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  1. That group was the best one I've shot with it so far. Shocked the hell out of me considering it had less than 50 rounds through it at the time and it was factory ammo. Next up is to see how it likes the Nosler CC 123 grainers I have made up for my 18" Grendel. Special loads for it are soon to follow.
  2. LOL. I was wondering when or if you were going to chime in here. Speaking of Grendelitis. Here is my new 12.7" Grendel upper painted to match and mounted on my SBR lower. What it has already done with Hornady American Gunner 123 grain.
  3. Radical Firearms

    Just don't go sticking that mag full of 300 BLK into your .223, or 1 round by mistake for that matter. Big kaboom will commence.
  4. I've got 222 pieces of Hornady 308 Win Match brass for sale. These are all once fired and completely processed, ready to reload. They have been wet tumbled, resized, chamfered, deburred, primer pockets cleaned and squared. I had intended on keeping them for my private stash but with LC, RP, and PPU brass numbering in the gallons I'll never get a load developed for these. $100.00 for the lot includes USPS priority flat rate shipping via paypal friend/family or USPS money order.
  5. Broken bolt catch

    And we appreciate all the "recoil system jackass bastard" guru advice that you dish out. No bashing of the parts used, just "do this to get it fixed". This is the best "troubleshoot my system" forum I'm on. No matter what the system. The one part I tossed from my Aero 308 parts kit was the bolt catch. The Phase 5 fits Aero reciever sets perfectly and works great. If you like the BAD lever concept.
  6. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    I got the Sprinco Orange spring on Tuesday, put it in my short RE figuring lets see what if any difference it makes, and fired 20 rounds today. Manually pulling the charge handle to a complete stop lets the bolt come back behind the bolt catch about 1/16"+/- farther than with the original spring. Everything functioned as it should. Ejection has gone from about 1-2:00 to 3-4:00. I'll have an extra RE in a couple weeks to measure and put on to replace this short tube. Or isn't it really needed with the cycling I now have?
  7. Radical Firearms

    Odin Works who made the barrel in my 6.5 Grendel doesn't give a break in procedure. I called them to confirm and the real person I talked to told me that was correct. Just shoot it.
  8. Radical Firearms

    Rattle can paint and a sea sponge. The pistol grip is now FDE.
  9. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    Cool thanks! I was hoping you would chime back in before too long.
  10. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    Ok that makes sense. I will be having access to what will hopefully be a true milspec AR15 carbine buffer tube. Once I have that, what spring is recommended to work with the 2.5" buffer I already have?
  11. Radical Firearms

    Here is a great place for all things blackout. http://www.300blktalk.com/forum/ Another good one for break in/function tests is Remington UMC 120 grain. My 8" barrel SBR with can.
  12. Radical Firearms

    300 BLK is a fun cartridge. Plenty adequate for deer if you don't push it beyond its limitations. Think of a 300BLK AR as an equivalent to a semiauto 30-30. Subsonic bullets out of a suppressed SBR are just plain smile inducing when you pull the trigger and you hear what sounds like a pellet or BB gun going off. The action slamming back and forth next to your ear is louder than the bang from the bullet.
  13. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    I bought the parts for the rifle individually and assembled it myself. The buffer tube, buffer, spring, and castle nut were purchased as a set designated for a 308AR and the original buffer was 2.5" and 3.8oz. I probably should have been clearer in my original post that the rifle always has and continues to load, fire and eject perfectly, as well as lock back on an empty mag. But the shells eject to 1:00. I guess I am wondering why? Is it because the spring is also shorter but heavier duty than a normal carbine 308 buffer spring? I recently added an adjustable gas block and even with the gas 3/4 turned off everything works. Its the why does it work that has my curiousity going.
  14. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    My original buffer was beginning to show signs of that. The bumper section was beginning to flare over the top of the tube. The buffer tube in your picture is even shorter than mine though.