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  1. LOL. You silly guyyyy (said in my best not politically correct asian accent)
  2. dpete

    Range Brass

    01/07/2020 GONE! Everything is gone as of now. I will still be picking up as I can but right now everything is in limbo. This past year was only possible because my wife was doing most of the picking up and those of you that I count as friends know what happened there. Thanks to all of you! You have been a pleasure to deal with and with any luck things can continue in some way.
  3. A lot of people are using Match ammo to hunt with in the Grendel. That stuff is made to splat when it hits something hard (steel plate, shoulder bone?). The use of hunting bullets would probably eliminate a lot of those lost deer. Or getting over the 30-06 habit of blowing away both shoulders to drop a deer.
  4. Finished up brass prep on Grendel and 300 BLK. Grendel on the right, BLK on the left.
  5. Obviously this doesn't literally apply to Tom as his answer would be NO. Why would he develop loads in northern WI when he lives in AZ? I am in the middle of a huge brass prep binge and I keep wondering if its worth it to attempt load development while we are in the grip of winter weather. I'm not totally nuts to attempt anything in super cold, but I'm wondering about 20-30+ degrees. For the Grendel I'll be using 8208 XBR but how temp insensitive is it going to be when shooting targets in summer at 70-90* ?
  6. dpete

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Squeamish about open appendages are we Tom?
  7. ^^^This right here. Use a universal decapping die first to only punch out the old primer. The die body never touches the case. Wet tumbling with pins, Dawn dish soap, and citric acid powder cleans the entire shell casing, including the primer pocket to a spotless shine. Then start your resizing process whatever it is.
  8. The magazines are here but not out of the packages yet. I hope to get at least one to the range this coming week for a test shoot.
  9. Its not quite that good. Send to Magpul the magazines that don't work. They issue store credit. We order new 300 BLK magazines and they send them to us. For six 30 round .223 mags + $2 and change we are getting five 300BLK magazines back because of their price difference. Now we're waiting for them to arrive. Still not bad if it solves the problem.
  10. How is that Yeti working out for you?
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