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  1. Give @DNP 2, thanks... Bummer about the car. Hopefuly all will turn out well...
  2. I don't think anyone needed to hear about that... I better order the 2 required bolts you recommended... Not this weekend, and not either of the following 2. I may be up in Rob's neck of the woods in two weeks. If so, I will have to rattle his cage. Did you bend it on something? Are you OK?
  3. Thank you for asking. Status is ZERO progress. I have been busier than the proverbial guy at the contest, and have not even looked at the boxes of parts for least a month... I need more time... More money would also be good... Actually, more money would be really good... I've got to look at everything and make sure I have what I need. I think I am still a couple bolts short of the necessary quantity... Maybe also gas tubes and sights... And I am still waiting on the 5.56 bolts from @Robocop1051 's contact, which should lead to a couple of AR-15 builds... One in .300 blackout, and the other in 5.56... Sumbitch... That means more uppers, lowers, barrels, handguards, parts kits, triggers, sights, gas blocks, gas tubes, buffer tubes, springs, and fixed length stocks... I'm gonna drop another grand and a half before I'm done, and I don't even have the fancy optics piced out yet... Yes, more money would be really good... Oh, and I have to talk to CA DoJ and get serial numbers squared away. If I gotta get those, I might as well build the AR-15s at the same time. Then a camp out at the @DNP ranch sounds like a great time. Maybe we can make it happen when the temperature differential is enough to inspire you to drive west... On the bright side, I did suggest a work buddy get on here and check out this forum... Dan is a super cool guy who shoots and reloads. He likes the idea of an AR style .338LM / .500 blackout, and should really meet Rob at some point...
  4. @SgtDog0311 might be on to something with that approach... (pause to let people think about that) Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That will never catch on with some of us (probably not just me) on this site, but it did give me a good laugh... Welcome to the place of nearly unlimited knowledge and support! Many great people here.
  5. Rob, I just saw this thread. So sorry for your loss. I'll donate one of my brand new LaRue mbt2 triggers if you want it... if you got something cooler planned, I understand... Let me know - I'll kick down $100.
  6. RobPLSCA


    It's not that I used a tape measure, it's the units of the tape measure I used... @DNP can show you a surveyors tape measure next time he sees you.
  7. RobPLSCA


    Sure @DNP... @98Z5V is bitchin about us, and @Boot_Scraper is using his dial caliper... Seriously, I don't think I've seen anything pictured here that I wouldn't devour...
  8. Nice you tube video - 2:38 mark.
  9. RobPLSCA


    Don't you be bitching about us or we will show up at the spring shoot and calculate your standard deviations! (You all are on your own with your non-standard deviations... )
  10. RobPLSCA


    The kind of surveyor that gets one FREE at Harbor Freight... And this is the tape I already had in my car when I went to dinner... And, These are the units used to communicate with muggles... I don't know if I still have a metric tape... My tenths tape that is normally handy was in my carry-on suitcase at home...
  11. RobPLSCA


    I tried the patch instead... Didn't like the way they tasted...
  12. RobPLSCA


    I bullpoopy you not... I did finish the mashed taters, carrots, and roll, but not the steak... I didn't even have it for breakfast today... Sunday with eggs... And the tape is a Harbor Freight special... Really? Don't you think the muggles would lose their minds seeing a tape with both inches (12 per foot) and big inches (10 per foot)? I don't smoke... Hey @GoodByNAair - fantastic looking lobster tails!
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