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  1. This is a custom built 20" pencil barrelled AR15. It was built with Coyote hunting and being as lightweight as possible in mind but was never completely broken in and it has fewer than 200 rounds downrange. The only reason I am selling it is that circumstances require trimming the collection. It features: Anderson Mfg. Upper and Lower Faxon 20" Rifle Gas Pencil Barrel 1:8 twist Toolcraft Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group Rise Armament 3.5lb Drop in Trigger Radical Firearms 15" Handguard Strike Industries JComp Compensator Nikon Prostaff 4-12 X 40 Scope Nikon Scope Mounts Magpul Stock Magpul BAD Extended Bolt Release Lightweight Nylon Sling I am including six 30 round Magpul Pmags with the rifle. Add your ammo and you are ready to go. $899
  2. This is a barely broken in custom built locally 300 BLK. Fewer than 200 rounds downrange. The only reason I am selling it is that circumstances dictate trimming the collection. It features: Cerro Forge upper and lower from Anderson Mfg KAK 16" Pistol Gas Barrel Toolcraft Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group Radical Firearms 15" Handguard Rise Armament 3.5lb Drop in Trigger Nikon P-223 3-9 X 40 Tactical Turret Scope Nikon Scope Rings Magpul Stock Magpul BAD extended bolt release Lightweight Nylon Sling I am including six 30 round Magpul magazines that have fed flawlessly. Add your ammo and you are ready to go. $849
  3. This complete Aero Precision custom build package is ready to shoot. It has been gently used and has been a consistant MOA shooter for me. The only reason I'm selling it is circumstances dictate trimming the collection. Its features include: Aero Precision Lower Aero Precision Enhanced Upper and M-Loc Handguard Aero Precision Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group 18.5" Criterion 308/7.62 Lightweight Barrel from Fulton Armory Bravo Company Extended Latch Charging Hanndle LaRue MBT2 2 Stage Trigger Nikon P5 3.5-14 X 50 adjustable paralax scope Nikon Scope Mounts Phase 5 trigger finger extended bolt catch Magpul Stock Nylon Lightweight Sling I am including ten 20 round Magpul magazines and two 5 round ASC magazines as well as front and rear Butler Creek flip up scope covers, and an Uplula magazine loaded/unloader. Everything you need for bench rest shooting or this year's hunt is included. I also have 2-300 rounds each of hunting and target ammo loaded specifically for this rifle that I will sell seperately to the purchaser at a negotiated fair price if desired. Additional pictures can be provided upon request. $2399
  4. I was thinking of doing exactly that. I eliminated the entire internal rib on two 30 round Pmags to run subs as long as I could in the mag. Both of them work just fine. I wonder how Magpul would feel about replacing the 6 Pmags my son bought to use with this blaster.
  5. Ummm, what is Tom's favorite saying??? Don't complicate shiit with complicated shiit!
  6. This is what I did and I think I found the problem. I loaded 5 rounds, fired two, leaving the third in the chamber, then verrrrry slowly dropped the magazine out of the lower and this is where I found the 2nd to last bullet. Not even IN the magazine, but sitting on top of the last bullet and the right side feed lip bridging them. This was with the 30 round Pmag, and it happened more than once. In a 5 round ASC metal mag and a 15 round C-Products metal mag, all 5 rounds fired perfectly with no sign of the 2nd to last bullet bridging out of the mag. My buddy the gun pusher (yes I have one too) loaned me a 30 round Lancer L5 300 BLK mag to try and it worked perfectly too. Apparently this thing is allergic to Pmags and prefers longer nosed bullets. Luckily I have 100 Barnes Tac-Tx bullets to load up to use for hunting and theres no need to use more than a 5 round mag in a hunting situation. Hopefully mystery solved.
  7. The last round of shooting I did to try to figure this out was using 5 rounds in a mag. 1, 2, 3 all went bang. #4 which is 2nd to last went click and jammed. In all the mags I tried. The long nosed Barnes Tac-Tx worked when used in the 5 round ASC mag, all 5 rounds went off. The bullets that jammed in all the mags were short nosed Nosler 110 Varmageddons. Shorter nose than the Barnes with a steeper ogive angle.
  8. That is one thing I haven't tried yet. But you can bet I will.
  9. No kidding! My 16" pistol gas carbine with the same buffer parts in it shoots anything I put in it flawlessly. My understanding is that the 300 BLK was designed to use a carbine (3oz) buffer and regular carbine AR15 spring.
  10. Yes. I've tried 3 different mag manufacturers, 30 rd Pmag, Colt 30 round steel, ASC 5 round steel, and most common jam is 2nd to last round. It has happened on 3rd and 4th on one or two occasions. Its weird as h*ll.
  11. We're fine except for this foul up. Original buffer is fubar. Steel weights that act as if they were pressed in. No way they are coming out. Ran the 110 Barnes Tac-Tx through it this afternoon. They ran in the ASC 5 rounder and jammed in the 30 rd Pmag. This was with the spring and 2.8 oz buffer from my working 300 BLK pistol.
  12. I just got back from the range. Thank God its only 10 minutes away. I put the spring and buffer from my working pistol into my Son's gun. Same malf with both 30 round Pmags and a 30 round Colt steel mag. The 5 round steel ASC mag fed fine with no feeding issues at all. Next step is to take some weight out of the 4.6 oz buffer and see if it will run with the original spring. I'm also considering the possibility that the bullet length isn't agreeing with the gun for some reason. I've got some 110 gr Barnes Tac-Tx loaded up for hunting and I'll try those next.
  13. My Son's BLK pistol has come up with an odd feeding failure. The 2nd to last bullet in virtually any magazine used will hang in the feed ramps with its nose buried into the top of the chamber entrance and the bolt wedged into the top of the case. After the jam. Pull the bolt back, drop the mag, jammed bullet drops out, reload bullet into mag, slap the mag back into the gun, release the bolt, and it fires the previously jammed bullet and the last one in the magazine as it should. It has done it once on the 3rd to last bullet, and it has done it using 30 round Pmags, 30 round colt mags, and 5 round ASC mags. You can run a 30 round mag as fast as you can pull the trigger and it fires perfectly until you get to that 2nd to last bullet. I have rounded the edges of the ejector before trying the 3 different mags and the malf continued. I just finished weighing and measuring the buffer system parts of this BLK and my 8" pistol that works perfectly. Tossing in weights of buffers of two other working guns. The 16" BLK that works has the same buffer system as the 10.5" malfing gun. 10.5" malfing gun 8" working gun 16" BLK working 16" Colt Carbine 4.6 oz buffer weight 2.8 oz 4.6 oz 3.75 oz 10" spring length 10.5" 34 # of coils 37 .071" wire dia. .074" My first thought after taking weights and measurements is this thing has too much buffer weight for the spring that is trying to push it. I plan on doing a spring/buffer swap using the 2.8 oz buffer and 10.5" spring out of my 8" pistol and see what happens. Bullets used were 110 gr Nosler Varmageddons loaded over 19.0 gr of Lil'gun to 2.060", in a WCC cut and formed case and CCI 400 primer. They have been universally accurate and functional in 4 different 300BLK rifles so far. Am I on the right track? Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. dpete

    Range Brass

    New update. Oddball deer calibers are starting to trickle in as the season approaches. UPDATED 10/14/19 Pounds in stock @ $2.00/lb Pistol 45 ACP Lg Primer Spoken For 45 ACP Sm Primer 10+ 38 Special 10+ 357 Mag. 0 380 2 Rifle .223 Spoken For .243 2 .308 15+ 30-30 1 .270 2 30-06 20+ _____________________________________________________________________________ 9mm Approx. 12,000 pieces, cleaned, wet tumbled, NOT deprimed $20.00 per 1000 or resized. Choose your quantity. _____________________________________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 BMG 60 pieces, cleaned, wet tumbled in SS media. PSD Headstamp $1.50 each NOT deprimed or resized. ready to process --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uncommon rifle calibers $0.25 each 225 Win 6 22-250 6 25-35 17 260 Rem 26 spoken for 270 WSM 3 30-06 Lake City hdstp 13 300 WSM (nickel) 6 300 Win Mag 146 spoken for 300 Win Mag (nickel) 3 303 British 37 325 WSM (nickel) 2 338 Win Mag 20 35 Remington 14 350 Legend 25 35 Whelen 14 45-70 27 spoken for 450 Bushmaster 4 458 Socom 9 6mm Rem 5 6.5 Creedmoor 75 6.5X55 22 7mm Mauser 10 7.62X54R 25 7mm-08 60 spoken for 7mm-08 (nickel) 2 7mm Mag (brass) 31 7mm Mag (nickel) 14 Uncommon pistol & rifle calibers $0.10 each 10 mm 182 spoken for 357 Sig 38 spoken for 38 S&W 7 38 Super 12 44 Mag 50 454 Casull 58 460 S&W Mag 19 50AE 11 500 S&W Mag 9 7.62X25 Tok 94 30 carbine 126 spoken for 7.62X39 415 spoken for Uncommon pistol & rifle calibers @ $0.05 each 300 BLK factory (not processed 223) 333 spoken for 300 BLK (from processed 223) 0
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