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    Beltfed is bankrupt 😭

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  1. Good memories made! I enjoyed hunting with My son when he was younger. But once he got interested in chasing 2 legged whitetail, he wanted no part of the woods lol. Now he's wanting to hunt again but working too much. My daughter loves deer meat but had no interest in hunting. Although she did land a jelly donut eatin bear last September, he works at the department in an adjoining township 🤣
  2. Good to get them interested young👍
  3. Hope you got a big red wagon if you're bringing the whole armory in the woods with you😂
  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He eventually put the pig down.........5 or 6- 30 round mags later
  5. Even though that means dealing with obnoxious tree rats 🤣😂. I'm still trying to decide which rifle I want to take this Saturday. Decisions- decisions......
  6. Thanks! Prices suck, but even worse is finding in stock. Trying to starve us out!
  7. There's still nothing that gets the heart pounding like taking big game up close with an arrow!
  8. Thanks fellas! About a 2 year old. We ate some tonight, tender as filet mignon! With the price of meat at the stores, I'm gonna try to take 5 or 6 more this season.
  9. Idiots!! The kind of assholz that reflects negatively upon the hunting world.
  10. Popped the virginity on the mag 340 Friday evening on some freezer meat. Last 4 minutes of light on the last day of the regular archery season. Double lung shot at 33 yards. She only made it 29 yards. Now the bow goes back on the wall & out comes the rifle for Saturday rifle opener!
  11. Welcome from Pennsylvania @jeffery !
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