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Lonewolf McQuade

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  1. Welcome @SgtDog0311 thank you for your service
  2. I definitely want the sfx!
  3. It's on my list to get. I've heard all good about it!
  4. @EugeneStoner What barrel length on that rifle?
  5. Yeah, me & a buddy are designing an assassination plot to take out Punxsutawney Phil. Lieing fuc%ing little rodent!!!!
  6. Great shooting! I'm dieing to get out myself. Bitch mother nature is is being defiant
  7. Great rifle @EugeneStoner Can't wait to hear how she shoots!
  8. It was. Gold titanium tiger striped 50 AE. Tiger striping is supposedly hand-painted in Israel and there are no two identical. I ended up trading that for the rpr 308 rifle a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 full size and some 9mm AMMO and holster.
  9. Case has wheels, but if it had a motor, it would be a lot easier to move lol. Little heavy.
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