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Armed Eye Doc

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  1. Armed Eye Doc

    Bipodification - An exercise in (f)utility

    Matt's hitting the hard stuff. I see the Cheerwine in the picture. Your modification looks great.
  2. Armed Eye Doc

    Hello from NC

    Welcome from Texas.
  3. Armed Eye Doc

    Skeleton stock

    I knew i saw it there. I think Rob was showing it to Susan. I think it will work well. I actually had it in hand when I started the thread. I learned that from here. I'll post more on it when I get a chance.
  4. Armed Eye Doc

    98's .260 Remington

    Speaking of 260 Remington, this is calling @Rsquared https://www.gunbroker.com/item/778489730
  5. @392heminut What did he do to get you to chase him?
  6. Armed Eye Doc

    What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    I just got in 500 rds of 223 in an ammo can.
  7. Armed Eye Doc

    Pic Of The Day 2

  8. Armed Eye Doc

    Hello All

    Welcome from Texas
  9. Armed Eye Doc

    Skeleton stock

    I was fully aware of the rule when I posted. But figured I would ask anyway.
  10. Armed Eye Doc

    Skeleton stock

    Has anyone used one of these? I am building the wife a lightweight Ar15 and wanted something less expensive than the Sabertube. I think @Robocop1051 had one at the fall shoot. That's what started the project. https://otsupplier.com/Skeleton-Rifle-Length-Kit
  11. Armed Eye Doc

    AR10 fixed buttstock to collapsible?

    Look for a genuine Armalite AR10 carbine buffer, tube and spring. That will make sure you get a functioning system. Don't try to mix and match parts. It is easy to get the wrong thing because most companies do not know what does and doesn't work.
  12. Armed Eye Doc

    Joke of the day

    Pelosi and Schumer decided to stop in fly over country to see what was really going on.. They took some old clothes and rented a dog. They were buying drinks at the local bar and one of the local ranchers walks in and lifts the dogs tail.. And another .and another and another.. Nancy finally asks the bartender what was going on. he replies... Word on the street is that there is a dog in here with two assholes
  13. Armed Eye Doc


    What is the internal depth of the buffer tube?
  14. Armed Eye Doc

    LaRue MBT2S Sale, Christmas 2018

    I got my triggers in today. It was exactly 85.5 hours from the time of order on Friday until it was delivered this morning. Damn that was fast.
  15. Armed Eye Doc

    First impressions of the ATN X-Sight

    For anyone who is interested, Primary Arms has them on sale at the moment. $499 for the 5-20X $429 for the 3-14X Of course, this doesn't include the extras that make it extra cool. I can't wait to see it in action this fall.