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  1. Do I notice some new banners and a couple of new sponsors?
  2. Great essay! Everyone in our country owes a debt to those who sacrificed in service to it. I try to remember this as well as I go through my days.
  3. I went to my niece's graduation and was greeted by this sign.
  4. What the hell is a canning shed? I would want to know before I agree with that one.
  5. Glad you are getting it set up finally. Let us know how it works out.
  6. We saw it and donated prizes for the first one to down one. He promptly left. At least that is what I choose to believe.
  7. Welcome to the forum from Texas.
  8. Nice job.. I always like it when a new rifle functions the way it is supposed to.
  9. I tried for about 20 shots with spotters and couldn't hit it. It was an amazing shot.
  10. It's on HBO right now and I can't not watch it.
  11. Damn! I didn't know that you were that old!
  12. So, the kids in the little one and you and the Mrs. get the big one?
  13. Don't you mean scuba gear? All of mine fell out of the boat.
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