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  1. Well, still haven't gone to the range. A bit colder and windier than I expected. Just looking at it, Head-to-Head, the dimensions (I don't have anything to measure that small) appear identical. The firing pin just fits that hole. Yeah, I agree, that first firing pin is toast.
  2. So, here we are. Remington/DPMS just sent a new bolt and firing pin. I had my local gun shop do the switch because it is not a user level switch. The new bolt came blank. No O-rings, gas rings. Cost me 20bucks. What I have noticed, comparing the two pieces they are sending me (I also replaced the bent firing pin retaining pin), is that the new firing pin is almost a work of art compared to the old. The old firing is flattened and not smooth. Also looking at the firing pin hole on the new v. old. Smaller. The old firing pin does not fit, only the new smooth firing pin. I'll be shooting tomorrow. Hopefully this fixes the ammunition/primer issue.
  3. Ahh, another thing my builder buddy yelled at me about. They use a proprietary buffer. I didn't ask about the spring while I was being "shamed".
  4. Tech 2 sent me an email this morning. They'll be sending me out a new bolt and firing pin. Now we're getting somewhere.
  5. I'm not disputing their technical ability. There knee-jerk troubleshooting reactions have me a bit concerned. I'm also concerned now that I need specialized ammo (no Hornady, no Nosler...Federal was scoffed at) 168gr, specialized magazines? Damn, shoulda asked my builder bud about DPMS. When we were discussing this, he asked if it was a DPMS, I acknowledged. A butt chewing later (all the proprietary bits of the G2), he also mentioned Daniel Defense and be done with it...'cuz he ain't building me one. I'll see where this goes. My gun-drama.
  6. Update: talked with DPMS twice (somehow cut off from first tech). I explained everything and their thoughts. Tech 1: Must use 168gr ammunition. All 149, 147gr are shown not to work in the G2 {arguing ... really?} What mags? Pmags? Yeah, no, they don't work in the G2. {arguing here-page 28 of my OM says Magpul Pmag are OK} Dump them. {not on your life} and get steel magazines {arguing I used the OEM steel 10rd mag as well}. We got cut off about here... ---had to call back and talk about the bent FPRP-- Tech 2: Hmm... wait. Gimme your serial number {does}. Well, you can't shoot 7.62 in your .308! {umm, it's stamped two things - 1 - Multi-caliber printed on side of magazine well - 2 - 7.62x51mm 10/1 on the barrel}. Wait, no, I see it. Yep, it is a 7.62. OK, so, I've heard of this before. My associate is very interested. Send me pic of the bolt face. I see the pictures you submitted earlier. {Done} So, it's a waiting game. I wasn't impressed that I had to argue. I get they're probably pretty danged busy, but still.
  7. Thanks y'all. I also forgot to mention this (now that I'm cleaning at home): my firing pin retaining pin (cotter pin design) is bent. Make's it a bit difficult to pull/insert. Sure, I can go buy a bunch of FPRPs, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't designed to bend. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I've unboxed and fired 1 x M16A2 and 2 x M4s (all others were re-issue) throughout my Army career. I've seen nothing like this. Based on my experience, I love the AR design but dislike the 5.56. It's the reason I search for 7.62 (.308) for it's larger bullet. It's the reason I buy and shoot Federal / Lake City ammunition. ...anyway...support request submitted for the second time in a month.
  8. Wow, I just zoomed the cartridge pic. It's worse than I thought. Firing pin even punched a hole in one. This was just a random handful of my rounds. I'm gonna have to contact DPMS again. I hate this more than anything - because the damn thing is so accurate. Easy a sub MOA. Those ammo boxes are from different lots. I'd hate to go out and buy other brands - that's not the point of the rifle. It's advertised as a Multi-caliber (.308 as well). Suggestions? Any armors out there wanna give it a diagnosis?
  9. Well, the tech wasn't wrong on the primer pieces. I pulled a big piece after a my first 3rd group. I tried to find the brass for that one, no luck. Anyway, this is what happened at the range today. I'm see the face of the brass with swirl marks. Some are fairly gouged. Seems to me (me being a "user", not an armor) that the extractor is playing hell on the round. Enough so, that it scraped the primer (and pieces) rights off.
  10. Backstory: bought new DPMS G2 Recon on Veterans Day, 2017. Shot and zero'd BUIS. Had the both catch to the rear and not release once on the range. Kept firing, no issues. Got home to clean, bolt to the rear... Again... bolt to the rear and would not release. Had to do a warranty fix. I just got it back today and have not shot it. Here's the explanation on the ticket: Inspected - found part of primer lodged under bolt catch [Inspected rest of gun] Primer damage is due to round behaving poorly in semi auto Find new type of ammo [Red stamp: We have found that Hornady, Nosler and certain other types of ammo have weak primers and behave poorly in semi-auto platforms. Avoid these in your GII rifle.] OK, I'll go with that, but jeez, I would think that Federal XM80CL 7.62x51, 149GR FMJ would be just fine in this...and any other 7.62x51. I've got to call BS on this. I've only got about 1k in XM80CL, still boxed (humidity controlled climate) that I use. It's all I've ever used (used to have a BRO PG14...expensive...heavy). When I go to the range next, I'll look at the spent cartridges and primer strikes (with pics). Anyone heard of this before?
  11. I, personally, have not had to remove my optics; however, I do know that some were lost or broken during firefights. It ended up being our SOP to wire the optics to the rifle. Hence, the need for BUIS (IMO).
  12. (new guy) Every rifle I've own (or issued) had BUIS's. Heck, before being issued optics, it was our only form of zero/qual. I still hold to that method: zero BUIS, qual BUIS... zero optics, qual optics. This is my first rifle (DPMS G2 Recon) with the MBUS sights. I hope they can hold zero after I put thousands through (not quite there yet).
  13. New to the forum, but great question with one answer for me: I couldn't afford an M110 or M110A1, so I bought the DPMS G2. I did not like the performance of the M4 (or any 5.56) in theater. The G2 is not as heavy as people complain. The front 4-rail (4 rail?!) will have to go for a lighter single rail. The G2 is, IMO, a good sub-MOA rifle. I have the true multi-caliber option of .308 and 7.62x51 NATO (that's important when SHTF...same reason 5.56x45).
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