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  1. I don't know anybody out here, I bought a drill press and the foot pedal with it and seems to do pretty good I'm just going to need a stronger motor next time spend more money on the drill press I only spent a hundred bucks on this table drill press you get what you pay for it right. But I had no idea what A knee Mill is
  2. Well going to have to do something the wolves are at the door. Would like to have something made by my own hands something to be proud of.
  3. Well I do appreciate the input, what I really was going for to make the M16 A1 Colt I had in the service just for nostalgic reasons. So maybe I'll use the one I messed up for the the replica and hang it on my wall.
  4. Can I use an AR-15 billet to make an AR-10?
  5. I was all excited, that is a brand new drill press but I didn't know a quarter horsepower motor wasn't enough. But I do agree with you the right tools I choc this up as a learning experience. Just sucks now at $35 billet has doubled in price since all the b******* going out there. Like I said I appreciate the info and all the feedback this is a great site.
  6. Yes I was going to take their advice, and then somebody wrote to me just needed to be a little thicker. But yeah I don't need a blown up in my face. I'm just going to chalk it up to experience thanks guys I appreciate your input
  7. Can I fill it in with the little hard epoxy
  8. That was doing fine and drilling getting down to the 1.25 depth when my crappy drill press started stalling on me I took the plate off and went over one too many times. Rookie mistake I know

    1. spiros62


      Thanks for getting back to me and can you please tell me how important is the Fire Control pocket.

    2. Matt.Cross


      It's vital, you've got a paperweight brother.

  9. I don't know everything was going good as I was getting down to the 1.25 Depth my shity drill press will stalling on me. So I took the plate off and I balled it and went over one too many. And I stop f****** drinking a long time ago LOL. I appreciate you getting back to me
  10. Did I totally mess this up can I still finish for use? or just keep it for a paperweight? Can it be repaired?
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