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William Flatt

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  1. Well, after getting a few posts under my belt and getting to know a few of y'alls, I thought a proper intro would be in order. My name is Will, I live in N. central Indiana between Marion and Kokomo, I love my guns and I run them as often as possible. I'd sure like to get to know some people in my area so we could shoot together etc.
  2. Hi ho, whaddaya know?? I'm from Indiana and I found this place because of Full30.com's mention of you guys. I signed up here and got their 308AR badge for doing so Now I can be doubly dangerous heheheh....
  3. Sure will, but I need to catch some zzz's first. The notification ping woke me from dozing off...
  4. Nice. I just got a visit from the FedEx guy - dropping off the .40 cal cleaning jag I needed to replace the plastic one I used to have.
  5. I like that video at the 0:05 mark. THAT'S HOW I LIKE MY COFFEE.
  6. You get a one eyed one horned flying purple penis eater. Or you hire Eric Swalwell.
  7. That's the baby brother of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movie..
  8. I don't want to see war on US soil anymore than the next guy. Wanting to see that happen just isn't right. But I have watched for the last 25-30 years as our rights have been eroded like a hillside eaten away by hydraulic mining, and I think that ANY freedom-loving American ought to recognize that if we don't do anything, there won't be much in the way of freedom to hand down to our kids/grandchildren, assuming that they don't get totally brainwashed by the leftists in schools. The leftists for the last 50 years have been drooling at the prospect of disarming us so they can put conservatives into concentration death-camps. I know this because of guys like Larry Grathwohl, who have gone inside radical leftist groups to spy on them, and I know because of my own personal conversations with radical leftists where I've lived most of my life, in Gary Indiana. These people are as serious as a massive heart attack. They WANT to kill TENS OF MILLIONS of people who refuse to accept their way of thinking! It's too out-there to not be real; yes truth is stranger than fiction. If people are that hell-bent on eliminating everyone that disagrees with them (and they're not some tiny minority), then I think it behooves us to be well-armed, well-trained, and well-prepared. Because either we ignore the loonies and deceive ourselves into thinking they'll just 'go away', or we prepare for the day when they will need to be dealt with. Again, I don't want war; but likewise I don't want to stand before my Creator, Almighty GOD, and have to explain to Him why I did nothing to protect and defend the LIBERTY that He gave us all!!
  9. No, I bought it for the good practice I'd get from a .308 rifle rather than the 5.56 I already have, but honestly I'm a defensive firearms collector. The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting or mere target practice, and I see no point in pretending.
  10. I've been on a buying spree since I got my tax check back. First I bought my AR10 (DPMS Oracle). Got a Springfield 1911, and another .45, the Springfield XDE. My latest package in the mail (as of yesterday), A new scope/laser combo, new combat boots on sale (already have a couple but good boots are priceless), and 3 sets tops/pants of multicam fatigues. O, and more cleaning patches because I keep going through those like water through a hose.
  11. Nothing disgusts me more than corporate virtue-signaling. When they do this sh!t, I stop doing business with them.
  12. I don't, that's yet another antigun company that virtue-signals waay too much against good American values.
  13. 5 years and no bumps or other traffic on this thread??? Where are all the Hoosier Riflemen??
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