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William Flatt

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  1. I seem to recall mentioning that the pic was from when it came right out of the box and before mounting a scope. But I suppose that in the hater's mind, that's irrelevant.
  2. Yes!! Why are you being like this??
  3. Anyone here a fan of Skullsplitter?? (Here's how it looked in the old label)
  4. I have a scope on it, but I'm not sure what I did with the pic of it with the scope... Gotta look on my computer & see if I can find it.
  5. I got me some of that DPMS action back in March; I'm settling into using it now. Just ordered a box full of 25rd 7.62 Pmags to get going, need more ammo. I'm modding the rifle beyond what I currently have; scope, foregrip, lower receiver plate & buffer tube (commercial to milspec), etc. so I can run it the way I want. I'll post again on this soon. PM me if you're a DPMS .308 fan.
  6. I've heard nothing but good about that book, it's on my list of to-get books
  7. Hey all, just wanted to see what you're currently reading, or just finished reading... I'm working my way through Unintended Consequences for the 5th or 6th time, not really keeping count.
  8. I know this guy. Met him while going for a walk...
  9. Here's mine. Pocket Juice 10000mAh Springfield Armory XDM-40 w Pdl Hlstr 1Pc Blk (The holster here is the factory model; I normally use a Blackhawk Serpa CQC) Springfield Armory XD Gear Magazine Loader and dual magazine pouch LG 306G 3G Cell Phone | TracFone Hornady Critical Defense 20 rd box .40S&W 165gr. FTX self-defense ammo Walmart RFID-blocking wallet Akribos Multi-Function Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - Three Hand Movement with Two Time Zones and Date Complication - Men's Ultimate Swiss Watch - AK736 Gerber 06 F.A.S.T tanto partial serrated folder knife Old Trapper Original Deli Style Beef Stick, 15 oz. UST Heavy-Duty Paracord 1100 Lb Hank, 50', Black Outdoor Products Quest Backpack Day Pack, Asphalt Outdoor Products 0.75-Liter Tritan Flip Top Water Bottle, Smoke.75 Liter (Inside my get-home bag I have my Leatherman, first aid kit, Four 1-day packs of emergency ration biscuits, spare medicine, water filter, and more)
  10. BATF has a fresh black eye from yet another theft of firearms from their custody, and yes, this too involves machine guns. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/investigations/2019/06/13/atf-looking-guns-and-glock-parts-stolen-and-sold-guard/1425467001/?fbclid=IwAR1wK59fAb06wwXqRb-sWncmjl9N3ncttNLuqj7IYMS9tTd7h5PmtKVd4eY
  11. Anyone here ever watch FREEDOM TOONS?
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