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Lonewolf McQuade

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  1. Nope!不 look at the bright side, at your age, that won't be too much longer
  2. I think it would let me on a seperate thread, just not this one. I figured @Belt Fed crashed the server....again不不
  3. Not letting me post pics here. Has something changed?
  4. She could give me a "roof" job any day不
  5. Has anyone taken an animal with the PPU 168gr BTHP match ammo? In your experience, how did it perform? I ask because I've been using it for ground hogs & having various results. Many times I "believe " it's not opening up, similar to the fmj. Sometimes it punches quite the hole! Maybe better performance on a larger more solid animal such as a deer? Last Saturday, i shot a fuc%ing groundhog twice at 634 yards! Definite hits, yet the little bastard still made it back to his hole 15 yards away! Another hog I shot at about 450 yards, the bullet definitely mushroomed & took a grapefruit sized chunk out of his rear & back and he was able to drag his self with the front legs back to his hole! Never had this issue with any other calibers including my 22. Granted, all my other cartridges with the exception of the 22 use ballistic tips. I'm just a concernedvhow they may perform on large game. Obviously shot placement is important, but 168gr hp on a football size how critter should be more devastating I would have thought.?? The PPU rounds have been EXTREMELY accurate out of my RPR, OUT TO 800 yards so far! Haven't shot beyond that yet, maybe this weekend.
  6. @jtallen83 awesome blade, I like it!
  7. Thank you @jtallen83 & @Matt.Cross . for the great information & advise! It's exactly what I needed to know. The rifle is a tack driver now with 168gr match ammo from Federal & PPU. The hybrid brake/comp that came on the rifle from factory is MAGNIFICENT in reducing recoil, movement, & displacing sound (sound for my ears) but royally & violently screams "Fuc% You!" to those around me, lol. I would like to be able to shoot without ear plugs and help reduce sound while hunting as to not spook game with missed/ indirect shots. Example, Today friend & I were ground hog hunting, had multiple targets out in the field. I popped the 1st hog at 450 yards, but the shot sound sent the other two in the vicinity hauling a$$ for their holes immediately, not allowing a 2nd shot on the next potential victims.
  8. Welcome from Pennsylvania, cool rifle!!
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