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  1. His mass quantity of LC that is coming is already nice and shiny. He has time to save up for the mixer.
  2. You hafta wait!! The big brown truck can only drive so fast.
  3. Glad everything survived the trip. I try to pack stuff as if gorillas are going to handle it during the trip. How far are you from La Grange KY? I lived there for almost 3 years back in a previous life.
  4. Glad they got there in good shape. That was one heavy little box.
  5. Compare your picture to the ones I put in this thread. Your picture is not an Aero.
  6. No snark intended. Welcome to the forum. Post up a piture and someone will be able to answer with more certainty. Aero makes a lot of lowers with specialty markings including ones without the Aero A. Is it AR15 or 308 AR?
  7. You love the anticipation of it all and you know it!
  8. LC is gone. 200 PPU are gone and 200 more are spoken for. 150 PPU, and 218 RP are left.
  9. The Frankford Armory tumbler drum it 6 sided and has a rubbery coating on the inside. It works great with the recipe above.
  10. Not ordered but picked up in a LGS. 3000 CCI #400 small rifle primers. Between these and what I already had I'm set on primers for a while.
  11. If you really want clean and looking like new brass: Punch out primers with universal decapper die (die body never touches the dirty cases) Wet tumble in HOT water, SS media, Dawn dish soap, & 1/2 tbsp of citric acid powder (main ingredient of brass polish, available at organic food shops) dry cases As Gaucho said, food dehydrator works great lube cases and resize remove lube (I wet tumble again in just hot water and Dawn dish soap. My case lube is water soluble.) dry cases. trim, chamfer, deburr, ream primer pockets dry tumble in ground walnut lizard bedding with one capful of Nu Finish car polish When they come out of the final dry tumble you would swear they were brand new. Obviously if your process is different, some steps will be skipped
  12. I've got 365 165 grain BTSP Hornady bullets I no longer need. Not in original packaging. Hornady item #3045. $25.00/100 or $85 for the entire lot. Buyer pays shipping.
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