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  1. Build 308 around barrel

    a little bit of give and take huh
  2. Build 308 around barrel

    hence this remark from him I will claim those parts.
  3. Build 308 around barrel

    did he make off with anything?
  4. New to 308AR

    have you been peeking my game book
  5. Build 308 around barrel

    I understand its gonna be heavy....that's what are for right? I plan on shooting whatever....paper, deer, pigs, zombies, docs trying to get my parts.....I would like to be able to stretch 1000 yards. not totally set on this barrel but definitely like the looks lol. gonna take another good look at those other barrels again after I get rid of this damn headache. like you I love the flutes.
  6. Build 308 around barrel

    that's what I figured lol
  7. Build 308 around barrel

    don't know that doc will play fair though
  8. Build 308 around barrel

    ill hang on to that one till the need arises
  9. Build 308 around barrel

    in case you forgot there are already 2+ in the safe oops meant for armed eye doc
  10. Build 308 around barrel

    I think she keeps looking so I will keep a budget. I have a feeling she has her eye on something.
  11. Build 308 around barrel

    good thinking. my wife keeps coming in and checking on me to see if I have started the spending spree yet.
  12. New to 308AR

    lol thinking of putting my son behind it. hell try anything
  13. Build 308 around barrel

    I have been looking at some scopes. not in a rush to get one yet unless a deal comes up I cant resist.
  14. Build 308 around barrel

    lol probably bench but maybe some hunting (long range hogs). armed eye doc told me of someone that had an extra roll pin and said that would be his next build or something like that. hooked....most definitely.