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  1. My last sports car. Named Heidi, she was a "Euro' version of the 928. Hated to give her up, but parts were very scarce (or very expensive) and I had moved on to other projects:
  2. Currently running a slightly modified Glock 20SF Gen 3. My "go-to" handgun.
  3. Up here in Newton Grove, just off I-40. Have a friend living in Mount Olive that has 3 LR-308 builds; will be mentioning this site to him :)
  4. I was in Mrs. Grady's second-grade class at Eliza Poole Elementary in Raleigh, NC. We had just arrived in the cafeteria for a milk and sugar cookie break when she chased us down with tears in her eyes, told us to leave our snack, get our coats, and go home immediately. I walked in the house to find my mother sitting on the end of the bed, biting her nails. When I asked her what was going on she just said "Hush!"
  5. I try to attend each month, but fell out of the loop due to health issues. Back now, and can't WAIT to take Angelica (LR-308) to her first one! :D
  6. Anyone in North Carolina? I can think of one off the top of my head that is involved with the .308 AR platform, and I hope there are more!
  7. I do a lot of Appleseed events, where the standard is "controlling everything within a 500 yard range". My Ruger 10/22 and PSA AR-15 Carbine were insufficient, other than getting the skills down. A .308 was needed to engage the Known Distance plates and other targets out to 500 yards, and I have always admired the AR-10 platform. Thus...natural progression?
  8. Hello! I am new to the .308 AR world. My experience has been more towards the FN/FAL and L1A1 worlds - my LR-308 build is my first venture into the AR-pattern .308s. I attend a lot of Appleseed events and wanted a larger-bore rifle than my AR-15 Carbine to engage the KD course of fire, out to 500 yards. Have always admired the AR-10 and swore one day I would have one. I believe my LR fills the bill for both. Look forward to learning a LOT from you experienced shooters/owners. Thanks in advance!
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