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  1. no. disassembled and wiped it down. reassenble with lite lube.
  2. no. Swapped his assembly into my rifle and works fine.Put mine into his worked fine. Put his back into his upper and will cycle. My thinking right now is his combo if all new stuff is just.000_ tight somewhere
  3. To add to confusion. His BCG cycles in my upper and mine cycles in his upper,but his will not cycle in his upper. You all follow that. LOL
  4. more looking for way to use this one.Plus one I have came with rifle we took it out of and no idea who's.
  5. Helping a buddy with his build. Test firing rifle and does not cycle. Swapped his BCG for mine and fires fine. Only thing I have found is when bolt is rotating back it has quite a bit more drag than mine. Now his is new and mine few hundred rounds used. Pulled it apart and cleaned,reassembled and same thing. Not sure who's BCG,was bought as complete assembly. He bought from few different sites against my advise. Ideas?
  6. Helping a buddy build a 308 and building me 7mm-08.Looking at McGowen barrels,but have run across deadshot and wondering about there quality. Anyone any experience with them
  7. Wondering what twist rrate works best with 308 in ar 10 with 20" barrel?
  8. just ordered 3.Two for friends and one for me,so really hoping you guys are right.
  9. Doing a 80% build and about to buy a trigger for it. Wondering whats best bang for buck trigger. I have Timneys in cpl bolt actions and love them. I know Geissele is standarad bad ass for lots. I also know get what you pay for.Build is one step at time .low to no budget(too many hoobies). Will be used for hunting and target shooting mostly. Like nice clean crisp break and if possible ib 3 to 4 pound range and closer to 3.
  10. Wondering how much difference there really is in bolt carriers. HAve seen bunch of different material./finishes and read up on benifits. From a durability and accuracy what is better and why. New guy gathering info and all can be helpful. Not looking to make malke parts feel mbetter just build accurate and very dependable rifle. HAve too many hobbies(drag race and cpl Harleys) to spend extra for little or no real benefit. Input
  11. Don't mind the wait its been slow build anyway.Plus whats a cpl weeks for a gun I will be using till I can't use it anymore and I have to leave to someone in my will.
  12. Looking at ordering a McGowen custom barrle for my 7mm-08 AR 10 build. Looking for any feed back on them good bad or even better suggestion
  13. Anyone done a build with 338 federal. Just caught me attention and ballistics look pretty goo. Catching attention normally means having one is in near future.
  14. Stupid question ,especially since I think I know answer. Can you swap barrle while using same upper with a mounted scope and be fairly close on accuracy.Mean sayin 10 clicks up or down and same right to left. Just wondering since there are so damn many options caliber wise. Like any good gun nut I want them all. Real cost comes in with scopes.
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