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    Southside Virginia
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    Trying to learn long range, reloading, My Shovelhead.
  1. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    Good plan sketch. Does anyone have any additional thoughts?
  2. O.K. anyone that wants to and knows can answer this for me. I just ordered a D.P.M.S.rifle buffer because the Armalite was out of stock at DSG for 30 days. I ordered the Armalite rifle receiver extension and spring from them. Will this combination work on my PA10 GII. After reading this post I still don't know but it looks like there might be a length problem. The PA10 came with an out of spec carbine set up. Did the original post ever get updated, I can't tell?
  3. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    My fur missile is scared of guns and gun sounds. Every time we shoot at the range (country backyard range) he hides and trembles. Anyone have any thoughts on helping him understand that he can eat any threats I shoot and in the meantime I am practising. I am going out in a minute to shoot over the chrono and my wife is going to take him for a ride, not good since she wants to shoot too.
  4. What did do today on your loading bench !

    I plan to follow his suggestions, we should start a new religion based on his .300 Blk loading instructions. The way things are going we may need it.
  5. Thanks but you were right, very limited information but I got that fucker on my hard drive so I can get whatever is there.
  6. What did do today on your loading bench !

    Checked it, downloaded it, printed it for future reference. This forum is like a f@3%ing onion, layers and layers. I don't think I had a clue how much was here. Still don't, still exploring. I see that you haven't answered my question yet, must be true, people in hot climates move slow.
  7. 98, you know how they say "no good deed goes unpunished", well here is your punishment, do you still have a copy of this? Perhaps on a D.O.S. machine or a stone tablet? The link is dead after only 7 years, who would have thunk?
  8. Fast enough?

    Thanks. I have a Faxon gunner on a 20inch AR that works well so that is what I will look at for the blk.
  9. Fast enough?

    Would you have any thoughts that would make a build better? I would like to know about any mistakes so I don't have to make them, again.
  10. Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    If I give my wife a pink gun she promises to use it on me.
  11. Fast enough?

    98, do you have any experience with the .300BLK in an AR pistoI? have been thinking that would make a good truck gun. It should have better range than a pistol if the need arose to stand off from a threat and be short enough to put out of sight until needed. I would think 1-200 yards would be possible with reasonable accuracy. If you had to leave your truck in a breakdown situation carrying it in a back pack would be better than toting a rifle and calling unnecessary attention to yourself . Anyone have thoughts on this?
  12. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    My fur missile is a rescue as well, so far we aren't sure who rescued who. He lives to play. No matter how hard or far I throw a tennis ball he can generally chase it down before it quits moving, grab it, bring it back and ready for another.
  13. Fast enough?

    Thanks, I have heard about this, even know how to check with a paperclip, but never saw one. It will make I.D. a lot easier.
  14. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    No, shooter is an idiot! And most are also cowards.
  15. Fast enough?

    I not only learn about .308AR's and reloading here, I learn about human nature, good and bad. Your comments make the saying, "the more people I meet the better I like my dog" a lot less true. So thanks for advocating education and communication, the two most important tools we have.