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  1. Most 1911s come tuned ready to run HP dont they? My Les Baer , RIA , SA all ran HP reliably although my newer production Colt 1991 had issues. Now of days im more of a Glock guy, they are simple ,ugly and loose like my ex but they give me a good time untail they blow up.
  2. I like playing with dead things. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Munging
  3. Are they more durable, longer lasting or what? I mean why would somebody go with one of these over standard spec?
  4. Ive only had to change one set of gas rings on an AR15 and that was on my Colt 6920 after 7500 rounds, they wernt totally shot but I replaced them anyways. I wonder what benefits these single piece rings offer?
  5. I try not to get sand on my dong, nothing good comes of it.
  6. https://www.primaryarms.com/jp-enterprises-enhanced-one-piece-gas-ring-223-jpegr-223 Whats your opinions on these?
  7. I prefer 9mm , I like .45 too though. So many of this bull-istics articles and tests are garbage. There is no best but there is common sense, I would not run a .22 as my carry piece.
  8. I wonder, do you lube the dong or the bore for proper ejaculation/ejection?
  9. If you ever feel like sharing im interested in the info. Dosnt sound boring to me.
  10. I like that he did this but what exactl does it mean for us? Didnt Clinton put on the Chinese weapon import ban?
  11. What would he need it for, Home protection?
  12. I was answering the question of how I found this place. My bad for the mix up.
  13. The LMT is heavy but Ive been so close to buying one several times. The MWS just feels like quality. It weighed more than the SCAR H though.
  14. Well, I blame Full30 and its open borders.
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