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  1. Been hearing about this drill operated case trimmer by Little Crow GunWorks and decided to check them out. Needless to say I have two now and find them so much easier to use than my bench mount RCBS crank trimmer. I was always having and issue with getting a straight trim on the RCBS so going fast was out of the question at least for me. The Little Crow has no issues with that, and I find it’s consistent case after case. usually within a thousands and yes I check every case before going to the next step in case prep. It measures off the bottle neck and I was concerned at first thinking this wouldn’t be accurate but I’m impressed with the results. I found a glove was needed to hold the case the trimmer sometimes grabs the case and spends it and will hurt the hand if you’re not careful. If your needing a case trimmer definitely check this out.
  2. Glad to hear that I have plans for 165 and 168 sierra’s in mind.
  3. I was able to get some TAC at a pretty good price anyone tried this at all?
  4. I agree the perfect match barrel and big isn’t always the perfect match for what you do. I have been building with Ballistic advantage for along time now with Aero Precision matching receivers and have had no complaints. I don’t shoot for tight groups, I train and shoot like I did in the Army and hunt. At the same time we are fixing to see what it will do at long range or longer range as soon as I finish my load development. This is 16 in BA barrel and BCG, most of it is Aero except the HG. I went with Midwest ind. I’d love to put a carbon fiber HG on it just don’t have the money right now
  5. I actually really like that part because you can design it like you want it.
  6. Ya been awhile since I saw Large Rifle primers
  7. What’s your practice bullet in 308?Looking for a cheaper practice bullet to work a load up.
  8. Wow the price is bad but the hazmat fee is crazy. That’s the highest I’ve seen anywhere
  9. Have got a link for the gas ring you used? Also have you shot it yet?
  10. I am having no luck finding powder for 308, is anyone else having any luck?
  11. That’s a great idea to measure with the water.
  12. Looking at some PMC 308, is the brass good to reload? I’ve loaded a bunch of PMC 223 with no issues, I would expect anything different from their 308 but thought I would ask.
  13. I’m looking to do the same I think
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