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  1. Good point. Been looking at the gamma vg6. My options are limited due to location
  2. So the infection is spreading.... Long story short, a current 5.56 build is yielding enough motivation to build out the stripped upper from the OP, and switch up the 308 lower a bit. I'd like to mitigate recoil, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Current thought is longer gas length, adjustable GB on the upper, and longer stock & hydraulic buffer on the lower. Since I have a stripped upper, a SA AGB, and dimpling & pinning jigs I may as well. BTW, 98Z, I like where you're going with the Mod H.
  3. Just a little update. Photo w/ the PA mounted. Zeroed with a laser bore scope in less than 30min & 20 rounds. 100 rounds cycled indoors with no malfunctions to note. MB2 trigger is so nice it set off a 5.56 build. Cant wait to get outdoors this spring. Just a little heads up to those new here. Listen to 98Z5V, he will not steer you wrong.
  4. Mounted up a spare scope and put a handful of rounds down range to give it a basic check. Once the primary glass arrives I'll be getting outdoors to zero. The only issue worth noting is the dent on the neck of the case. Ejection pattern seemed ok from what I can tell.
  5. Welcome aboard, and I like the new build!
  6. Thanks. I should have the MBT2 early next week. I'm looking forward to checking it out. I'll look into those. I was going to keep an eye out for a VX-2 1x4 in the meantime. I'm going to go over the lower again when I install the trigger as I want to lube and aeroshell a couple things. Was researching break in and came across this from BA: The following break in procedure is based on experience and should be considered only as a guide. Results may vary based on a number of different variables. Some of these variables might require more or less cycles. Initially, you should perform the one shot and clean for five shots. Try this and observe if the amount of fouling reduces between cleanings. If it does not, continue with your one shot procedure until foiling is perceived to be reduced. At this point begin a 3 shot then clean procedure. Again take note of the amount of fouling and when it has reduced, then it is time to move up to 5 shots then clean. Do not be alarmed if your seating depth gets longer during this break in period. Typically the throat will grow .005 – .01 of an inch during break in. Typical break in cycles: Stainless Steel 5-10 one shot cycles 1 three shot cycle 1 five shot cycle Chrome Molly 5-25 one shot cycles 2 three shot cycles 1 five shot cycle Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated. I also got some 0W-20 for the BCG to soak in for the time being.
  7. So maybe I cheated, who knows? I'm pretty sure I saved myself some time, money and headache going with a complete upper though. Heres an update. Next up is a magpul bipod, and a temporart m 308 while I search some 1-4 r 1-6 options.
  8. Got the lower together, and caught a very good deal on a complete upper this weekend. Funny how things just come together....
  9. If time permits, I will be assembling the lower minus the FCG this weekend. Grabbed a quick comparison of the aero buffer tube vs the magpul. The difference is obvious.
  10. Similar situation here. IMO it doesn’t get much better than an M1A, and a walnut stock is just icing on the cake. That said, I opted against 2 M1As in the family, and instead of tinkering with my DDM4, I decided to build a 308. It just checks all the boxes at the moment.
  11. Just to update, and thank 98Z5V for the insight and direction. I now have a buffer tube to repurpose as a billy club once the magpul tube, h3 buffer and ea1095 spring arrive. I rounded the lower out with the mbt2s. Sub $100 to the door was too hard to ignore considering the reviews. I’ll update with photos once I get rolling. Thanks again
  12. Thanks, my responses are in blue Aero M5 Freedom upper/lower Bitchin' Upper and lower. Very nice. Thanks, it is what triggered the build Aero LPK Smart move. You'll need those parts. I read some parts (like take down pins) were, if not proprietary, just not a standard size Aero M5 Buffer Kit Shiit-can it as soon as you can, and sell it to someone. Buy an Armalite AR-10 Carbine Recoil System, either in pieces, or complete. Save yourself the headaches of recoil system problems. You don't have to take my word - just research here and you'll see. Also read stick with manufacture parts if in doubt. I could find little info in regards to M5 fitment from other manufactures. This illustrates why I decided to post. Thanks, I'll be looking into that! Magpul Fixed MOE Carbine Love those things. In a restricted state, its just easier to go fixed. LOP should be fine. Looks are cool, but I had to talk myself out of an ACE Magpul MIAD Grip Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch That's an AR15-ONLY part, and it's not gonna work at all in your Large-Frame AR. It won't even work. Save it for a later AR15 project. Or install it and try it- when it doesn't work, come back and report what happens. I ordered it for my DDM4 and thought I would wait to see if it would fit this build. Again, thanks! Radian Talon ambi safety Still deciding on which Geissele trigger to round out the lower. All the "Hi-Speed" triggers now ship with all spring kits. "National Match" springs, "DMR" springs, and "Service Rifle" springs. You get all three spring kits when you order the Geissele Hi-Speed Trigger. You have to set this trigger up, and adjust it to make it run. It's not like the old days, when you ordered one of the three, and it was set up already. If you go this route, follow the set up instructions to the letter. It's a badass trigger. So is the SSA (4.5lb combined pull) and the SSA-E (3.5lb combined pull). For a precision-type rifle, stay with a 2-stage trigger - it'll benefit you. Single-stage triggers give up something in the precision role. They're not bad - they're just not as good as a good 2-stage. ON that note, don't overlook the LaRue MBT2S. It's a 4.5lb combined pull, and it's $87 until this Christmas... As stated above, I just went from a mil-spec to a SSA in my DDM4. Hands down an improvement. Since this would be more of a precision build I was thinking a lighter SSA-E. If the adjustments on the other triggers are just a matter of swapping springs, then I have something more to think about.
  13. As the title states, new member & new build. 1st build as well. Currently acquired: Aero M5 Freedom upper/lower Aero LPK Aero M5 Buffer Kit Magpul Fixed MOE Carbine Magpul MIAD Grip Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch Radian Talon ambi safety Still deciding on which Geissele trigger to round out the lower. I would appreciate any recommendations, insight and/or warnings for the upper. Thanks!
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