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  1. Okay, finally made it to the range today. Shot Magtech “sniper” 168gr and Saltech ball. It shoots so much nicer now! Suppressed I was able to turn the gas down to the middle position.
  2. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I installed a Colt forged receiver extension, Strike Industries flat wire spring and Brownell's rifle buffer. I think it feels nicer and it doesn't grab my beard. Hoping to get to the range in the next week or two.
  3. I'm going to just swap to a rifle extension. I'll send this setup back and use the Magpul MOE rifle stock I have sitting here. KAK sells weights individually, so I'm going to order a selection to be able to tune this thing. Brownells has their 308 buffer on sale right now too. If I have issues, I'll just install the PWS buffer and spring. I have a spacer for this to work. Just thinking the rifle setup would smooth things out more.
  4. I got the fixed carbine stock and extended butt pad on today. LOP is still a bit too short. I think I want to just mount the MOE rifle stock. It feels like a good length. Just need to figure out with buffer and spring to use.
  5. I saw those, but the length of pull is a little short for me. Thanks for the recommendation though.
  6. I've been shooting my PWS MK216 for a while and getting it figured out. I want to go away from the carbine stock. Its prevents a good cheek weld and rips my beard hair out. I'd like to go to a fixed stock. The rifle came with PWS's receiver extension and buffer with spring. I emailed and asked them about changing to a different setup and they told me to try a different stock that fits on the carbine extension. I have found a few, but they are expensive and some like the PRS is very long and heavy. Currently the rifle is gassed just right, in fact I have to run the gas setting on full to operate with my silencer. The gas valve has 4 positions: normal, low back pressure suppressed, suppressed and off. So, I can't have anything that is heavier or that will slow down the carrier speed any more. The PWS buffer is marked H2 and weighs 4.2 oz on my scale. The stock is a BCM gunfighter. Looks like a standard carbine spring. The receiver extension is PWS's enhanced carbine tube. Any suggestions?
  7. Just thought I would update this. I put the POF roller in and have about 200 rounds through the rifle without any issues. Smooths out the “feel” when charging.
  8. Okay, awesome! Thank you!
  9. Just looked at it. Thanks for the suggestion. looks like it doesn’t have fitted mag pouches like I’m looking for though.
  10. I know it's not really a "part", but I wasn't sure where to ask this. I'm looking for a soft case for my PWS MK216, that will have SR25 sized mag pouches on the side. I have cases for my AR15's that fit, but the mag pouches are too small. Watcha got?
  11. Thanks for the offer. Not sure where you found it for that price, but I paid $26.81 from Brownells with my military discount.
  12. Thank you! looks like it’ll fit. I’ll drop one in and see how it works.
  13. .949” long .371” shaft diameter .395” narrow head width .490” wide head width
  14. Hmmm. I guess I don’t know if it’s standard. It’s the only 308 AR I have. Does this look standard?
  15. Is the POF roller cam pin compatible with the PWS 216?
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