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  1. JF89

    What gen of Glock 19?

    I wont be buying anything untail Jan. , thanks for the offer though. What is your take on the different generations of Glock?
  2. JF89

    What gen of Glock 19?

    I am thinking either a gen 3 or gen 5, any reason to go one way or another? The Gen 5s are a little bit more '$' but come with a better trigger and an extra mag. I have owned quite a few gen 3s and put about 200 or so rounds through a gen 5.
  3. JF89

    Weapon Or Training?

    No wonder nobody likes the g36, maybe it is a better video game gun.
  4. JF89

    Changing Gas Rings... How Often?

    Just changed the gas rings on my Colt 6920, I have 7k rounds through it.
  5. JF89

    Help with decision requested.......

    So PSAs current stuff is ok? I owned a few in the past that were ok but ive heard of some QC issues te last few years.
  6. Like I said, his life was in danger when he opened fire which makes it a clean shoot. Ive lived in Oregon too long, I have some of that PETA /SJW/ hippie rage showing through sometimes.
  7. Lol I dont do it out in the woods either, only did it when I thought there was something out in the yard. Dogs wouldve worked better lol. When out in the woods I am more concerned about the meth monkies than any wildlife
  8. You know , after watching it more it couldve been a clean shoot but he shouldve used common sense and not approached the moose, imo. His life was in danger before he fired his gun.
  9. Fair enough, I have scared black bear ,coyote and even a mountain lion out of my yard with a warning shot. Scaring animals away is a real thing, guns do that effectively. Maybe , if not warning shots then hang back, the moose was going the opposite direction from him and was trying leave. Literally 5 min of staying still and it wouldve continued walking away.
  10. Its also not a good idea to keep going towards the creature that is warning you to back off. He shouldve stopped , not kept pushing foreward towards it. A 9mm is also louder than a snow mobile, if he wouldve hung back there wouldve been enough of a gap to do something besides engage the moose. IMO, this was a sketchy shoot. I wont say it was completely wrong but its not how I wouldve handled it.
  11. He was riding the moose, it warned him to back off and he kept going foreward. Maybe he was justified but I wouldve handled it different. He couldve backed up a bit then popped a few warning shots off and there is a good chance it wouldve ran instead of get defensive.
  12. JF89

    Mossberg 590M

    I can see that going badly.