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  1. Barfeetz

    Another new guy from Washington

    I love how you put things so eloquently your bad ass
  2. M4e1 and M4e1 enhanced uppers to door for 157.00
  3. Barfeetz

    New member fromWv

    Welcome from Wa
  4. Barfeetz

    Another new guy from Washington

    Welcome from Enumclaw yes a lot of things need to be buttoned up before July. Enjoy the site plethora of info here.
  5. Barfeetz

    Good morning

    Hello to all and thank you for the welcomes. Our apples are pretty good
  6. Barfeetz


    And now..... back to freaking rain. I will take snow over this crap anyway. Back to work tomorrow job site will be a slurry mess
  7. Barfeetz

    New guy from Arkansas

    Hello from WA
  8. Things that are in the mail; Aero m5 Lpk POF Tomahawk cherging handle aero mil spec forward assist assem aero ejection port assembly milspec carbine buffer assembly looking at ADM M118LR 16ā€ barrel made by Criterion
  9. Barfeetz

    A few of my class 3

    Very nice indeed!!! šŸ˜œ
  10. Came from M1A platform with long 22ā€ barrel, things are tanks. Wanted something with more parts availability that are cheaper and with 16ā€ barrel
  11. Iā€™ll be there at the end of the year!!!
  12. Barfeetz

    Pacific Northwest shooters

    ENumclaw here
  13. Barfeetz

    Good morning

    Rain has finally set in roads still have ice on them but for most part is gone still have 6 to 8 inches left to melt