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    -- Menifee, Ca --
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    Classic Camaro's has been an addiction for 20 years. Now Firearms has wedged its way in.

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  1. Very nice @unforgiven . Keep them coming.
  2. Just as the title says. Post up your gun porn pics. Here are my two rifles. The bronze is a modified M&P15 and the black is my recently completed 308AR. Both run Vortex optics. ????
  3. Welcome, ? It also took me 2 years to build my 308AR. I too know that money is hard to come by with my four kids and the other expensive hobbies. Post up picks of what you have. We love porn. ?
  4. Thanks DNP ?We do like our porn.
  5. Welcome back Belt Fed
  6. Installed the LaRue trigger that was delivered today. Function checked and enhanced with a little paint. Bipod has been remounted. Now to grab some ammo and sight her in.
  7. Just waiting on the LaRue trigger. Otherwise she is a beauty. The bronze rifle started life as a S&W M&P 15.
  8. I knew you would. ?
  9. I couldn't wait till next week. But this is only the mock up. Making sure everything lines up and fits properly.
  10. Parts have arrived. Next week she will be built.
  11. Parts have been ordered. Delivery should be end of the week. No tracking numbers have been sent yet. LaRue MBT2S trigger Failzero BCG, Radian LT charging handle, Odin works 02 lite 17.5" handguard Odin works 7.62 Atlas comp Plus other misc items ???
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