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  1. Boycott X-Products!

    I'm not on Instagram, so I don't know how it works... But I found this on Soldier Systems: http://soldiersystems.net/2018/02/20/x-products-owner-james-malarkey-thinks-the-magazines-he-sells-should-be-restricted-by-law/ From that article, here are Mr. Malarkey's Facebook rants: Also, here's his wife's Facebook post re: Everytown (again, from the Soldier Systems article):
  2. Wanted: A2 Flash Hider

    There's one on the online auction site, links to which are verboten here. $7.98 + free shipping. The seller is caliberbrakes.
  3. Guidance requested on a modification

    No problem! I stumbled upon them a couple months ago. Having said that, I don't know that it's quite as simple as the guy in the video makes it out to be. As mentioned above, given the various gas port sizes used, most gas blocks have a much larger opening. I'd recommend moving the gas block one direction (i.e., to the left) until it stops on the pin, then the other direction until it stops on the pin, then split the difference and torque it down. Then you'd be perfectly centered.
  4. Windham Weaponry AR10 Range Report - First trip

    I suppose a person could chamfer/bevel the sharp edges (assuming that's what everyone on Brownell's is complaining about) and lube 'er up good.
  5. Can't catch a break

    At this point, the simplest solution would be to sell the rifle and move to a free country. Then you could build/buy whatever you wanted. Oklahoma is nice. In all seriousness, though, if I were in your position, I'd take it to a gunsmith (or send the upper off to one -- no FFL paperwork that way) and have them do the work. Based on your posts, it sounds like you're still learning. No one can fcuk a rifle up faster than a novice with a Dremel. I mean that in the nicest way possible, as I, too (like all of us here), was once a novice. With a Dremel. And bastard files. And lots of crazy misconceptions about how shiite comes apart and goes together.
  6. Guidance requested on a modification

    Buy these: https://hbindustries.net/store/shop/ar15-gas-block-aligner-7-62mm/ and never worry about block-to-port alignment again. Also available in 5.56. This video sold me on them:
  7. DRT Ammo?

    Shiite. 21 views and no replies. ...guess I'll do my DRT ammo review at the same time I do my Leupold VX-HOG review...

  9. Windham Weaponry AR10 Range Report - First trip

    I just read the reviews on the Brownell's tool. Ouch. Another option would be to pick up a Picatinny rail vise block. Of course, that will require using a bench vise. Or some modifications with a drill...
  10. LaRue Trigger on sale $99

    I successfully managed to not buy an MBT when I saw this sale was back. Then I was on LaRue's website this afternoon, just browsing, and saw it's still going on (I thought these things sold out in hours...?). Damn. Couldn't resist. Bought another MBT...
  11. Wanted: A2 Flash Hider

    I've got the OEM flash hider from my DPMS laying around...

    I didn't even listen to the audio, but I'm sure I can paraphrase it quite nicely... "As I am unable to think for myself and am currently swept up in all the negative rhetoric being flung about regarding asshurt rifles, I'm going to do my part and cut this'n up. If everybody who owned one did the same thing, this world would be a better place for all of mankind." I'd have bought that A1 handguard from him... And, as sketch mentioned, this man now has video evidence of himself committing a federal felony, which he has posted for all the world to see. Best of luck with that.
  13. DRT Ammo?

    I've been intrigued by DRT ammo for awhile now. Even picked up some .223 a year or so ago, but, well, haven't been to the range to even give it a test run. Having said that, I got an e-mail from DRT today saying they were having a 15% off sale on all their Ten Ring ("traditional") rifle ammo. So I ordered up 100 rounds of Ten Ring .308. 168 gr. Sierra Match Kings, advertised at 2682 fps. $16.49/20. Cheaper than I've found FGMM 168s in quite awhile... https://www.drtammo.com/DRT-Store/Category-Viewer/308---ten-ring I've got some FGMM 168 in the safe, and my rifle seems to prefer it. Planning on comparing the Ten Ring to the FGMM. I also ordered 20 rounds of their DRT lead-free Terminal Shock (the powdered core stuff). 175 gr., external appearance is strikingly similar to SMK, advertised at 2600 fps. $49.49/20. Ouch. https://www.drtammo.com/DRT-Store/Category-Viewer/308 Anyone have any experience with DRT? I keep reading that their Terminal Shock is devastating on game. I'd planned to use it for hogs and coyotes, if it shoots well. But damn, it's expensive.
  14. Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    Ha. But seriously, she's on the fence about barrel length. Stay with me here, because this is about to get weird. Overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated leads to severe burnout. She's considering hitting her 10 years (December 2018) to be vested in the pension, then finding a new career. But, they have a new chief coming in in 2 weeks, so hopefully things will turn around. God bless that man for taking on this unabated dumpster fire. But I digress... For whatever reason, she seems to only want an SBR if she's going to "stick it out" and stay where she's at. I reminded her a $200 tax stamp is all it takes to submit a Form 1, and we're golden. She says that's too much money. What she doesn't realize is that I have a "suppressor fund" in a lockbox under my desk at work. Which I dipped into for a down payment on some jewelry for VDay. I may just dip into it again to pay for the Form 1, register the lower I gave her, and be done with it. Having said all that... I would really prefer for her to go shoot one of those 10" RRAs, then shoot a buddy's 12.5" upper before making a decision. I'll build her whatever she wants, but I'd rather it be exactly what she wants the first time around.
  15. Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    Well, Fulton Armory is having their 10% off sitewide sale for the month of February. So, for Valentine's Day (in addition to "girly" stuff...), the wife is getting an upper, along with everything necessary to make it functional, sans barrel and gas tube. We'll see what she wants to do re: the barrel...