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  1. The weight alone is a huge turnoff for me.
  2. I’m damn glad it’s up and running also. Clearly if buying PSA go in with eyes open. I expected issues and while this was my first ar10 style I’ve built numerous ar15’s and know where to seek help and information like this website. Now to dial in what it likes and see how good I can get this to shoot. The the higher end components I’ve added should negate the PSA stock barrel and BCG.
  3. +1 to that answer. I just wanted to have another person say it. Starts with the tone the leadership sets.
  4. Which problem? The customer service problem or the incorrect parts being placed in weapons problem??
  5. Lol. I truly hope that isn’t what you think. They are busy so don’t worry that an ongoing problem of incorrect parts being sold with weapons should be responded to in a timely manner or at all. Much less the fact the customer had to buy the correct part himself with zero attempt to even send the correct part to him. Have you ever bought a new car? And it was down because they sold it with a incorrect part? They are busy so get to it maybe........
  6. Well no shocker but as of yet PSA still hasn't responded to me about sending me a new correct size buffer. Glad I didn't wait on them to get a new one. What I really can't figure out is how they have such poor customer service???????? LOL I'm sure this is nothing new to some of you.
  7. Thinking about it. Nothing serious yet.
  8. For sure. Just wondering what has anyone else done.
  9. Has anyone replaced the BCG on their PSA and with what?
  10. So I finally have an update. I was able to get out and attempt to shoot the rifle. Shocked (sarcasm)to report the incorrect buffer was sent with the lower and the bcg would not lock back. The bolt was unable to charge all the way back. I did reach out to PSA by email. Their response was to have to send the entire rifle back to them. After looking into it I diagnosed the actual issue and replaced the correct buffer size. I then sent response to PSA. I will give you a guess if I have heard back from them since I responded 6 days ago.......rifle cycles and locks back fine now.
  11. New shot, never used. Pulled off a PSA upper. Make me an offer.
  12. Other wise known as snowmageddon.
  13. It’s going to get worse over the next week also. Hi of 2 degrees F here Friday.
  14. LOL hard to find places around here to shoot also.
  15. I wish, its been crazy cold and crappy every day I have been off. I've built a new 300 BO while waiting to get out and test. Its ready to go though. I'm interested in testing out many things. The difference between the hellfire muzzle break and the suppressor also. I'm hoping to get out in the next month and test. When I do I will definately let you know.
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