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  1. The last FDE 2moa dot is now $140 shipped!
  2. Two sold one FDE microdot still available.
  3. That place is pretty impressive isn't it! I checked it out, it's about 2hrs out or as in Tejas . . . "just down the road a piece". I lived outside of Houston when I was a kid and heard that so many times before we drove another 100 mi.
  4. Yup all that is on the list + Austin, New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, Fredricksberg, etc. I'm planning to take a few hrs for myself to go rent some machineguns, never have so why not? Best place that is close sounds like it's this Nardis gun club. Wondering if anyone has been there or knows of a better place within an hour of San Antonio?
  5. Yeah kind of an odd name for a place huh?
  6. Vacationing with the family in San Antonio. Anyone know of the Nardis gun club? I'd like to shoot some autos when we're down there. Sadly they don't have any belt fed from what I understand.
  7. Well that scale is one lying sack of shite! Got another scale and I'm sitting at 10 lb. 13.5 oz. Not quite a lightweight.
  8. Sure enough .097" was enough with setting 10 on the adjustable gas block.
  9. Didn't see a way to edit my post. Reducing price to $150 shipped with the lower 1/3rd mount.
  10. Good to know, I'm bringing a .101 drill but may pack a couple more just in case.
  11. Yup you guys were absolutely right. I figured as much, brass fte then adjusted gas block and got it to eject but would never hold the bolt back. Opened her up tonight with a .097 for another try. Got the barrel broke in and scope sighted in. Ready for final adjustments now. I frickin knew that .080 was too damn small. Are they making these barrels work with super light springs and light bcg or something?
  12. It's been a while since I've been to this site after completing my 308 AR. I know I'm still new here but I've been at FalFiles, Sigform etc for a long time with good feedback. I thought I'd offer these here as well. I've got three FDE Primary Arms SLxZ Advanced Push Button 20mm Micro red dots. 2moa dot 5.5oz 50 thousand hrs run time new in box with everything it shipped with (wrenches, soft cloth bikini covers and thread locker). These were mounted but never in the field. New from PA $195 with the lower 1/3rd mount. If you've seen the tests on these they are very rugged and battery life that is finally approaching the Aimpoint dots. I am looking for $170 with the lower 1/3rd mount. I'll split shipping with you. Thanks
  13. Still waiting to break mine in. Life got too busy lately
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