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  1. dpete

    Weird Grendel Brass

    Check the discussions about PPU brass and ammo in the Grendel forum. I seem to recall PPU recalling some of their grendel stuff. For grendel brass I just stick with hornady cuz its easier to come by in 123 grain grendel American Gunner ammo. About 1 MOA out of factory rounds.
  2. dpete

    It ain't black but.......its a blaster

    As parents his mom and I weren't too awfully upset about the whole situation. It happened just as all the middle east shiite/Afganistan was ramping up and not worrying about him getting deployed was nice.
  3. dpete

    It ain't black but.......its a blaster

    Oh he definitely hits what he is aiming at. He was one of the best shots in his basic training unit. Right up until he dislocated his kneecap and ended up being discharged because of it.
  4. Over the past few months my son and I have been acquiring the pieces and slowly assembling his blackout pistol. The last piece to arrive and be added was the SBA3 brace. He is a huge Star Wars fan so it is as close to being a blaster as we could get. The specs: 10.5" KAK barrel Double Star upper/lower set KAK flash can 12" carbon fiber handguard Magpul afg SB SBA3 pistol brace Fastfire III as temporary sight It has passed the initial function tests and we'll get out today to put some more rounds through it. He fully intends on using it for deer this season and why not? Its perfect snow camo for the conditions we usually have around here in Nov.
  5. dpete

    1st .308 (Texas)

    LOL . Hey! I'm out there grabbing up brass these days. You gotta admit that my last thread even tho it started out with 3 simple words "An interesting read" and a link, started one shiitestorm of a debate. It was fun sitting back and watching it all unfold.
  6. dpete

    1st .308 (Texas)

    Hey! My name is Dion and you've probably met as few or fewer of us as I have. When I get the comment "ohhh, like Deion Sanders?" I just say yes but he spells it wrong. Welcome from another Wisconsinite.
  7. Most of the lakes up here are still totally ice covered! The smaller ones are opening up but most will take another week, the big ones probably closer to two. The surface temp. of the open water in that picture couldn't have been more than 33-35* with all that ice around.
  8. Not me or taken by me. Sent in to a local TV station. Yes that is waterskiing between two huge sheets of ice on a lake.
  9. LOL. Everyone has to enable a little bit now and then.
  10. Pssst. Grendelitis phoey! I won't mention the fact that for a while this winter my 18" Grendel sported a Photon XT NV scope. Used it on a couple night hunts for coyotes on a frozen lake.
  11. dpete

    An interesting read

  12. dpete

    what is the tread size

    Hit any hardware store.
  13. SOLD! Please close the thread.
  14. That group was the best one I've shot with it so far. Shocked the hell out of me considering it had less than 50 rounds through it at the time and it was factory ammo. Next up is to see how it likes the Nosler CC 123 grainers I have made up for my 18" Grendel. Special loads for it are soon to follow.
  15. LOL. I was wondering when or if you were going to chime in here. Speaking of Grendelitis. Here is my new 12.7" Grendel upper painted to match and mounted on my SBR lower. What it has already done with Hornady American Gunner 123 grain.