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  1. Thanks! Sucks waiting for shlt to show up, especially when we lack patience. Bullshlt that they claim in stock when they are actually out &;awaiting more down the road. Optics Planet is good for that kinda crap. Hopefully your orders arrive quickly now, may need it....soon.
  2. Getting close to traceable layouts to cut out the new cases for the Tavor 7 308 & SAR 5.56
  3. DICK!! That's ok, I'm stealing your next stimulus check so 🖕
  4. Think ill be needing a 4pk. Very cool
  5. Ordered the QD mount for the Wraith & an adjustable light mount for the IR light
  6. You never complain when Sonny does it 🤣 Ima gonna jump on the necrowagon too by answering the op's question, RECOIL! Recoil makes the gun jump 😁
  7. Not true, I'm waiting on your next stimulus check so I can get the Wicked Lights adjustable IR light mount I want & a few other necessities...
  8. $20 says he orders from them a THIRD time in the near future, even AFTER all this 💩
  9. Thanks for the printable target @98Z5V
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