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  1. Hahahahaha! Yeah the G2 is a little lighter I'm hoping its true. Woot woot Northern Wisconsin!
  2. Still figuring this site out.. Just found the second page. Hahahahaha! I will have to check out Areo
  3. UpNorth on the edge of the Iron range
  4. I thought long and hard about PSA, and want to try a dirt cheap AR15 build. All the research I've done points to conflictions with DPMS and others. I'm very curious how a matched set will be. Want to build a blemish gun for the pops. He wont shoot it enough to notice,, "so cold I know" but would be doing back flips when he gets it. That being said hope your build comes together with less pain then you've been having! Where in MN are you? Lots of guys on here from AZ nice to see a fellow Minnesotan!
  5. I hear good things from Giessele, its definitely going to on the list. Have not heard one complaint yet. And I hear their very SR friendly!
  6. Hey hey peoples, just ordered a DPMS-G2SASS and now that I solved the what to buy problem, I have nothing to spend my evenings researching. So.... Stoner rifle upgrades? Any one have a SASS? What have you done to it? This is my first AR so, what does a guy need to get that "silky smooth" feeling? I e shot some nice ar15s is that smooth feeling achievable in a AR10? Thanks guys
  7. I just went through this dilemma, and after hours upon hours of page surfing, cross reverencing, and dreaming. I ordered a DPMS-G2SASS aside from the Barrel length, its want I was headed towards, and rather then have parts laying around I bit the bullet and shelled out the cash.
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