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  1. JF89

    Joke of the day

    Damn, youve been married as long as ive been alive. I have been engaged to my woman a few years, its really just a way for me to stall. I feel like the noose is tightening though
  2. You probably thanked jesus when Bruce turned into Caitlyn so you wouldnt feel gay for jerking it to its pics anymore
  3. I think youre projecting again, bitch titties. Ive got enough testosterone to go plow your grandma and auntie next. Did you mix up the viagra and Alzheimer meds again?
  4. Well its all probably true except for anything Belt fed says...that guy is senile, ive already wrote his family, we are having him committed.
  5. Making porn with your mom would be embarrassing for you.
  6. Interesting ... this was all before my time and really dont know a damn thing about this stuff. Thanks for the info.
  7. I refound this place , its been awhile. Hope you weird .308 fanatics have been doing ok.
  8. Bump... anybody here into Scotch, What would you recommend? All the tide pod talk has me thirsty
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