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  1. Tyrion walks into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass. Madame: What can we do for you? Tyrion: I need a woman to lay with, for mine has left me. Madame: Whatever for? And what's with the honeycomb and the mule? Tyrion: My woman found a genie in a bottle, and he granted her three wishes. The first was for a house fit for a queen, so he gave her this damn honeycomb. The second wish was that she have the nicest ass in all the land, so he gave her this damn donkey... Madame: And what about the third wish? Tyrion: Well... she asked the genie to make my cock hang down past my knee. Madame: Well that one's not so bad eh? Tyrion: Not so bad!? I used to be six foot three!
  2. Not for a 308 but I know some of you guys shoot Grendels too. I recently received a new batch of Nosler custom comps from Shooters Pro Shop for my grendel and they are shorter base to ogive than the previous ones I have loaded. The ones I have loaded average .698 CBTO and the new ones average .689 CBTO. Where would you start in finding a new load for the new batch of bullets? Start from scratch, and work up an entirely new load? Use the same powder charge as the previous batch and seat to the same depth to start, then play with seating depth from there? Use the same powder charge and seating depth as a baseline then vary charge by .1 grain up and down from there? The current powder charge the rifle likes is by no means hot, so I have room to experiment with charge if I have to.
  3. I've got both. Rise Armament is way better than any single stage milspec trigger. I believe mine are 3.5# break and they break clean without creep. LaRue MBT is a whole different animal being a two stage trigger. Made to function completely differently. Smoooooth first stage squeeze to a stop, then a slight squeeze and break. If you are looking for a single stage trigger to replace a milspec the RA is a step up. For more precision in seeking tighter groups a LaRue is another step up.
  4. dpete

    Range Brass

    Yep. The "Heather Hill" pay for electricity, well, septic, propane, and moving there eventually fund. We chip away at it little by little.
  5. dpete

    Range Brass

    Hmmmm. My son's birthday is coming up in July. He'd like a new .260 AR! Its probably close but I'll check on what USPS method is cheapest to get it there.
  6. dpete

    Range Brass

    Yep. All is good. It was just a happy coincidence that one followed the other.
  7. dpete

    Range Brass

    Naaaa. The only reason I have any brass from the meet is that they all said it was fair game and they didn't want it. Sisco reloads....or did, but he was trying to shoot up his stash.
  8. dpete

    Range Brass

    OK here we go for another year! UPDATED 6/16/19 Pounds in stock @ $2.00/lb Pistol 45 ACP Spoken For 38 Special 0 357 Mag. 0 380 0 Rifle .223 Spoken For .243 0 .308 9 1/4 30-30 3 1/2 .270 1 30-06 7 1/4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 BMG 60 pieces, cleaned, wet tumbled in SS media. PSD Headstamp $1.50 each NOT deprimed or resized. ready to process --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uncommon rifle calibers $0.25 each 300 Win Mag 14 300 WSM 8 303British 22 30-06 Lake City 13 45-70 19 6.5 Creedmoor 78 7mm-08 17 7.62X39 295 7.62X54R 25 Uncommon pistol & rifle calibers $0.10 each 10 mm 208 32 Auto 193 32 S&W 20 357 Sig 80 38 S&W 7 38 Super 12 44 Mag 107 45 Colt 68 45 Colt (nickel) 2 50AE 5 500 S&W Mag 9 30 Carbine 201 Uncommon pistol & rifle calibers @ $0.05 each 300 BLK factory (not processed 223) 35 300 BLK (from processed 223) 109
  9. I'll play Devil's advocate here. Can the clowns at MDWS hold to any kind of promised schedule? May is 2/3rds over. Not exactly great customer service.
  10. My wife and I were both laughing so hard we were almost crying! I could hardly read.
  11. This could be the "brought back from extinction then thrown off the rails thread".
  12. That I will have to try! My ex and I lived in La Grange KY for almost 3 years back in the late 80s. Fished Lake Shelby a few times.
  13. I have considered that. The catch is I have a Lee die set and just recently upgraded to the Forster. I wouldn't be against cutting the depriming pin off the Lee rod but there is still the question of needing to lube the cases in order to not stick one in the die. I currently use the Lee case lube diluted 10:1 in water (its water soluble) and spray the cases with it then blow dryer them dry. Once they are sized I toss them into my wet tumbler with dawn dish soap for 20 min, rinse in hot water, then into the dehydrator to dry. A live primer wouldn't be very alive after that. Would dry tumbling in ground walnut lizard bedding be any easier on a live primer to remove any sizing lube? The whole sizing lube and cleaning it off process is why I thought about depriming them after pulling the bullets and dumping the powder back into its jug.
  14. I've got probably 3-400 cases loaded up for my Grendel that it turns out are WAY too hot. They shoot fantastic accuracy and velocity wise but start flattening and cratering primers and leaving nasty ejector swipes after about 3 rounds in a string. I've also noticed some random loose primer pockets when repriming newly prepped cases. I know I have to pull the bullets and rework the load. I've got the collet puller to do the job efficiently but its still a royal PITA. My question involves the case necks once they are empty. They are all lightly crimped using a Lee factory crimp die. Can I get away with simply chamfering the cases again, leaving the primers in them? Or would I be better off depriming the live primers out of the whole lot and resizing them all again to remove the crimped spot on the necks?
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