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  1. WI is such a unique state that even our vultures are pretty! Deer carcass on the left. Famous white headed WI vulture to the right. Usually found staking out sections of forested highways.
  2. I'm glad you got it going. Its amazing how the guys on "the other place" were still making guesses (and wrong ones) on how to fix it right up to where you said its fixed.
  3. I used it in both my 5.56 and 308 ARs until I found out about its temp. sensitivity. I had a great load for the 308 figured out that I did test loads at about 35-40* in the spring. The first time I shot them in 80*+ weather they were blowing primers out of the cases. After that I did some research online and found out about the temp. sensitivity that others were seeing also. I ended up pulling a couple hundred 308 bullets and have been using up the 5.56 as range blasters. Depending on what conditions you shoot in I would consider making up a hot and cold weather load with it.
  4. I have the same Lyman case prep. Its slow compared to the drill press. I primarily use it for chamfering now.
  5. Or you can go the power tool route and modify 98's idea. Take the pictured large and small pocket reamers and cleaners and screw them into the correctly sized aluminum coupler from any hardware store. To get this^ If you have a benchtop drill press you can then chuck those into the press, lay the press on its side, run it at its slowest speed and commence to power reaming those primer crimps out and cleaning pockets. It also works with the drill press standing up but then you are pushing the brass upward instead of from right to left. Wear a rubber coated glove on the hand you hold the brass with for a solid grip. You can ream pockets as fast as you can feed brass from one hand to the other. Your wrist will thank you after not having to twist 3 or 4 times each for hundreds of pieces of brass. Just sayin'
  6. dpete

    To guys in WI

    Thanks to a thread on the Grendel forum I was able to order 4 pounds of H322 from Recobs Target Shop in Prairie Du Sac. They might have been the last 4 they had because 20 minutes after my order went through the website was showing 0 in stock. Recobs is a standup place. When I got the email that my order had shipped I also got an email saying the total was going to be $29 and change LESS than I thought. I gave them a call to find out what happened and the gal on the phone (who was the one who processed my order and remembered my name) said that the website defaults to UPS shipping and hazmat charges. Because I live in WI where Recobs is located they could use Speedy Delivery instead. The cost difference was the lower shipping charges and Speedy's $18 hazmat compared to UPS's $39. Another company could have said screw it and put the extra cash into their pocket but Recob's didn't. From where I am located in WI I could not have driven to their shop for what the shipping and hazmat charges cost me. Thumbs up to Recobs.
  7. The empty jug has no label on it and any of the H322 labels off the 1lb bottles easily peel off and restick. There is no way in hell it would go unlabelled.
  8. Mine looked like that too and it functioned perfectly, with a 5.4oz buffer, and the Armalite spring. You should be good to go like that.
  9. Welcome from WI. Post up your parts list. The folks around here can help you avoid the pitfalls of not having a milspec for parts on 308 ARs.
  10. I have an empty 8lb powder jug and (hopefully) 4 one pound bottles of H322 coming in. Would it cause any contamination of the H322 if I poured the 4 bottles into the used 8lb empty jug? I has been sitting empty for at least a couple years. Wash it out and let it thoroughly dry first? Don't even think about it because of possible contamination? I would obviously relabel the jug using a H322 label if I did use it.
  11. I must be an exception to the rule. I hunted with Hornady 165 gr BTSP in my 308 AR and use the 129gr BTSP in my grendel. Both of them never had a hiccup feeding and both were MOA bullets at the 100 yards I had them sighted in for. WI northwoods forest usually doesn't allow shots longer than 50 - 100 yards. Yes the soft tips would get marked by the feedramps, but at that distance it made no difference accuracy wise.
  12. 1200-R works great for 5.56 up to 55 grain bullets.
  13. The 06 is gone, but the 30 Carb is yours if you want it. Sorry, I forgot to update the post before this.
  14. Glad you found your way over here. Take a look at this thread.
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