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  1. Pic Of The Day 2

    Had to share. This was at the gun store a year or so ago. Ever have to cock your head to look at something?
  2. Aero Precision Service Edition runs...

    Ironically, the AF theme was when it was still the Army Air Force. Nice work they did here on all of them.
  3. On Veterans Day

    A big thanks to those that are serving, have served, those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to those who support.
  4. Wrench flats on 308 bird cage flash hider?

    Thanks again guys, good stuff & love the humor. Im helping a friend work on a gun in the future and he happens to have OCD. That said, I’d better have the right stuff and about 6 options. :)
  5. Wrench flats on 308 bird cage flash hider?

    ^ That would work.
  6. Can anyone please tell me what the wrench size is on a 308 birdcage flash hider? Thanks in advance.
  7. What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    The pencil eraser is handy at times.
  8. Pic Of The Day 2

    ^ had to have some metal dug out before getting glasses. That does suck.
  9. What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    The G2 set up is nice. Noticed a marked improvement in extraction performance. I'm sure results vary, but very happy with it here. If you can, take some slow motion vids before and after of the process, you may see some interesting results.
  10. Pic Of The Day 2

    Wife and I took a trip down south for a quick get away. Random pick on the hotel. The view, priceless. Only thing better would have been a gun store next to it.
  11. BUIS

    I can respect that. I actually enjoy irons, looking for an easy repeatable way to have the best of optics and irons without it being like rubbing a rusty cheese grater on my back side. ;)
  12. Water fowl 2017

  13. BUIS

    Perfect. Thanks for the bump. I did a little searching but got sidetracked.
  14. Water fowl 2017

    Mostly woodies but get some mallard's mixed in. Stuck on state ground these days but make the best of it. I hunt a few different holes that it's not worth putting a boat in, but most are too lazy to walk to them. Not a bad gig all in all.
  15. BUIS

    I like to use a scope for shooting ith the 308AR, mostly. I also enjoy shooting irons. I always had BUIS under my optic in the event of failure mode. Nothing like going to the range and having an optic fail or forget a mag. At any rate, I bought a cheapy 45 deg BUIS for the 308 just to test driveto see if I like it. Would be able to use scope or irons without removing the scope. When I do remove the scope, it holds zero okay but not great. A better quality QD mount may solve all thie issues? Havent shot them yet. Issue I have is I hate a busy cluttered gun. I'm almost ashamed of this thing being seen. My as well duct tape an oversized swiss army knife to it while commiting blasphemy, ha ha. Letting the other shoe drop, what are your thought's? Just curious.