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  1. Yes, but now I’m have a issue after few round in it’s not chambering correct
  2. AR-10 308 DPMS setup I have issues with round not chambering after a few shots. Any ideas what can be the cause ?
  3. Thank you! I just measured my buffer tube on my 9mm and ar15 they both are 7” internal depth. In the trash that buffer tube go, thanks again. I will be ordering a buffer tube,buffer,and spring. I’ll let you know how she run.
  4. I really appreciate the advise! What Buffer tube and buffer weight you using? I was reading some reviews with the kak buffer 5.4oz and the sprinco orange Spring. I wanted to make sure be I purchase.
  5. My buffer 2 1/2 inch long weight about 3.6oz, buffer tube internal is about 6”and little pass 3/4” and spring is 11” long and if I counting it the correct way it have 27 coils and It just a standard spring
  6. I have a issue with my bolt not going back enough and it’s catching the back of the magazine. When I manually pull it back with a empty magazine it don’t go pass the bolt catch.I do have the correct buffer and 11.5 spring. Any advise would be appreciated thanks!!
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