and/or barrels that I haven't stumbled upon yet? TIA, fellas!
  8. Thanks for the kind words, fellas. @jtallen83 while we were getting it all together last night, he looks at me and says, “I think I wanna build a 9mm AR for the wife.” Right. “For the wife.”
  9. So... it’s late. That’s a Faxon Gunner 16” middy...
  10. Well, gents, the Old Man finally made it down to OK. He started on his 80% lower Sunday afternoon and it was going extremely well. “This is ridiculously easy!” he said. Then Murphy showed up. Turns out it REALLY DOES MATTER that you check the end mill and the collet on the router every few passes. 4 passes from being done with milling, the end mill decided to walk itself right out. Nice little paperweight he has now. We were both upset, but he was almost beside himself. He cleaned up the garage and went to go back in the house. “Where you going?” I asked. “Inside to order another 80%.” “Well, the lower is toast. But we still have all these parts for the upper. Let’s got to assembling!” His face lit up. Next day, I e-mailed Right To Bear and explained what happened. I placed an order for another 80%, and Rob made sure it made it out the same day. It showed up Wednesday, and the FIL began carefully doing the work. Got it all done Wednesday after dinner. We began assembling the lower last night, and hit a snag. The selector lever hole is 0.375”, and the Luth-AR lever was 0.379”. After some careful filing, test-fitting, filing, and test-fitting, we got it into place this evening. Installed the MBT and buffer tube, and all checks out fine. I’d bought an MFT Minimalist buttstock and a MagPul SL-K, as well as a MagPul MOE grip and an assortment of LaRue A-PEGs for him to try out. He settled on the SL-K and rough black A-PEG. A good little combination! Altogether, with the BA Modern 16” middy, she weighs 6.006 lbs. He’s damn pleased! Forgive the terrible pics — it’s late, and I’ll try to get some better ones tomorrow before they head out.
  11. This post: seems to validate that. Seeing as how he only has 2 posts here (both in this thread), and no one has asked any questions which would lead one to believe they are confused about what he's looking for, I'd bet Shepp is dead-nuts.
  12. I see it as Benchmade doing their local LE agency a solid. If the law requires these specific, individual weapons be destroyed, then so be it. It's not as though Benchmade is teaming up with anti-gun groups and offering their services in furtherance of "cutting guns out of America." I'd say give them a pass, but I don't see this as a situation where a pass would be necessary.
  13. @98Z5V I spoke with someone at Criterion a year or so ago re: the barrel I ended up buying for my CSASS. With the exception of the barrels they make for Fulton Armory, Criterion "AR-10" barrels are DPMS-based in every sense -- extensions are DPMS-spec, and gas systems are DPMS/AR-15 standard lengths. The FA barrels use Armalite gas port locations, with DPMS-spec extensions.
  14. Not a problem! I just found out about it myself -- purely by accident -- and thought I'd share!
  15. You can find even better deals on their sister site, DVOR. Just sign up with your email address. You just have to double-check the prices before you jump in and buy something. Some of their “sale prices” aren’t that great, after you figure in $9.99 shipping.
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