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William Flatt

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    Free Republic of Indiana
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    Everything pro-freedom

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  1. ...Now banned in Canada. Thanks Trudope, you black-face commie!
  3. While I like a good beer like anyone else, I'm not really a connoisseur or a 'beer snob' or even an experimentalist. Usually it's something like a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat or sometimes a more potent brew like Arrogant Bastard. And right this minute I'm having a Red.
  4. Just a reminder that Cinco-Buy-Ammo day is 2 weeks away... if you can source it.
  5. My idea of wife material.
  6. Xi is a bioterrorist. He made sure the whole world was infected with this and is still lying about it.
  7. She likes bikes... for the goood vibrations.
  8. Speak for yourself... after being locked down for so long, this girl was a sight for my sore eyes.
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