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  1. The question is answered. I just didn't want you to buy something that didn't work.
  2. Is it a new rifle? Or is it an older rifle that is new to you? Bushmaster used to be Rock River pattern 308s. Can you measure the interior depth of the buffer tube? Please be as exact as possible. That will provide needed information. Rock River is not compatible with Armalite or DPMS pattern rifles.
  3. Great shooting Tom!!! That looks like a great time. I was looking forward to the video.
  4. Great! Glad it worked out for you. I passed the knowledge that I gained from others on the forum. Nice shooting.
  5. You might look for these as well. I got 4 of them for $9 each.
  6. I love some smoked pork butts! Looks great.
  7. The sad part is that the gun-grabbing masses think they are waking up. The socialist instigators and politicians know the truth. The people on this and other like-minded forums usually understand what is occurring. As in NZ, we have become outnumbered by the sleepwalking myrmidons created by the government education institutions. They just want the latest toys and to be "safe."
  8. Damn, that does suck 3 foot purple jelly dongs. These incidents are happening at times that suggest a planned attack on gun rights. I don't always suspect a conspiracy, but if the tin foil hat fits....
  9. Venezuelan military scare tactics.
  10. I bought a complete upper made by PSA. I have yet to find a mag that will reliably function without holding it just right.
  11. https://www.dvor.com/battle-arms-development-ambidextrous-firearm-safety-selector.html?promotion=firearm-parts-and-accessories-38-2019-03-18 It has a long wait time but it looks like a good price. They have other products from BAD as well. This is for AR15.
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