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  1. COBrien

    Help Me Make Sure My Lower Goes To Use

    If it were me, I'd go ahead and buy a couple of those blem uppers. Build one in .308 and one in 6.5. Or .260 Rem. Or .243 Win. Or...
  2. COBrien

    Finishing 80% Lowers

    True, I hadn't thought about that.
  3. COBrien

    Help Me Make Sure My Lower Goes To Use

    True, but if the blem upper can be bought cheap enough, it will help defray the extra cost. Plus, if it's the only option at this point, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
  4. COBrien

    Help Me Make Sure My Lower Goes To Use

    Cosmetic blems aren't difficult to deal with. Worst case scenario, send your lower and the blem upper out for Cerakote.
  5. COBrien

    Titanium .625 bore adjustable gas block

    SWMBO still hasn’t been told about that rifle. I have no doubt she knows about it, though.
  6. COBrien

    Finishing 80% Lowers

    It was going to happen eventually. I'm getting into building 80% lowers. I blame my father-in-law. Long story short, his Christmas gift this year is going to be a rifle built by him and me. Ordered up a pair of raw receivers (80% lower and finished upper). Planning on having something engraved on the lower, wanted the engraving all anodized. I'm going to have the anodizing done by a local shop, but wanted to make sure of something... Are raw receivers "ready" to be anodized, out of the box? Or is there some final finish work that needs to be done before anodizing?
  7. COBrien

    Titanium .625 bore adjustable gas block

    Same here -- I joined up 2 years ago, having spent a grand total of $850 on a LR-308T at the time. I'm now moving on to my third ground-up AR build (~$1,000 in each of the first 2), and have some 80% receiver stuff on the way. Not to mention the money I spent prettying up that old LR-308T... Welcome aboard!
  8. COBrien

    Titanium .625 bore adjustable gas block

    https://slrrifleworks.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=57_125_169&product_id=584 https://slrrifleworks.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=57_125_169&product_id=516 0.7 oz. either way. Join up at DVOR.com, and check every couple of days. SLR is trying to get in good with OpticsPlanet (parent of DVOR), so their products show up there fairly often, discounted pretty good.
  9. Just ordered an 80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen. 2, with all the necessary tools. And my DeWalt router showed up yesterday. Christmas is going to be fun -- building a rifle with/for my father in law from an 80% lower. No worries, ATF lurkers, he's going to do all the machine work himself.
  10. Those cans complement the AR-15 mag can I bought her earlier this year. The intention was to have 15 AR mags, loaded with XM855, to keep in the trunk of her patrol car should fertilizer meet ventilator. I think one (or two) of these pistol mag cans will get mags loaded with Hornady Critical Duty. The remaining can(s) will be loaded with FMJs for range duty. Unless SWMBO has other plans...
  11. I blame my father-in-law. He asked the other day what I was thinking about getting my wife for her upcoming birthday, and I had no idea. So he decides he's going to buy 3 of these: So, being the good husband I am, I can't let her just receive empty cans...
  12. MagPul PMAG 17 for G17. 30 of them...
  13. COBrien

    LaRue MBT2S Sale, Christmas 2018

    I'm gonna go ahead and order at least one. Last week, my FIL handled the wife's lightweight patrol rifle I built, and promptly started asking questions about 80% receivers. I think a similar build may be in the works for him for Christmas this year... Let him open one part at a time, then help him build it in the garage. Except for milling the 80%, that is...
  14. COBrien

    Independence Day vs. July 4th

    Merry 25th of December, y'all!
  15. That was my thought — if you’re counting rounds, there is no safety issue. As stated in my comment on the other thread about this, I understand potential legal issues for those who don’t live in America proper. But I fail to see how this is a potentially lethal safety issue.