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  1. Sorry for the late reply. God Speed Kimi, my wife is from NZ she has stated a few time she will not live there. Now I am understanding why. I also had a brother commit suicide he was 21 and he used the rifle I gave him for his eighteenth birthday. I do not blame the rifle at all, I do not know the pain he was going through so at least it was quick. For now we have are rights somewhat
  2. 308kiwi I can’t even imagine the total frustration you guys must feel over there
  3. Excuse me are those Bugle Boy jeans your wearing????
  4. Why the hell cant I order from the site??? I pick what I want when I hit place order I get that I am timed out of the site. Any suggestions?
  5. Ever wonder why you don’t see city police not complying with unconstitutional laws being passed????
  6. I love how you put things so eloquently your bad ass
  7. M4e1 and M4e1 enhanced uppers to door for 157.00
  8. Welcome from Enumclaw yes a lot of things need to be buttoned up before July. Enjoy the site plethora of info here.
  9. Hello to all and thank you for the welcomes. Our apples are pretty good
  10. Barfeetz


    And now..... back to freaking rain. I will take snow over this crap anyway. Back to work tomorrow job site will be a slurry mess
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