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    Mississippi Gulf Coast
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    Anyone in a dress that God created to be in a dress. Things my Mom warned would put my eye out.

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  1. This is Josh Pray. 5 Things I learned at an Outside g9n range with my Bright f.webm
  2. SimonSays


    ^^^ I missed that one. Thanks👍🏻
  3. SimonSays


    I saw this on The Truth About Guns: https://thebfd.co.nz/2020/01/breaking-the-raids-have-begun-all-for-a-22-bunny-gun/
  4. I think it would look something like this. (Cartoonish I know, but it helps me. Enjoy eternity in Hell, you M'fukin' SOB! )
  5. Definitely use the ice pick. That grip needs more stippling.
  6. Congrats ZMan3K on building a 1MOA gun. Go to the INTRO section and tell us a little about yourself. Give us a list of parts that you used. Did you run into any problems? If you did, how did you fix them? Now lets see some pics. The lower receiver, complete rifle, etc. Again, damn good job.
  7. I'm glad you had a good Christmas and Santa was good to you. Now, check that thing for cooties... gas and a Zippo my man... that's the only way to be sure. 🤘
  8. Thank you Gentlemen for setting me straight on my misunderstanding of soft points and auto loaders... Its like finding out girls don't have cooties. My pool of potential friends just doubled. 😁
  9. I though soft points were a no-no in an auto-loader?
  10. I think I entered. I followed Crimsonboat’s link. I clicked on the “Enter Giveaway” button. The button turned red for 1/2 second, and that was it. I didn’t enter any personal info. So, am I entered 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I don’t remember seeing that chart. It must have gone in one eye and out the other. I should have searched for it. Thanks for doing that for me. Greatly appreciated.
  12. ^^^^^thanks. I’m putting that in a spreadsheet. 👍🏻
  13. Almost the same. It was the standard, 20” barrel with the 2 piece foregrip and A2 stock. I replaced the 2 piece grip with their octal free float. I liked the A2 stock so I kept that. That was to you, unforgiven. I quoted you from the wrong post, 😂
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