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  1. I was not clear in what I asked. Will it do it now?
  2. First thing before changing anything, will the bolt hold open if you manually pull the bolt open with an empty mag?
  3. A properly balanced gas system and recoil system will not need an adjustable gas block. That changes if you are shooting suppressed.
  4. What barrel are you looking at?
  5. Welcome from Texas. My dad injured his right eye in his early 20's and had to learn to shoot left handed. Up until the doctors told him no more long guns (defibrillator implant), he could still shoot better than most of us in the family.
  6. A 16" will still get you out to 500 yds with little trouble. Have you bought anything yet?
  7. Yes, a properly set up carbine receiver extension and buffer/spring will work with a mid-length gas system. Both systems depend on each other to tame the recoil, but are independent with regards to setting up each of them.
  8. What is fun is to use Pledge on hard wood floors and watch cats try to run on it.
  9. Here is an update. He was charged with 64 felonies. Girard Damian Saenz, 58, is charged with 23 counts of possession of an assault weapon, 17 counts of transfer of handgun with no licensed firearms dealer, 15 counts of unlawful assault weapon/.50 Browning Machine Gun rifle activity, seven counts of possession of a short-barreled rifle or shotgun and two counts of possession of a destructive device, the office said. https://www.wtae.com/article/california-man-charged-after-police-found-more-than-1000-guns-in-his-home/28409524
  10. Welcome to the forum from Texas.
  11. It came up fine for me. Your wife must be putting filters on your internet. She's on to you.
  12. I'm tired just watching that.
  13. It is sad to lose your companion. Remember the good times you had with her. But don't let the sorrow keep you from starting a new relationship when you're ready. Having a dog in your life is good for a person.
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