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  1. Welcome from Texas. What are you interested in?
  2. Hornady Black ammo, 105gr that is available as I post this. https://www.finfeatherfur.com/hornady-black-ammunition-6mm-arc-105gr-hp-boat-tail-20-rounds/?
  3. I did no smoking this year. We had a small gathering, Susan, my dad, one brother and me. We bought from a store and only reheated. It was actually pretty good. We did make my mom's chocolate cake for dessert.
  4. I found this picture on my game camera today. He looks pissed.
  5. You can get your own block of tungsten from Amazon for the low, low price of $2499. https://www.amazon.com/Tungsten-Cube-Biggest-Size/dp/B07WK9WLZ8
  6. I am sure others will come along with their knowledge soon. However, I don't think there should be an upper without feed ramps. Got any pictures of one, or a link to to an example about which you are inquiring?
  7. Bone-in ribeyes. One was 1 inch thick and the other was 1.5 inch thick. Medium to medium rare goodness.
  8. Get an Aero lower. It will work with your upper. There are others that may fit, but getting receivers from the same manufacturer is the best bet. This is a good spot to get a stripped lower. https://www.armorally.com/shop/aero-precision-m5-stripped-lower-receiver/
  9. I gave @shooterrex time to post this one over here. Now let's see how long it takes R^2 to find it.
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