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  1. dpete

    Spring Shoot 2019

    No Shepp!! They want to see stuff like this! Which is what we STILL have around here.
  2. I'm sure this one is somewhere else around here but here they are. Left to right: 16" Colt M4 20" 5.56 18" 308 18" Grendel 16" BLK 8" BLK w/supp. 12.7" Grendel Bottom: My son's 10.5" BLK
  3. Hmmmm, my kids are 1/2 Norwegian (mom's side) does that count?
  4. I don't know. 6' 6" My usual answer to "you're tall" is "no I'm not, the rest of the world is short". Or the other standard. "Hows the air up there?" "A hell of a lot better than down there"
  5. The only ones I can get fairly reasonably in my size. Wranglers. 38X38 is a tad hard to come by.
  6. Now we know the wife wasn't standing behind you when you wrote that. Or we'de be hearing about a domestic dispute involving a WI state trooper being beaten senseless by his wife.
  7. dpete

    shooting off a bench

    This is basically what I do with my Caldwell 7 rest. Rifle sits in the rest front and back. Touch the stock butt to my shoulder lightly and hold the pistol grip just tight enough to aim and squeeze the trigger. My off hand is resting on the front horizontal beam of the rest, not holding the handguard at all. When the shot goes off the recoil does whatever it does, I don't try to hold the rifle in place.
  8. dpete

    Range Brass

    PM sent
  9. dpete

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    Considering I use my bow stands for sub hunting a shot over 30 yards would be rare. I wouldn't hesitate to stretch it to 50 if the right angle through the trees presented itself. The 40 yarder this year was just that situation. She walked past on my right side and went behind some trees and brush. I kept watching her and put the gun up when she started walking broadside to me. When her chest entered an opening between the branches I had the scope on her and pulled the trigger. When subs hit deer sides they sound like someone wearing leather mitts slapping their hands together. Thwack
  10. dpete

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    Yep. With this:
  11. dpete

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    Yup, most definitely. The flash can on the front will help some but these short 8" barrels and supersonic bullets are real boomers. Subs with a suppressor are another story. The shooter doesn't really know how loud the gun is because all you hear is the action slamming back and forth next to your ear. Its a clack rather than a bang. The best part is no one nearby even knows a gun went off. They may hear something but its not like anything they would relate to a gunshot.
  12. dpete

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    Why? A bullet going about 980 fps (which mine are) through the chest of a deer is going to make it just as dead as one going 2400 fps. The trouble is with subs you end up looking for a dead deer rather than tracking it. Subs don't produce hydrostatic shock or huge gaping exit wounds so not much or no blood to track. 2 of them were about 30 yards. The 3rd closer to 40. 2 went about 25 yards and flopped, the 3rd about 100. For me it is bow hunting with a rifle. Short range and place your shot. That "pistol" will consistantly put shot after shot into a quarter size hole at 50 yards. Even smaller hole patterns closer in. The only thing I'm changing going forward is taking neck shots to drop them where they stand.
  13. dpete

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    Well since you asked..... 8" CMMG barrel, 10" Homegrown form 1 suppressor, 10" el cheap CF handguard, SBA3 brace, Nikon 300 BLK scope. 3 deer so far using 200 grain Maker bullet subs. and for comparison: Its big(but smaller) brother Top: 12.7" barrel, 6.5 Grendel SBR, same 15" el cheap handguard cut down to 13.5" Bottom: 300 BLK Pistol Each upper can go on either lower and both of them have the same muzzle device so they can both wear the suppressor or the flash can. I haven't shot the Grendel suppressed yet.
  14. dpete

    WTB - Empty American Gunner boxes

    Here is where I got the idea. Drill a small hole in the side of the box. Pass wires through a rubber gromet that fits into the hole. Fit gromet with wires into the hole. And for a cheap and easy tree mount(for those of us that have more trees than cactus). Caution: thick Georgia accent!
  15. dpete

    WTB - Empty American Gunner boxes

    Pics of the empty box or the whole outfit once I have it done? I haven't ordered the rest of the parts yet.