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  1. Ya I’m just going to have to wait I guess
  2. Why not use one that clamps on and has anti rotation tabs
  3. I’ll keep looking still makes me upset
  4. Yep I have that one bought way before all this virus bs started. Now regretting this upper
  5. I’m looking for a hg alternative for an Aero enhanced upper. I’m tired of waiting for supplies to catch up with demand. Anyone have any ideas what to use?
  6. Yes I reload, and Barnes bullets are definitely turning out to be my go to in several calibers. I just haven’t loaded light bullets in 308
  7. Looking at different 308 bullet weights for my AR10. Im thinking about a lighter bullet for this winter for varmints. Im also consider the rifle for an elk hunt in October
  8. I still build them like i was taught in the Army in Armorers school. I ad a little here and there like lapping the receiver and trigger jobs on basic triggers but keep it basic and simple. My question is after using locTite to bed the barrel, how hard is it when you need to remove the barrel? Ive seen uppers amd barrels fused together on GI M16 and M4s, i cant imagine being able to remove it after locTite
  9. I can see squaring the receiver and has seen my Aero Ar15 was out a little bit when i built it, but not sure about bedding a barrel. I have not read or seen anything that would make me think a good quality barrel needed bedding. I have put moly grease or antisieze on the barrel and nut but mainly to be able to tear it back down and a future date This is just my opinion only guys
  10. Has anyone lapped the enhanced upper from Aero though, I’ve lapped uppers just not this upper
  11. Thanks for the reply, I found a video on YT by accident on this subject and G and G RW tool, it didn’t show the process which is what I was looking for to determine how far out of square it was. I guess just Lapp it it can’t hurt
  12. Think I will pass on this one, think a one piece ring is a better option. Just my opinion
  13. Has anyone lapped an Aero precision enhanced upper?
  14. With a mid length gas system, what length HG barely covers the gas block. I’m thinking 13 in but not sure I don’t need a lot of rail and want to keep it somewhat lite for mobility.
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