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  1. COBrien

    How wet is "wet"?

    Think what you may, but I know it works. And where I come from, “It ain’t stupid if it works.” You do what works for you, I’ll do what works for me. I don’t talk shiit on your methods, don’t single me out for mine. In short: Get bent.
  2. COBrien

    Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    I’m dusting off this old thread, and plan to update as I collect parts. This will be a LOOOONG term project, and parts will only be purchased if they’re on a damn good sale. So far, I’ve got a Fulton lower, an MBT, a Next Level (I think?) carrier, and an A*B Arms USS (w/ butt plate — still pissed about having to pay $30 to buy it separately...). Waiting on the Armalite receiver extension kit to come back in stock, and that’ll be purchased next. Unless FA has a site-wide sale between now and then. I’m picturing a Criterion/ADM 16” rifle gas barrel, not sure on profile (HBAR or Hybrid), and past that I really don’t know. Trying to keep the weight down (especially if I go HBAR), so considering an SLR ION UltraLite handguard.
  3. COBrien

    Sig or Griffin? Help Me Decide...

    As soon as I figure out what box I put the 1/2-28 brake in, I’ll shoot you a PM. I laid hands on the 5/8-24 tonight digging around for my SLR SR-30, so I know exactly where it’s at. Lol! As an aside, I had to remove and reinstall the handguard on my LR-308 tonight — it started creeping around the barrel nut. While I had it apart, I went ahead and threw on an SLR Sentry adjustable block, and then put the SR-30 on there. Now I can sell the SEI Good Iron brake to @AngelDeVille, if he still wants it 5 months after I told him I’d “get around to it one of these days.”
  4. COBrien

    Sig or Griffin? Help Me Decide...

    That is an excellent point. Once I have the can in hand, I doubt I'll be shooting without it...
  5. COBrien

    Texas high school shooting

    Is it sad that I was slightly relieved to read he used a shotgun and a .38?
  6. COBrien

    Sig or Griffin? Help Me Decide...

    Welp, shite. I've decided on the Griffin 30SD. I also have a handful of Black River Tactical Covert Comps on hand, and had planned to run those with the 30SD can. After contacting Griffin about the specs for muzzle devices the 30SD and M4SD families are compatible with, their reply was "any NATO-spec A2 device will work." So I contacted Black River Tactical, asking if the Covert Comp was compatible with the "SD" family of Griffin cans. Their reply? "No, it's not compatible with their gate lock system." So now I'm looking for some sort of brake or comp (that's not a $100 part from Griffin) that will work. I'm not opposed to an A2 on the 5.56 rifles, but my LR-308 is going to need something more brake-like. I've looked at the KAK comp, the Cav Arms (which I don't believe is available in 5/8-24, but other similar devices are), and that's about it. Any suggestions?
  7. COBrien

    It today Isis!!

    That's what she said. ...but I suspect she's just saying it to make me feel better.
  8. COBrien

    How wet is "wet"?

    Long story short, AR-pattern rifles (both small- and large-frame) like to be run wet, anyway. When they're new, it's even more important -- you have to allow all the new parts to "wear in" to one another over anywhere from 100 to 300 rounds. When I started breaking in my DPMS LR-308, I literally soaked the BCG and the charging handle (sans the handle itself) in Mobil 1 15W-50. As in, poured oil into a gallon Ziploc bag and let the parts sit in it while I cleaned the rest of the rifle. After everything else was done, they were allowed to drip a bit, the bolt face was wiped dry, and it was all re-assembled. Not one hiccup has been had from a rifle broken in this way, in my experience.
  9. COBrien

    WTB upgrades to standard battle stock

    Are you looking for a fixed or collapsible stock? I have a MagPul fixed rifle stock, in black, just lying around... https://www.magpul.com/products/moe-rifle-stock
  10. COBrien

    Over Gassed FTE?

    Wait, so you're saying I can use my LR-308 to keep my beer cold?
  11. COBrien

    Over Gassed FTE?

    Not trying to be a jerk, but did you stick an Allen wrench in there and try to hit a locking screw? Because I don't see any other way for the threads on that adjustment screw to be that FUBARed.
  12. COBrien

    Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    No worries. Just a little editorializing... Lol!
  13. Hornady's press release was issued 4/23. It's weird that this went largely unnoticed for 10 days. Y'all are slacking...
  14. COBrien

    Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    If you’re alluding to “well, I have these pins sitting around, I might as well do something with them (I.e., build another rifle...),” I’ve already had that thought.