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  1. 308/762.51

    Daughter is 7. My rra kicks like a 22mag.
  2. 308/762.51

    Yea I could if I hade the manual. No I don't need to dl it. It's a safer and better bet to ask other people. And yes I understand it's not the best place to ask this question but I got a answer. If the sight was a little Easyer to navigate I would post it the right sections. Didn't mean to piss you off guys.and from what if read around here you guys are crazy crazy crazy mad at rra. So why would you won't my p.o.s? Thanks for the info tho.
  3. 308/762.51

    Stupid I know I have a Lar8. Stamped 7.62 So is it a bad idea to run .308 threw it? It's not a pissing contest or bashing party first off. If heard every thing there is to hear about it. And I want the truth from guys who know there stuff not you young kids shooting your mouth off. I'm about to let my kids run the gun and I can not have any issues with blowing up in there hands or face. .308 is cheaper and more available for me. Thanks again guys.
  4. Shooting sticks for coyotes and etc.?

    I did a test set with 1/2" dowls That was a little weak.so I stepped up to 5/8. There solid as any other 50$ sticks.
  5. Shooting sticks for coyotes and etc.?

    Here's a good idea I stole. Less than 5$ and bam. A nice set of shooting sticks. If you have a shop of sorts you probably have the stuff laying around. 1'x5/8"id braid hose. 2 36"x5/8"od dowels. 2 3" nails. Between the 5"and 8" section of the hose.cut a section out of one side.leave the other for the hinge part/gun rest. Then pop the dowles in the section of the hose you cut.flip it over slap the nails in the end of the dowel to dig in the dirt.paint it and your done. I put tape over my hose because any paint I tried rubs off on my guns.
  6. What did I get myself into?

    Welcome frome north idaho!
  7. Feed issue

    Well done magwa! My season just ended for deer. We have late elk but that's for archery and muzzle loader. I'm gonna do some test in the off season and see what I come up with. Between the new mags and the bullet choices I hope to come up with a flawless setup. I really want to put a elk up and a few deer with this thing.
  8. Feed issue

    Ok. I like the customised ones. I will have to check it out. I may send it out to a gun Smith to work it over.its not worth my time to buy all the tools for a one time project. Switch hand guard and put a sling stud on it and a new cover with a sweet logo is all I'm looking for. I did some more shooting with 150gr soft point.still chewed up my tips.still haven't got my spare mags.It was dead on. It seems to like the 150gr. Despite the reviews I read.
  9. Feed issue

    It flys open and will work great if I manually cycle a clip. Evin if i close it after every pull of the handle. Closed with no clip I can rip it and it flys open. Go hot and close the door it acts up. I like it there for the fact it keeps some junk out of the chamber and bolt area. It's gets exposed to all four seasons so any aid to help keep junk out is good.
  10. Got a other one here! This is dog poop!
  11. New in town.

    Bring me some cheese please! Go pack go go pack go!
  12. Feed issue

    Ok guys so again today I was reminded of another problem. I missed a deer today and AGAIN my dust cover hinders proper ejection and feed. Only if the cover is shut. Any fixes or tweak this... Another question I have is my stock adjusts two ways.one of which allows access to the "battery storage"in the butt of the rifle. The butt has a few spots of adjustment. I assume it's to allow a shooter to raise the the gun/cheek rest for a better shot and feel. Like I said before I'm new to the AR so be easy on me. The miss was all me not the gun for any people in question.
  13. Feed issue

    Great! I'll for sure look at metal mags I run rra Polly. Any just absolutely devastating polly tip rounds you guys run? I love the partition for the fact it goes threw trees and still kills. I run hornady stbt 180 with 56gr of powder in my bolt gun.drops any thing I touch. But they don't hold up to great on large animals.elk moose.iv never ran any poly tips.my buddies do but there not as in to accuracy with devastating power like me.i hate to trail my animal. It's idaho no utah.hits why I use a .30 cal on coyote. But this gun stays in my truck 24/7. So it has the possibility of taking out cougar elk or deer.so I need a round that will turn a elk shoulder to soup, yet feed like a pro.im gonna by a new mag a work it like washguy stated.
  14. New in town.

    Thank you all. Idaho is steep and deep! Great gun laws too!
  15. New in town.

    Hey guys Noob to ar here. I live in idaho since birth. Killed my elk at 14 alone at 560yards with a mark2 30-06.that was my day I feel in love with hunting. I have owned bolt guns only this is my first ar. I only hunt so I'm not to into all the fancy stuff. I love my bolt gun.this rra is good never shot another to compare but it seems to be a good gun. It's roped with a vx1 3x9.works great. I don't drop 500 rounds at the range for the fact it's a hunting gun not a toy. It has 200 rounds ran threw so far. I would love your input on hand guards that have the stud swivel taped or a good handguard to replace my m16 looking one. Other than that i love it.no changes needed. It has 20" heavy barrel ,magpull flip ups, car stock,vx1 3x9. Great little gun. But it weighs a ton. i work out side and fix all my own auto.i run cats with hounds trap in the off season. Camp in a 1950 ww2 wall tent with stove. Just a country boy with his first ar so that's me.