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  1. I am da only one in dis room professionally enough to handle dis glock!!! BLAM!!! Oh who can ever forget that one! i do give him credit for trying to continue after shooting himself. I read that he later sued the DEA because other agents made fun of him so badly.
  2. a bullet discharged from being dropped (besides the astronomical odds) wouldn't be very likely to shrapnel, it would just fly off since there isn't a barrel to give it velocity. I call BS. He had an accidental discharge from the firearm and injured himself. I'm very surprised the range doesn't have cameras.
  3. Hey you can't ever have too many mags. At some point in the next decade or so, these standard capacity mags will be banned again. Have a link to the 6 for $55 deal? Thanks, very very happy with how the build turned out. LR308 has been a want for a long time. I think I'm going to color fill the Aero logo and safety markings next. Other than that, the rifle is done. Probably add a JP Silent capture spring but it's running good now.
  4. i finally got mine too. they seem very durable. The sunshine washed out the color in the pics with the gun.
  5. Definitely stay with a 16" unless this is a strict range gun.
  6. I found all their coatings specs (they also offer NiB). The "cryptic" coatings are all 2-3 microns whereas NiB is 0.00035" - 0.0005". http://www.crypticcoatings.com/bolt-carrier-group-coatings/
  7. Word of the day... Hmm not in the urban dictionary but "caboose" is
  8. How thick is NiB? It's interesting because i can see sharper edges on my Cryptic coatings BCG than my Lantac NiB BCGs.
  9. I dont know how thick NiB is but the cryptic coatings is 2-3 microns. I ran another 60 rounds through mine this weekend. Shot great again. Took it out to 300 yards and clanged a perfect bulleye on my 12" steel first shot after making a few adjustments at 100 yards. Man, that 308 hits hard compared to my 223 my girlfriend was shooting next to me! http://www.crypticcoatings.com/mystic-black-bolt-carrier-group-coating/
  10. i got a set, thanks. Still 12 sets in stock.
  11. Primary arms usually has a good sale on them most holidays.
  12. Ive got a sightron SIII 6-24x50 on my LR308. Very sharp glass and nice mildots. Build sounds sweet!
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