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  1. oli700

    XH Buffer ?

    not so far
  2. oli700

    XH Buffer ?

    I haven't, figured since the H3 has three tungsten , there wasn't much I could do.........suggestions ?
  3. oli700

    XH Buffer ?

    Currently I have an Armalite carbine buffer system. The rifle shoots everything I put in it reliably. It runs a little too hard for my liking , creasing the brass off the rear of the ejection port bad enough that I cant get it out during the reloading process.......brass lands about 2oclock . The gas clock is pinned and I like that so I am looking at the buffer ......The XH Buffer specifically. Quite a bit heavier than the H3 I have in it now , any experience or opinions with it ?..................hate to buy it then lose reliability, it needs to slow down though . Thank you
  4. oli700

    Seems a little slow

    Thanks , it’s a good help ... confirmation wise. I was trying to do math from some manuals , coupled with claimed results I have been finding . When end I first finished building I bought a box of factory just for function . It was Norma match 168gr . It chronied right at 2650 but the brass was hammered . It was really tough to resize and the head area took a bit of a stretch..... so I think I am on the right track . Shooting good , SD is surprisingly good with the AR Comp .
  5. oli700

    Seems a little slow

    I’ve been running 10 round ladder loads for in a 16” 308win , 1:10 , bare 416r conventional land and groove . New Winchester cases , Fed 210 , 2.80” Right now I am doing the tests for 168gr Nosler CC . I am noticing I am about 100 FPS lower then where I think I should be . 48.8 cfe223 @ 2549 42.5 AR Comp @ 2446 44.8 RE 15 @ 2351 for example .... I am seeing flatish primers but nothing alarming . I have proceeded to go a bit above book on the AR Comp but it still hasn’t picked up any more than a .2 grain incriminate dictates . No pressure sign bigger than a flat primer , no cratering, no ejector marks . any ideas ? I’m newer to 308 reloading but been reloading forever
  6. oli700

    Which metal mags are you using?

    These are great , they load easily on a closed bolt with 20.... feeds good https://www.brownells.com/magazines/rifle-magazines/magazines/ar-308-magazines-prod95440.aspx
  7. oli700

    Almost there

    Yeah it’s a pinch . This is a second gen if I had to call it something . They added quite a bit of clamping surface compared to the origional CMR. Imo this type is more secure and the origional wasn’t problematic as far as I know . They changed the barrel nut some as well . The smaller middle screw is for retention ,for and aft , the rotation is handled by an insert that rides the gas tube.
  8. oli700

    Almost there

    BCM sopmod stock Armalite carbine buffer system Aero receiver set Aero lpk -fcg CMC flat bow 3.5# B5 grip 23 Tool Craft nib bcg SI charging handle Ballistic Advantage 16” Hanson 416r LMT 3 prong and one pre release 15” Centurion Arms CMR 762 mlok waiting for a vice block , scope , mount , buis
  9. oli700

    Almost there

    Thanks , I’m pretty excited . My first 308
  10. oli700

    Almost there

    Waiting on a couple things still but I got it mocked up today after I got the barrel nut/rail .
  11. oli700

    Pacific Northwest shooters

    State of Jefferson , Oregon side
  12. oli700

    Pic Of The Day 2

  13. oli700

    Muzzle Brake Options

    That would be sweet , and a nice drill bit ..... real nice mellonite finish and I have a feeling the material is hard as hell on top of that
  14. oli700

    Muzzle Brake Options

    Yeah I’m thinking it will ping as well and I like stuff you don’t see on every othe rifle too . Thanks for your service !
  15. oli700

    Muzzle Brake Options

    I’ll report back on performance . I’m about a month out from shooting it . Figured I’d post on it since I can’t find anything on the interweb on it