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  1. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Got it in hand and I have to say the pics don't give it justice, A2 sight grind down looks great, pro job man. Thanks, I will go to the range tomorrow and give it a run.
  2. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Make sense about the mags, should have tried half mag first.
  3. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Looking good, thnks Bro! Lol this is my Friday off week, will be at range on Friday 😂
  4. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    98z5v We will talk tonight on the phone, but you have already done so much for me to figure out this issue.
  5. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    The PSA rail system has a triangle front that no one else uses I am guessing, I am going to replace that soon too to be able to put a picatinny rail system.
  6. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Where is the drooling face because I need to post it here " "
  7. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Thnks again 98Z5V for stepping up and helping me out when the rep from PSA on this board didn't even step in early on and offer some support.
  8. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    I see some time me buying 98Z5V a beer or 10! Thanks again Bro!
  9. Gopher

    300 BLK MINIMUM gas port sizes...

    Thnks 98Z5V
  10. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    lol, Yeah we have already exchanged gas system about a few months ago to try to get me up and running, I trust him, just going to give him a call if I can. As far as bourbon goes, the bottle will be empty before it even makes it to the mail box on the way to him, lol.
  11. Gopher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    98Z5v, I will send you a PM, we can talk
  12. Ok, so see past post about the issues I have been having in the past, see below. https://forum.308ar.com/topic/16329-pa10-gen-2-tube-marks/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-248346 https://forum.308ar.com/topic/16145-pa10-gen-ii-my-findings-on-parts-info-and-range-data-log/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-245834 This is a continuation of the past post but wanted to put this in a new post so it’s easy to find. I went out the lease last weekend and was hoping that my issues from before were resolved but by no they were not. I am still having issues with my PA10 and I am getting really frustrated with it. So, in the past I was given the wrong buffer tube/spring and buffer as seen in the post by 98Z5V here the-problems-with-the-pa-10-carbine-recoil-system, thanks again 98Z5V for offering up the help and posting your findings. Well 98Z5V sent me his Armalite gas system to use as a test. Well below are the results of it: I am still having the issues with the 1 shot/no shot after. I have done may test and it seems that the bolt is not fully setting after the first shot, thus no second shot. I have done several tests with different mags and different rounds and the same result, 1 shot then no second because bolt does not set all the way. Something that I was alerted to at lease from my cousin is there are markings in the upper receiver, so I looked for my self and sure enough the bolt seems to be doing some damage inside the upper. As far as the mags go, I can not load either of my mags if the bolt is closed, only when the bolt is open. This maybe causing an issue too, not sure but if so then there is an issue maybe with my lower. Maybe I am doing something wrong but this has been a pain in my ass from the beginning and I am really regretting getting this gun, looks like next step is to contact PSA and return it. See Images Below: