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  1. you'll be fine running a carbine buffer system (and by system i mean a carbine buffer, carbine spring, carbine buffer tube) with a rifle length gas block on your barrel. i ran my rifle this way with a .308 barrel and a 6.5 creedmoor barrel and have had exactly zero issues with either set up. i used an aero M5 upper/lower combo and built everything from scratch as i do all my ARs.
  2. i've read decent reviews about them. i wanted one of the 5.56 versions at one time since they took AR mags. have fun with it!
  3. welcome. that is an LR308. an easy way to tell that it is DPMS is the rear of the upper receiver. in this case, it's curved. an armalite would be angled. additionally, you have to determine if you have a high profile or low profile upper receiver. it's hard to tell with the charging handle in, but it looks like a high profile. as far as changing out the gas block, you could probably leave the one you have and a free float rail would cover it. depending on the rail, you may have to change out the barrel nut as well. i have an adjustable gas block on one gun, but i dont think they're a necessity. i own numerous AR patterned rifles and hand built each one from stripped uppers and lowers. i've had no issues with the gas systems on any of them.
  4. schuyler arms is good to go. i got my match M5 stripped upper/lower from them for $222 shipped to my FFL about 5 years ago. i tried to run a CMMG parts in it and the take down pins wouldnt fit. had to spend $30 at aero for just the pins.
  5. the democrats wont stop from using the NZ ban to further their efforts. "see, a county of less than 5 million did it, why can't we????" if someone wants to do evil, they will. the fcuker in Nice, france killed 86 people with a moving truck. i feel bad for the good folks of NZ that are having this crammed down there throats.
  6. i am jealous of those out west that can shoot like that. too many trees and people back east for that.
  7. when i was researching a grendel build, the only downside i could find was locating magazines that work reliably. i've only bought 2 mags for mine so far - both ASC 15 rounders. i read some reviews that said to run them with 14 rounds instead of 15, but they both functioned fully loaded for me. i've done some playing around and i think i can use a regular 10 round AR mag if i only load 7. i use a larue mount on 6.5 creedmoor, they're super expensive but damn are they worth it.
  8. wait a minute, did you even read the first review from the rainier arms site??????? no more discussion needed. hahahaha. Joshua G. Verified Buyer 5 star rating 12/20/18 Smoother than a raccoons hands cupping my shaved testicles Honestly what can I say that would convince someone else to take the chance on this trigger. I was initially aroused during the install. As soon as I hit the range still with the chub I had from install... I knew things were about to get locked and loaded. I grab a mag loaded with 300 Blackout (subsonic), insert slowly into my AR as to savor every moment of what is about to be the most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced. I pull the charging handle back, steady and smooth. Then release it to feel the BCG chamber the sexy round from the mag. I raise my gun up, shoulder it and put my sights on the target. Slowly raise my thumb along the side of my lower receiver and slip my pistol build into pew mode. It’s time.. I prepare my finger over the trigger, gently hovering just against it. Fire when ready, I think to myself. Boy was I not ready. I squeeze the trigger as I would squeeze my nipples during a long hot bath... holy balls wouldn’t you know it... I feel the most sensational gungasm I can barely contain myself. I check my pants just to be sure I haven’t shown my excitement too soon. I’m clean.. fire when ready again, I thought. Trigger pull after trigger pull the blood in my body worked it’s way toward a specific part of my body.. I finish... shooting and clean up.. all the brass.. my work was done. The triggers work was done.. so yea.. id recommend it I guess.
  9. good to know. as for the trigger, it better be orgasmic for $230. i have a geisele ssa-e that i got from primary arms during one of their sales for $180. it's 100 times better than a run of the mill LPK trigger, but i'd have been pissed if i paid $240 for it. i dont know what all the fuss about geisele is.
  10. i'm sure it's good to go. rainier isnt going to sell sh!t products. i have never come across a drop in that i didnt like. i've got timeny's, a POF and a CMC and they're all great. waited til they were on sale and got great deals on all of them.
  11. very nice, i just finished my own grendel on xmas day last year. i was literally looking at that same exact scope for mine last week but ended up going with a athlon 4-14 after finding a good deal on it.
  12. i have it on one of my rifles. i like the free float rail look the best though. plus, i usually run an optic on my ARs and the FSB just gets in the way. but to answer your question, of course it's outdated, stoner designed this thing in the 50s and 60s.
  13. yep, that's the great thing about AR's. buy a piece here and there and one day you have a complete rifle. not to mention, i was looking through my parts bin one day and realized i had a complete unassembled rifle in there. i just had to buy a charging handle. haha.
  14. mainly i have a severe case of BRD (black rifle disease). i have them in 5.56, 9mm, 6.5 grendel, a 7.62x39 about 75% done and of course my creedmoor which brings me to this forum. there's nothing better than mag dumping 20 rounds of 3.08 as fast as you can pull the trigger. i can't do that with my bolt 700.
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