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Lonewolf McQuade

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  1. My shopping tool to help ensure a fair chance at getting toilet paper at Wal-Mart....
  2. Thanks for the warning. He's a good guy, just don't want him in my bed 🤣😂
  3. 3-15-2020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Robocop1051
  4. You really need to quit hacking the camera on my tablet! Damn perv!
  5. Coming from a San Diego resident......🤔 don't be chucking rocks from your glass house fuker!! 🐒💄
  6. 🤣😂 definitely Beltfed!!
  7. Thanks! They actually have my size, 15's! Damn good price too
  8. Glad you and the family are safe Doc!
  9. Great stuff @98Z5V . Gives us poor bastards that couldn't be there a good glimpse.
  10. Many poor brain cells were murdered & left behind....... 🤣
  11. Do we need to take up a collection for bail $$$??
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