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Lonewolf McQuade

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  1. I have not tried lighter since most shots are 200yds & beyond, less havoc with the wind
  2. Thanks. Its a 20" barrel on my Mossberg AR15 I use groundhog hunting. I've only used 55 & 62gr so far, 62gr seems to he the better of the 2 past 300 yards. Good enough to kill the groundhog out to 500-600 yards. I was thinking of trying a heavier bullet
  3. Good shooting @Sisco!! I'd say those are good loads for you 👍
  4. @Lane, That may be the WORST submission ever to Penthouse Forums........
  5. Looks simple enough. Yeah, fukn with that thing as is can be VERY obnoxious
  6. I wasnt aware of this mod, got some homework to research 🤔
  7. Thank you sir. & thanks for the tips & links. Gonna start diving into that info now!
  8. Thanks Rick. If I don't end up building something else in it
  9. Thank you. Can't wait to try it out this weekend
  10. Thanks Doc. Samsung? Yep, that's for my 42" tv I "had to have" in the gun room. Thus far I've not watched ANY programming on it. I have used it to play music a bit, watched a "few DIY videos but mostly use it as a big bore camera monitor.
  11. Next upgrade will probably be to get rid of the 600lb trigger lol.
  12. Thanks. Looks like a totally different gun. Definitely better suited for hunting purposes.
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