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  1. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    I whole-heartedly agree. I really enjoyed it.
  2. FNX-45 Tactical $868

    Here is another one. http://peakfirearms.com/index.php/hot-deals/fn-fnx-45-fde-tactical-45-acp-tb-ns-15rd-66966-free-vortex-venom-after-mir.html I saw a couple of them at the gun show last weekend that were $899. I wonder if they are going to make a change to the gun and want to get rid of inventory. I seem to remember the FNP being reduced just before the FNX came out.
  3. New FN SCAR

    NOTE: This new FN -C Carbine is not available in the USA. This is an international product but there are no plans for importation at this time.
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

    That looks like GREG from the fall shoot.

    Anyone willing to take the chance on this stuff? $110 for 450 rounds. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/406716/imi-ammunition-556x45mm-55-grain-m193-full-metal-jacket-boat-tail-box-of-450-15-boxes-of-30
  6. Pic Of The Day 2

  7. Thank you for having me

    Start a new one.
  8. New - Thanks for having me!!

    Welcome from Texas.
  9. New here

    Welcome from Texas
  10. Hawaii missile warning error

    What do y'all make of it? Was it an actual screw up or is this a cover-up? http://m.hawaiinewsnow.com/hawaiinewsnow/db_330510/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=i85ismTQ I would currently side on screw up because I don't believe that President Trump would not respond in kind to a missile attack even if it were intercepted.
  11. Feeding issues

    Have you used different magazines and different brands of mags? Will it hand cycle through three rounds? The gurus will want measurements of the buffer system... internal depth of tube, weight and length of buffer, relaxed length and number of coils of the spring.
  12. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    "Zombies might taste better." That was classic. I hope you enjoy your well-earned, but insufficient prizes.
  13. Another old Marine checking in

    Welcome from Texas. Thank you for your service!
  14. Welcome from Texas and thank you for your service!