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  1. Hmm, I will have to check into that. I used a McGowen barrel on Howa 1500 project in gunsmithing school, and I remember not being overly impressed. As I recall, it required a lot of lapping to remove toolmarks, but that was years ago. Maybe they've stepped their game up. Either way, $265 is chump change compared to some of the barrel makers I was looking at for the barrel
  2. Oh, I'm still questin' for sure! But priorities change as well as tastes. I would love to know what barrel company he went with for sure.
  3. So, I started this very same quest awhile back. Being extremely vigilant, I was able to source 2- One from a guy on a forum, and another from a now defunct gun store in FL. I won't tell you what I paid for them, but it was borderline obscene. The only reason I bought them was because I realized just how truly rare these rails are and they fit my 13.5" barrel perfectly. I sourced two, because I was going to do 2 uppers; one in 308, and one in 260. After about a year, I realized the only way I was going to get a mid gas, 13.5" precision 260 barrel was to pay big bucks. So, my interest has stalled a bit. I see others have an interest in these rails as well now, so for the right price or trade, I might be convinced to part with my second one which is BNIB and comes with all hardware and 2 barrel nuts- One for Armalite, and one for DPMS. I will say, I am a big fan of this rail, but I am known to be fickle. Convince me to let it go. If you're serious about it, text me at 623.3zero2.804two
  4. Well, that sounds like a benchrest sized group. I'd like to see that
  5. U mad bro?? Haha we can keep talking poop or we can get together and go smack some steel sometime. I DEFINITELY want to see a 12.5" grendel!! Bet that sucker barks something fierce. And yeah, if I can drum up some business for myself that would be cool too! (ie starving gunsmith). BUT, I started this thread to get ahold of damn overpriced stock adapter that I can't find, and which I will probably end up selling it to the next guy for him to make up his own mind about it as well. Hugs and kisses
  6. Because I'm a sucker for shorties with big scopes?
  7. I'm confused, you endorse a stock with a butt cant feature, but then you immediately discount it? I shot precision rifles for the majority of my time in the Marines. The majority of the military's understanding about shooting is misguided, misinformed and predicated on premises that are antiquated if not downright ignorant. During my time in, I also began shooting competitively. Being around Highpower/DCM shooters, Biathletes and NRA smallbore matches has taught me infinitely more about shooting technique then I ever learned in the military. So when you say if it was a big deal, then military rifles would all have the option; I would reply with a hearty, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.......NO. You're putting way too much faith in what the military teaches/understands. That's like an elementary school kid they can skip middle school and high school because they got it already. I spent a good amount of time sourcing premium parts, and then correctly assembling them and coupled with 175gr .308 rounds from Eagle Eye Precision, I was posting 10 shot groups at 100 yds averaging 1.25MOA. Out of the Armalite 13.5" barrel, I was getting on average 2500 f/s with an SD of 10.8. My AB calculator is telling me my rounds will go tran-sonic at 1040 yds and my come-up for 1k is 10 Mils. I absolutely need the magnification, the fitted stock and "all that" because I was engaging steel out to 915 yds (I managed 3/6 hits- wind was challenging up at Bloody Basin). Now, it looks like you've assembled a blaster, which is cool too, but I went the precision route for my 13.5", and so far it is working extremely well! When I go out again, I will try and get some pictures of the Labradar and groups so you guys know I'm not full of it.
  8. Im an SOT holder, so my name, phone number and address are all public record. Plus, i figured there werent any "member" bots on this forum since the registration process should have weeded them out. Am i right?
  9. I'm actually in the middle of a trade deal for a Geissele Super Precision SOPMOD mount for the SR-25/AR-10, but i do like Larue mounts and believe they have developed the superior QD system for pic rails. That is an interesting stock, but the buttplate looks a bit thin and without cushion. While the 13.5" 308 doesnt recoil excessively in my opinion, it does still let you know it's there. I actually was looking at the SAPR specifically BECAUSE of the the cant feature. Fitting a precision rifle to your body is one of the most important aspects of shooting, and being able to adjust the butt cant of your stock to fit your clavicle area will surprise you- Recoil transfers through your body in a more efficient, linear fashion which aids in tracking your reticle through the shot as well as reducing fatigue from extended shooting periods. So, if you see one let me know!
  10. Let me know what you have. Text me for quicker response- 623 302 0842
  11. .180" 8 round group? That sounds a little optimistic...
  12. So, i have a NF 3.5-15x50 scope and i need at least 1.5" tall rings to align with PVS-22 in front of optic. So yes, need more cheekweld
  13. My AR10 SBR build is almost done, but i have to use a crazy high chin weld with my SOPMOD stock to use my NF scope. I was looking around and it looks like the Battleline industries SAPR is just the ticket. Does anyone have one they're not using or willing to sell? Anyone have experience with these? Are they good to go?
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