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Lonewolf McQuade

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  • Birthday June 12

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    Pittsburgh PA
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    Hunting, shooting

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  1. Lonewolf McQuade

    newbie to this forum from se washington

    Tell her you found a girl 20 years younger than her. Worked for me! Upgraded from a 50 yrs old to a 30 yr old. Thats how i got rid of my 2nd wife. Oh, wait....you meant get your wife to agree to leave state-Not you! Sorry, reading comprehension fail on my part!😳
  2. Lonewolf McQuade

    Whitetail down!

    Nice!!!! The bullet performed well? (Expansion/damage)
  3. Lonewolf McQuade

    Pic Of The Day 2

  4. Lonewolf McQuade

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Saw this sticker on a back window of a vehicle while driving through Detroit......
  5. Lonewolf McQuade

    Non AR15 5.56 rifles?

    I bet! What length barrel?
  6. Lonewolf McQuade

    Non AR15 5.56 rifles?

    Nice set up, love the stock!
  7. Lonewolf McQuade

    Non AR15 5.56 rifles?

    For what they cost, buy the ruger ranch or predator. It WILL fire 5.56 & 223
  8. Lonewolf McQuade

    Robo's Magpul Bipod Sale

    I'll have to check this bi pod out further! It looks like it may be a good addition to my rpr 308. If my FFL dealer ever gets his own foot out of his ass and I get it! The rifle was supposed to be here Friday but he stayed up a deer camp and UPS took it back so I'm assuming it'll be there Monday or Tuesday according to him. If it is not you will all read about me in the newspaper!
  9. Lonewolf McQuade

    I won something !

  10. Lonewolf McQuade

    Whitetail down!

    Thank you.. decent size body
  11. Lonewolf McQuade

    Whitetail down!

    Thanks! It's a hell of a gun
  12. Lonewolf McQuade

    George H.W. Bush passed.

    He & his knowledge and wisdom will be missed....
  13. Lonewolf McQuade

    George H.W. Bush passed.

    Damn! Brings an interesting question to mind. Would I want to live that long? Obviously if the quality of life was there, sure. Still banging woman 1/2 or 3/4 My age, still able to shoot & enjoy the outdoors, still eat solid food, I'm all in! But if I gotta drink my food from a blender, poop myself & wait for a diaper change, & wonder where the fornicate I left my teeth, then no, i don't want to live that long!
  14. Lonewolf McQuade

    From Tennessee, happy to join this group!

    Welcome from PA
  15. Lonewolf McQuade

    Whitetail down!

    Thanks! It only has a 16" barrel.hell of a small, manuverable, accurate little rifle. Perfect for in a blind or tree stand.