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  1. I'll def get a muzzle break, maybe just a less expensive one is all I meant. But $80 is not bad, I thought they were more expensive than that. I want to reduce the recoil as much as possible.
  2. It would be really helpful if there was a pinned thread on here where members could post their build lists, including what they paid, where they bought the part from, what modifications they had to make and general notes and tips. Could look something like this: Brand Cost Retailer Modifications Notes/Tips Upper Lower LPK Barrel BCG Charging Handle Trigger Stock Grip Muzzle Break Buffer Tube kit Scope Scope Mount
  3. Thank you Spartan for sharing your insights and offering to help me put a build list together, I really appreciate it. You've definite given me a lot to think about. That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for as well. Would like mine to come in under 8 lbs and cost around $1200 - 1300. Is this possible you think? I'm going to do some research on components and post a tenative build list and ask for suggestions. I think I can save some money going with a little less robust BCG than you did, a regular magpul stock without a rail and a less expensive muzzle break. I will not skimp on the trigger though, is the SSA-E the best? My friend has a Jewell trigger in his AR-15 that he loves and my Dad has a Timney in his M1A that he raves about as well. Then once the build list is nailed down, I'll wait for the next round of sales as you suggest. Thanks again.
  4. I have a friend with most of the tools listed above, and some basic gunsmithing experience, but neither of us have any experience putting ar's together. I wonder if building an ar 15 first would be advisable, considering the ar 10 is less modular and more challenging?
  5. I didn't realize it was that easy to put these guns together. I'm leaning toward this option now, as I am in no rush , and like the idea of having premium parts at a similar price to a production gun with avg quality parts. However, I am concerned when I read things about AR 10 builds being "finicky", or how you were surprised the action stayed open on last shot on your $1600 gun. If I'm spending that much money on premium parts and assembling correctly, I would expect the gun to function flawlessly and shoot at least 1.5 moa with premium ammo. Otherwise, why not buy a production gun with a warranty that is widely reported to be a good shooter?
  6. Hey Spartan, Any updates using the Federal Gold Metal Match and/or better rest ? The negative Aero reviews you read were on their barrels' accuracy or on their upper / lowers?
  7. Nevermind, just read your build and range report posts. Very nice. Would stil be interested in the unloaded weight before putting scope on though. I want something in the 7.5# range that will shot 1 MOA benched with handloads.
  8. Thanks Farkle, really appreciate it. Spartan, I'm not stuck on DPMS, it just seemed like the best option that I could afford. I don't know enough about the AR platform, or basic gunsmithing in general, to feel confident building one. That looks like one hell of a weapon you put built. Is it .308 or something else? How much did it weigh empty before the scope? What barnd is the upper and lower, is it better if they match? How difficult was it to put together? Are their good general assembly directions available on the net? Thank you, Joe
  9. What is the difference between mid length and carbine length gas systems? Both barrels are 16" long, why two different systems? Thanks, Joe
  10. Thanks Farkle, really appreciate the detailed response. I thought they both had the 2 stage trigger, thanks for pointing out they don't. I too have heard the 2 stage DPMS trigger is one of the better production AR triggers out there. I didn't realize the barrel slims down on the recon either, good to know. We use a standard 600 yard NRA target, and I'd like to be able to keep it in the 10 ring (12") with practice. I wonder about the recoil on the 7.25# gun also, especially on a semi-auto where the ability to take a quick follow up shot can be important. I wish I could shoot both before deciding. What did you pay for your recon if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Gentleman, Please help me decide between the Recon and the MOE. The only differences between the two seem to be the barrel and the handguard (and of course the price). The Recon weighs 1.25 lbs more than the standard MOE (8.5 lbs vs 7.25), and I'm assuming most of that weight is due to the heavier barrel on the Recon. Both barrels are 16", but the Recon barrel is 416 stainless bead blasted and is closer to a bull barrel, while the MOE has a lightweight 4150 chromelined barrel. I know a heavier barrel will tend to have longer life, slightly better accuracy and not heat up as quickly when running a lot of rounds through it, but is this really worth the extra weight in the GEN II platform? How else will the heavier 416 stainless differ from the lightweight 4150 chromelined? How much longer will this heavier barrel on the Recon really last, how much better will it really shoot, how much longer can you run it hot without the groups widening significantly? Has anyone here shot both? How does the recoil compare? I don't care about the quad rail on the Recon, as the only accessories I plan to deploy are a scope and a bipod, so it really all comes down to the barrel and whether that extra weight (and price) is worth it or not. I will be using the gun to still hunt whitetails and hogs, target shoot at my club's 600 yard range and it will also serve as my sole defensive / battle rifle. I can buy the MOE on Buds for $1,184 and figure the Recon will cost about $200 more, but haven't found one in stock at that price yet. Thank you very much for reading and for any advice / insights you may offer. I look forward to owning my first AR and participating on this forum. Thank you, Joe
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