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  1. I will ride it the best I can. I just hope she is satisfied when I get off. Maybe I hope that I am satisfied instead.
  2. If you can stomach steel case, here's some reasonably priced Grendel ammo. https://www.sgammo.com/catalog/rifle-ammo-sale/65-grendel-ammo
  3. Welcome to the forum. There will need to be pictures, parts lists and possibly videos before any reasonable solutions can be suggested.
  4. Nice looking rifle, Russ. I think I have that same remote control.
  5. It will probably look better than original.
  6. FYI, Ravensquirts does still look at the forum. This is from the thread linked above.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have a couple of FN pistols that shoot well.
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. I looked at his YouTube channel. It looks like it took 5 months to meet his demise.
  10. We got one for my dad several years ago. He added a Ruger branded leather sling to it.
  11. He was into the music. VID_20210717_134027.mp4
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