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  1. .....and possibly the same for different people. At 6'6" I would have no problem shooting @ARTrooper's rifle with the stock fully extended. Every one of my rifles has the scope in almost that exact same position for the same exact reasons.
  2. You gave up on the spider monkey that crawled up your back while you were shooting? Say it ain't so!
  3. You got more snow down there than we did up here. 4 maybe 5 inches and that was it. I'll have to break down and get the driveway cleaned up tomorrow.
  4. dpete

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Nice thoughts but fake. Consider section 98. If this came from a ruling of the Supreme Court in 1866 they must have been tripping into the future. The US didn't have 50 states until 1959 and even then only 49 of them are on the continent. People who make this shiit up need to at least have historical facts straight. Oh wait.....most of the sheeple don't either and lap this shiit up.
  5. I figured you would jump all over this.
  6. The practical problem with a 270 WSM AR is can you get a bolt for the bigger diameter case to work with a 308AR BCG and upper? .308 on left. 270WSM on right. Pretty substantial diameter difference.
  7. 1) First issue- with the BCG installed, when I try to seat the upper into the lower, the BCG strikes the buffer. I will close, but I can tell the two pieces are impacting. As a result, I can engage the rear take down pin...the pin does not line up with upper receiver hole. That is exactly what is supposed to happen. The BCG should push back slightly against the buffer. That way when the spring slams the buffer forward it doesn't snap off the buffer retainer pin. 2) Second issue- I removed the buffer and spring, and attempted to close with only the BCG/charging handle installed. Same issue, it is still slightly off, preventing the rear takedown pin from lining up. This should tell you that it isn't a buffer/spring issue. If the PSA upper and Aero lower do not mate up with no spring tension at all you have a case of the two pieces not made to the same tolerances and specs. Its not uncommon for 308ARs made from parts from different companies to have issues. There is no milspec in the 308AR world. (By the way, you do not have an AR10. It did not come out of the Armalite factory in any way shape or form. Companies that make parts for these big ARs throw around the term AR10 as if it is a universal term....IT ISN'T). By the look of your spring/buffer picture you have a carbine spring and buffer from PSA and a rifle spring and buffer from Aero. Do you have a carbine or rifle length buffer tube? A carbine spring/buffer will not work in a rifle tube, and a rifle spring/buffer will not work in a carbine tube. There are numerous threads here on the forum detailing many of the failures of PSA in trying to put out a functioning large frame AR. They do whatever they want with proprietary specs and parts then claim they will do things they don't. I'm sure someone with more diagnostic skill than I will chime in and make further suggestions. Take their recommendations to heart, listen to what they tell you and then do it. Don't get butt hurt when a suggestion points to the fact that some of the parts you may have purchased aren't up to snuff. These guys have been getting people's rifles to function for years if they listen to what is being told to them.
  8. Here is the list that I have right now. @RedRiverII 45 Colt 44 mag 444 Marlin 338 Win Mag @MikedaddyH 10mm 300WSM (brass & nickel) @98Z5V .243 .260 300 Win Mag 308 LC Headstamp 308 Hornady Win Match 30-06 LC headstamp 7mm-08 (brass and nickel) 8mm Mauser Factory 300 BLK 30 Carbine @sagebrush All 308 20lbs 30-06
  9. Newest and probably final update for the year. Look things over and let me know if you want anything besides what I am already saving. Updated 11/29/20 Rifle Calibers @ $2.00/ lb Caliber lbs .223 - spoken for .243 10+ spoken for .270 10+ .308 20+ spoken for 30-30 10+ 30-06 36+ Pistol Calibers @ $2.00/ lb Caliber lbs 38 Special - spoken for 357 Magnum - spoken for 45 ACP (Lg primer) - spoken for Rifle Calibers @ $ .25 each Caliber num. of pieces 204 Ruger 92 22-250 57 25-06 40 25-35 Win 7 260 1 spoken for 270 WSM 1 270 WSM (nickel) 3 280 15 300 Win Mag 91 spoken for 300 Win Mag (nickel) 8 300 WSM 34 spoken for 300 WSM (nickel) 23 spoken for 300 Wthrby Mag 18 300 RUM 21 303 British 9 308 LC Headstamp 84 spoken for 308 Hornady Win Mat. 13 spoken for 325 WSM 1 30-06 LC headstamp 103 spoken for 32 Win Spl 25 338 Win Mag 5 spoken for 35 Rem 40 350 Legend 101 358 Win 11 444 Marlin 19 spoken for 450 Bushmaster 29 450 Marlin 4 458 Socom 15 45-70 29 spoken for 50 Beowulf 2 6.5 Grendel FC 16 6.5 Creedmoor 576 6.5X55 7 6.8 SPC 138 7mm Mauser 11 7mm-08 89 spoken for 7mm-08 (nickel) 4 spoken for 7-30 Waters 27 7mm Mag 127 7mm Mag (nickel) 16 7.62X54R 19 7.7 Jap 13 8mm Mauser 28 spoken for Pistol & Rifle Calibers @ $ .10 each Pistol Caliber num. of pieces 10 mm 644 spoken for 38 Super 111 44 Mag 146 spoken for 44 Mag (nickel) 14 44 S&W Spl 8 45 Colt 67 spoken for 45 Colt (nickel) 9 spoken for 50 AE 32 Rifle Calibers num. of pieces 300 BLK (not processed 223) 359 spoken for 30 Carbine 195 spoken for 7.62X39 85
  10. Provided you have those two specific slots open on your top rail. Some scope mounts eat up a lot of area.
  11. A true Wisconsin classic!
  12. See!!!! I'm the provider of goals. Shoot more, load more!
  13. Ok I lied (Fuqued up). I have 11 358 Fed cases, and they are officially added to your list.
  14. I just installed two 12" Guntec handguards. One on a buddy's 6.5 Grendel and one on my 223 Wylde. They use a proprietary barrel nut wrench or you can make one using a 1 3/16" Sunex crowfoot. Just grind the jaws of the crowfoot narrower to fit the barrel nut and grind the gap between the jaws wider. The rifle and handguard My barrel nut wrench
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