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  1. I’m looking to do the same I think
  2. I carry a firearm for a living blurry is not an option, and noticed my qualifications are dropping.
  3. I’m pretty rural not to worried about pass through. I also like my shotgun in the house.
  4. Ok here’s my issue: I need glasses for things up close, and I have a slight prescription for distance. Now with that said most days I can see distance just fine, but others everything is blurry. My glasses are transitions I think there called, three levels of magnification, but can’t get my head back far enough to see pistol sights. I bought shooting glasses with a 1.25 mag on top but that helps with pistol but messes up seeing through a rifle scope. It dawned on me last night maybe a taller scope mount might help
  5. Is anyone running a red dot on their AR308? Id be interested in hearing your ranges you shoot and a pic if possible.
  6. Very nice looking rifles. I’m a big fan of 16 in barrels, I would go shorter if I was to put a can on it. Maybe some day.
  7. It occurred to me today that I no longer have the eyes to transition from rifle to pistol without changing glasses. Glasses are new to me so kinda upset glasses are required now, but now not sure what to do about this problem. Only thing I can come up with is a red dot on the pistol or rifle and pistol. so with this said surely someone has faced this already, what do I do?
  8. How big is your ultrasonic cleaner and what type? I’m looking for suggestions that won’t break the bank lol
  9. I’ve read warning that the wrong chemicals and the heat was bad for the metal finish. Not sure what the chemicals were. I was going to use simple green heard it’s works well.
  10. Yes I think they JB weld the transducers to the tub. I’d really like to see it if you build one, I’ve given a lot of thought to building one that could hold an upper. Always end up getting busy on other projects and forget till cleaning time again.
  11. Has anyone used a sonic cleaner on the BCG and does it clean the fouling up from inside or behind the bold?
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