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  1. Then a 2.5 buffer is correct. It just needs to be heavier. What are the specs on the spring, relaxed length and number of coils?
  2. Trash that buffer. It is too light. You need one that is approximately 5.4oz. What is the internal depth of the receiver extension (buffer tube)?
  3. Welcome to the forum. What is your prospective range? A 16 inch rifle will easily reach 600yds+ on a target. Responsible hunting distance is a different story. Your skill plays into that.
  4. Does @Lonewolf McQuade know you've been holding out on him?
  5. You will get plenty of smoke flavor in the first 5-6 hours.
  6. Our snow is gone and it is 61 at the moment. I've had enough snow for this decade.
  7. Here is a starter kit for one of those RVs. https://www.govplanet.com/jsp/s/auction.ips?msg=57884&#sm=0&msg=57884&m=Stewart+%26+Stevenson&mf=1
  8. Not safe for Canadians?
  9. I don't know if it was as popular as that. I was looking at the images on IMDB. There is an identical still image on the movie's page. A google image search will pull up the answer.
  10. Had I not gotten a great price on my last generator, I was going to get a dual fuel generator that could use gasoline or propane. It was 2/3 more.
  11. Not a bad guess, but it was set in the present time (when filmed).
  12. Nope, it's all terrestrial locale.
  13. Same time frame as the Land of the Lost series and much older than Quest for Fire. And yes, they do look like sleestak.
  14. When the hell did they start naming winter storms? Uri?!?!?!? We continue to closely monitor Winter Storm Uri as it moves across the country and remain committed to keeping our customers, their families and the public safety community connected. https://about.att.com/pages/disaster_relief/winter_storm_uri.html
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