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  1. Damn dirty, considering the sumbitch has still never been fired... I’ll do some more investigating tomorrow night, and I’ll get that firing pin pic up for you.
  2. Alright, gents, I did some lookin’ tonight. Gas tube is precisely where she should be, and shows no signs of strikes or wear. (1st pic) Live round would NOT drop into chamber by gravity alone. Could be pushed into chamber, but would not come out without persuasion from muzzle. (2nd pic) Looked down the bore, and it was FILTHY. Decided to clean chamber and bore. Live round will now drop in and drop free using only gravity. (3rd pic) Didn’t tear the BCG down tonight. Momma was sleeping with the baby, and my bag o’ tools is on top of the safe in the bedroom. Makes lotsa noise on its way down.
  3. So, I've been testing the waters around the house the last couple of days... We have a 2 y/o and a newborn. To say my "Daddy time" is limited would an understatement. However, the last couple of nights, after I've put the 2 y/o to bed, I've managed to find my way out to the garage to spend some time at the workbench with some projects. Last night it was a detail strip and clean of my XD .45 (it's my EDC, and it was so full of lint that the grip safety was stuck in the 'disengaged' position). The RART will be tonight's project -- cleaning and boresighting. Then, @98Z5V, maybe Saturday I can get the CSASS out there and re-check headspace, gas tube alignment, and everything else we talked about in that other thread...
  4. Hey, now, I'm not that far gone. I've just built a 5.56 for my wife; a 5.56 for me; a 5.56 for my FIL; a .308 for me; a .308 for my good friend; and in-process on a matched pair of .22LRs for my kids (who are too young to shoot anything at this point, so let's be honest... those rifles are for myself and my wife for the next 8 years or so...). Although, @Peachey, BE ADVISED -- @98Z5V is Enabler-In-Chief around here. Seriously. IIRC, one of his builds started with a gas tube roll pin. "Don't wanna lose this pin, I better pick up a gas block to stick it in. No sense in having a pinned gas block without a gas tube, so I probably ought to pick up a tube. Don't want the gas tube to get bent up banging around in my drawer, so I'd better get a barrel to install it on..." So on and so forth.
  5. This thread has quickly devolved into Inception II: The Enablers. We've got enablers enabling enablees who enable still other enablees who become enablers of the original enablers...
  6. I forgot to mention... I'm now on the hunt for a rimfire suppressor. I think the Griffin Optimus Micro would be a fine addition to this rifle (and the kids' rimfire ARs). I've got some bike money left over, and it's only $500ish...
  7. As many times as y'all have enabled and/or encouraged me to do something against my better judgment, I relish an opportunity to return the favor. So, here you go, @RedRiverII -- a PDF of that article @98Z5V linked to. SWMBO's filters shouldn't catch this... The Overlooked 22 WMR.pdf
  8. FWIW, I found this... https://www.belcustomfirearms.com/parts-gear/grips-pads-stocks/mdek-1329389
  9. I needed something to keep my mind occupied while I wait the next 8 months to get my Griffin 30SD out of jail. So I went on the hunt for an accurate .22 WMR. Now, I know the words "accurate" and ".22 WMR" aren't typically anywhere near one another, but I've always had a soft spot for .22 WMR (and .410s), as my first long guns were chambered in each of those. At the suggestion of 98Z5V, I checked out the Savage 93 FV SR. Nice little rifle, but I hate the stock on it. Simple enough to swap to a Boyd's Pro Varmint, but that's another $150ish I'd have tied up in the rifle before I'd even like it. Long story short, I settled on the Ruger American Rimfire Target. While I'm not in love with the style of the OEM stock, it's at least laminated and attractive to look at. And, at $400(ish), not a bad bargain, either. As soon as my gun pusher notified me the rifle was in his hands, I ordered up a DIP 0 MOA scope base, some Warne 30mm Low rings, and some mags (a 9 rounder and 2 15 rounders). Then I robbed my BSA 4-14x44 FFP Mil/Mil scope off one of my 10/22s (it always looked strange on that rifle, anyhow) and mounted it up. Now to boresight it and get 'er to the range! I suspect this rifle may be my "gateway" into PRS/LRP. I'm going to do my best to avoid that. Or, at least, that's what I'll be telling SWMBO.
  10. @98Z5V, I think I've decided on the RART in .22 WMR. I like the Savage, but I'd be immediately ditching that factory stock. At least with the Ruger, I can live with the stock (even though I may swap it for one of those Boyd's "TactiCool/Pro Varmint/whatever they're calling it now" stocks at some point in the future. But I am a sucker for black laminate... Now if my gun pusher will just come back from his July 4 lake trip, I can get one ordered...
  11. I don't suspect the firing pin here, but, in the interest of being thorough, I'll post that up this weekend. I just realized that I forgot to mention... With a live round chambered (with or without dropping the hammer on it...), the BCG sits just far enough back that the upper cannot be hinged open from the lower. Hence the mortaring. I'm going to re-check the headspace this weekend also, and I'll attempt to drop a live round into the chamber. My main suspect right now is a burr in the chamber (coming from a decade of Mini-14 troubleshooting experience). Surely a Criterion chamber wouldn't be that tight, right? Also mulling over the thought of of a slightly-too-long gas tube. It's an SLR AR-15 rifle length tube, and Criterion's .308 barrels (excepting those made specifically for Fulton Armory) have AR-15 gas port locations, so the chances of this being an issue are slim, IMO. I have no issues cycling the action by hand without live rounds present. No catching, no stiffness, nothing that would suggest a problem. So this has to be bolt face or chamber-related. Right?
  12. Alright, gents. Yesterday was finally this old girl's first day out. It was a resounding failure. Loaded one (1) round of Winchester XM80C into a PMAG to test whether or not we had enough gas to lock the bolt back. Insert mag, pull back charging handle, and let the BCG fly home. Pull the trigger, and just a click. Drop mag, attempt to clear round -- we're locked up. Had to mortar the rifle to eject the live round, which did have a light primer strike. Remove BCG and check her out. She's bone dry -- dammit. Lubed liberally with Mobil 1 15W-50, wiped off bolt face, and tried again. Same result. Had to mortar it out. Tried some Fiocchi FMJs, same story. Tried some FGMM, same story. Tried some foreign crap my buddy had on hand -- same story. I took a look inside, and, with a round chambered, it doesn't appear the bolt is fully locking into battery. I'm a bit stumped, as Next Level test-fired this BCG before sending it back to me. I'm running a Criterion barrel, and (as far as I can remember...it's been several months...), she passed Go/NoGo for headspace. Anybody have any other ideas?
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