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Lonewolf McQuade

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    Beltfed is bankrupt 😭

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  1. Welcome to the forum @Tophog!
  2. Welcome from Penn's Woods @warbird!
  3. Had you paid better attention to your inbox back when I was sending out copies of @Belt Fed's credit card numbers, you'd a had a few more cases.....
  4. WTF???? Who only has one case!? Damn @98Z5V, that's cold! Man's gots to eat!!🤣
  5. Somebody better, that fukn rule HERE has cost me $$ the past couple years!!
  6. P365 definitely looks like a great choice to check out. I've yet to see or hold one. I got a P938, didn't realize how close in size they were till @MtnMike's side by side pic above.
  7. Arken is still having a sale for another 24 hour or so, hard to beat for a budget scope IMO. I've got 3, they're pretty damn decent. https://www.arkenopticsusa.com/arken-optics
  8. I can't believe y'all are giving pistol recommendations for an inflatable doll.......
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