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  1. Does anyone know where in Arizona or where ever I can get a barrel melonited?
  2. Good info I’d have gotten the gas tube wrong thanks
  3. Question is there a difference in the gas block for an AR10 and AR15? I don’t think there is but want to ask
  4. I realized I did that just now lol. 16 in barrel with mid length gas system. I think I need a 12-12.5 HG thanks guys
  5. Can someone tell me what length hg covers the gas block. I'm looking ant a 10.5 carbon fiber just not sure it’s long enough
  6. So I decided to return this enhanced upper and exchange it for a standard receiver. The weight and the limited options for the HG are what made up my mind. I’ve already started the process
  7. I have thought about sending it back in exchange for a standard upper, I just haven’t made up my mind about it. I really can’t believe the hg are so limited for this receiver.
  8. I thought about this, I can’t figure how to enlarge the inside diameter and make it true.
  9. I knew this was a long shot but worth a try.
  10. Does anyone know of a carbon fiber HG that will fit an Aero Enhanced upper? Im trying to keep the weight down as much as I can.
  11. Ya I’m just going to have to wait I guess
  12. Why not use one that clamps on and has anti rotation tabs
  13. I’ll keep looking still makes me upset
  14. Yep I have that one bought way before all this virus bs started. Now regretting this upper
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