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  1. Im thinking about switchig to womens panties, they look comfortable.
  2. The .40 S&W up untail a few years back was the most common pistol round used by LE , right? Isnt that round pretty effective at barrier penetration? Im just wondering why its common to have pistols that penetrate but rifles that dont? Maybe I misunderstood what we were talking about. Anyhow , sorry for derailing a really informative topic. I am really liking the looks of that 70 gr TSX that 98z5v was talking about.
  3. Whats your opinions on the FSP, do you consider it obsolete? Seems the industry kind of moved away from ARs with fixed sights. I dont even see BUIS too much anymore ( although i still run them on my rifles).
  4. This is surprising considering how many PDs use .40 SW Glocks but makes sense.
  5. People think all coyotes are pussies and harmless but those fuckers kill more animals around here than any mountain lion or black bear. Although they are not really badasses... like the badger that attacked me a few years back lol. I dumped at least 7 rounds, maybe more in the bastard.
  6. Only animal ive shot for "fun" was coyotes and it was for bounty money. The farmers used to pay people to get rid of them. Then some yotes killed my friends dog and her pupps(one mine), it was brutal and i kind of hold a grudge. Lol
  7. If I dont eat them then I feel bad for killing them.
  8. I have been tempted to shoot one of the giant racoons digging through my trash. Anyone ate racoon before? Ive thought about it but havnt gone through with it.
  9. Well im glad you like the hugs...Mine are not as affectionate or memorable , its more like that time in prison that you try to forget but I spit on it. Seriously though, I like this place. Good group of people that dont mind shitty fucked up humor.
  10. I actually give them out now. Mine are Full30 versions though.
  11. JF89

    GGGwood Intro!!!

    Theres also Russian spies
  12. JF89

    Joke of the day

    A girl came home from a date. Her mother had waited up for her, and when the girl walked in the door, the mother noticed she had rice in her hair. “Sally,” she said, “you didn’t tell me you were going to a wedding.” “I didn’t mom,” Sally replied. “I was giving a bl@wjob to a Chinese guy and he threw up on me.”
  13. I agree, Ive never really experimented with alot of different ammo. Should be fun, only stuff I shoot now is some BH 77 gr stuff and 55 gr fmj for plinking. Thanks for the input, guys.
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