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    Mississippi Gulf Coast
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    Anyone in a dress that God created to be in a dress. Things my Mom warned would put my eye out.

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  1. A hardy welcome from the MS Gulf Cost. Jackson County. You just joined a site full of wonderful folks.
  2. I got them all. Thank you dpete..
  3. @dpete Sorry it took so long. PM sent.
  4. I’m interested. I’m at work so I’ll PM you later tonight. I can’t figure out how on my phone. I will take all 365. Thanks.
  5. I'm no machinist either but I went ahead an ordered the set that Dirty Steve linked to above. That set is manufactured to the class ZZ. A quick Duck Duck Go search turned up what that class means. I think that is close enough. This is from https://www.meyergage.com/abcs-of-gages/differences-between-z-zz-classes-of-gages/ TOLERANCE OF GAGES The differences between classes of gages like Class Z gage and Class ZZ gage is the deviation allowed in the manufacturing process for tolerance and geometry and does not define the useful life of the gage. Helpful reference materials are as follows, below is a sample from B89.1.5-1998 ANSI / ASME Standards: Class ZZ has an allowed deviation of .0002″, geometry of .0001″, finish 10 micro-inch Ra Class Z has an allowed deviation of .0001″, geometry of .00005″, finish 8 micro-inch Ra Class X has an allowed deviation of .00004″, geometry of .00002″, finish 4 micro-inch Ra Class XX has an allowed deviation of .00002″, geometry of .00001″, finish 2 micro-inch Ra
  6. That’s what I think. China screwed up and let their little friend out.
  7. Just thought I’d throw this out there. Don’t miss the interview imbedded in the text about half way through the text. It’s about 30 min long and it’s about the theory that the virus is man made. I believe it is. https://greatgameindia.com/dr-francis-boyle-creator-of-bioweapons-act-says-coronavirus-is-biological-warfare-weapon/?fbclid=IwAR3JeAZh0s2GrelGA8pLlNhMZgIEqnJWg5ZTu3PA7tBsjQexFxJhmNYG_1U
  8. Another quick check. Flex your barrel and hand guard and make sure your gas block is not contacting the hand guard.
  9. This is a long discussion on how the gas system and the recoil system are supposed to be balanced. It should answer all your questions, if not, ask away. When one doesn’t understand something, there are no stupid questions.
  10. This is Josh Pray. 5 Things I learned at an Outside g9n range with my Bright f.webm
  11. ^^^ I missed that one. Thanks👍🏻
  12. I saw this on The Truth About Guns: https://thebfd.co.nz/2020/01/breaking-the-raids-have-begun-all-for-a-22-bunny-gun/
  13. I think it would look something like this. (Cartoonish I know, but it helps me. Enjoy eternity in Hell, you M'fukin' SOB! )
  14. Definitely use the ice pick. That grip needs more stippling.
  15. Congrats ZMan3K on building a 1MOA gun. Go to the INTRO section and tell us a little about yourself. Give us a list of parts that you used. Did you run into any problems? If you did, how did you fix them? Now lets see some pics. The lower receiver, complete rifle, etc. Again, damn good job.
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