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  1. Well, that just sucks. You had a nice looking rifle and spent a lot of time on it. Yep, that sucks. 🤬
  2. .74 inches low at 25m will put you .05 inches low at 200m. All the above conditions apply.
  3. Nope, sorry. Can’t do it. Got to post more: About 1.02 inches low; IF your muzzle vol is 2730 FPS, your scope is 2.5 inches above your Bore Line and at Sea Level with Standard environment temps, barometric pressure, etc. i highly suggest you use any online ballistic app to change the numbers as you see fit. But, 1 inch low at 25 yards should get you on paper at 200 yards. Crap, I did that in Yards, not Meters.
  4. After some research, I was able to confirm they make: 5.56, 7.62, .50 cal and 20 mm. 98Z, I’ll take your word that they also make 9 mm. It looks like they are adding 6.8 as well. That should be up and running in 3 to 4 years. http://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2019/4/4/lake-city-factory-readies-for-new-6-8-mm-round
  5. RedRiverII, you’ve come to the right forum to figure out how a Modern Sporting Rifle works. This site is full on invaluable information. Years ago when I first started lurking here, I literally didn’t know that a Carbine 308 didn’t mean it was just short. I didn’t know the gas system OR the recoil system was referred to as carbine length. I didn’t know the stock housed a recoil system, let alone how it works. I was almost as bad a Feinstein with her “shoulder thinga that goes up and down”. Almost I say. After a lot of reading threads on this site, I’m starting to figure all this out. It’s been great fun and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. Listen to the people here. They’ve spent over 10 years, 10’s of thousands of hours and 100’s of thousands of dollars figuring this platform out. When they say it won’t work, it won’t work. Not because of egos, but because they have already spent money on it and they know. Good luck, have fun and welcome.
  6. That makes sense. You’re probably correct.
  7. Matt.Cross, that was my initial thought, but that doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t Germany, Australia, Sweden, Russia, China well any country advanced out of mud huts and hunter/gather status make their own munitions from raw materials? I guess it could be cheaper to import ship loads of brass than making your own from copper and zinc, but only 6 production lines in the world?
  8. I finally made time to read the article. In it, the author stated: “In the end, production-wise, I should mention that there are currently six specific case lines in the world, and five of them are made at the LCAAP. The other is located in Israel.” I don’t know what case line means? NATO specific cartridges? I’m lost.
  9. That is FANTASTIC news and just what I was hoping. I’m really looking forward to reading it. God bless you sir.
  10. Ya’ll have no idea of how you’re suppose to support a Brother. This is what you need: The CROM Zero Dark 50.
  11. RRA 👏👏👏 welcome aboard! One of the Good ol’ Boys here has some super secret project going on involving PSA. Be sure to stick around and find out what it is.
  12. You must be the new guy everyone is talking about. Let me direct you here: https://forum.308ar.com/forum/135-palmetto-state-armory/ 😘
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