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Lonewolf McQuade

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  1. I started leveling rifle in rest, hang plum Bob BEHIND rifle, place flashlight on handrail projecting reticle onto wall or white poster board. Shows immediately if you're off. This one was DEFINITELY off!
  2. 😂 kinda maybe I most certainly couldn't keep a straight face while typing it 🤣
  3. Why you always gotta be verably abusive? Just tor that, NO pudding or Andy Griffith marathon for you!!
  4. Yeah, some here ain't right in the head. Sometimes it's difficult for me being one of the few normal people here.....
  5. 1st off, just cuz I spend all his money, DONT mean we're married! 2nd, poor fuker don't got enough money left in his accounts to buy me a decent rock anyways 😛
  6. Now, now Rick.... you get that extra tax credit for being African-American, stop being so damn cheap! You know you're not going to live long enough to spend all those millions. I'm just trying to do my part and help you. PS, also thank you for the lower set of rings you ordered me:-)
  7. Fuk it! Primary Arms got the PRS 3 on sale for $200, I just ordered it.
  8. What don't you like about the gen 3's? What's different? I was considering a Gen 3. I believe Magpul announced a new version PRS LITE too.
  9. 🤣 absolutely. It's only money........ @Belt Fed 's money
  10. 👍 That works. Got about 2.5" on each, the RPR bolt gun & the AR10. Both set up with the same Arken mount & scope.
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