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  1. Your suggestions of the additional steps I need to take or should have taken are non sequitur. My original response was appropriate given the original post of this thread and in line with preceding discussion. If you wish the topic of the thread was different or more technical, provided more user insight, or crusaded for PSA or otherwise, then you should participate in another thread that is doing that. There is actually no obligation or reasonable expectation for me to do any additional things or provide any of the information that you or others have subsequently asked for.
  2. I'm only butt hurt because despite your incredible reading comprehension skills I can't seem to get many factual statements out of you.
  3. No the round count wasn't your question. Though you seem to have grasped on to it lately in an attempt to look fair and reasonable. You were the one who thought it was more important to post a list of logical fallacies and claim that I couldn't like my psa firearm and be logical. Apparently, ad hominem logical fallacy and fallacy of composition didn't cross your mind. The rifle has upward of 500 rounds through it but I doubt over. Hornady 150 SST factory loads, hand loads mostly with 175 smk, steel case 147 wolf ammunition. Primer shortage and being engaged in a sequence of hunting and trapping seasons since august has limited my recreational shooting escapades. It'll continue to get shot next year. But my main rifle is indeed my bolt action with thousands of slow fire rounds through it and that will probably get more attention as I gear up for spot and stalk style hunting trips next year. But good marksmanship translates from one rifle to another. Random blasting and barrel burning only has a limited role in my playbook
  4. You have an interesting depiction of history given that this thread is right in front of you to 'read.' What shaffe48 did was say that it doesn't make sense that most PSA rifles don't work and that many people like their PSA rifles. Subsequently I have been 'lambasted' and 'insulted' by at least a half a dozen members not the least of which being you claiming that I have trouble with 'reading comprehension.' But I won't say you can't read this thread Matt Cross. I'll just say it how it is. You are just a liar. Plain and simple.
  5. I think you might be able to get more consistency from induction because heat from a propane torch depends on how you hold the torch, how full the tank is, and how far you turn it on. You can measure consistency of neck tension with some presses that will chart pressure over the stroke of the press. But at the end of the day those electronic machines he had cost a couple hundred and who knows how long they last. A propane torch will increase your brass life and apparently even serious competitors use some sort of propane system...though likely better than mine.
  6. Because I'm through enabling you. Get off the internet. Get some rest.
  7. If you were in you'd have a general idea what I was in the military. Close enough to matter. But you were in. Despite fitting the profile with your behavior, you're not stolen valor. I've talked to many like you when working the suicide hotline. You exhibit the exact same traits. A nice guy at heart but you're unstable partly due due intermittent events of paranoid rage. I mean I'm not a doctor. But I'd get off the internet and go find one. Whether you do or don't, leave me alone.
  8. Sorry I don't argue with drunks or the mentally ill. It's a waste of time. But BTW, I could care less you were an E7/E8 in the Army or whatever you were. I worked with E7s and E8s. I didn't get in pissing matches with them back then. I can't see why I'd get in pissing matches a decade later. You are clearly either an angry drunk or you exhibit some sort of similar personal or emotional issues. Maybe they started when you were in. Military is a stressful place. Maybe they spiralled out of control when you left an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability. It happens. Either way, those are your issues. Leave me alone until your either sober or off the trip.
  9. Perhaps sober up and reread the thread and maybe you'll understand it. Not an insult...advice really.
  10. My point is that me and many others are happy with their PSA and it works fine for them. They should be able to say so without being harassed by a bunch of goons. You're also distracting us bringing up irrelevant points you do or could already know the answer to just from this forum. Truth is even if I did only shoot 40 rounds then that's my decision. If you don't like it don't buy it. That's you're decision. This isn't complex.
  11. You want me to respond to your comment? Are you capable of using a search function and reading my relatively small number of comments on this forum?
  12. Yes I'm the one bragging and lambasting on this forum. Guilty as charged.
  13. No there is no logical fallacy in people buying a product you don't like. No matter how hard and long you may wish.
  14. Naw if you go back and read you'll see that I'm not bragging but rather responding to someone telling me I have a low reading comprehension. But this has nothing to do with reading but rather your and mostly other's refusal to entertain any perspective other than your own. I've already acknowledged your perspective that you didn't like the PSA rep for not taking your ideas and also that you think PSA rifles have too light of buffer system and also that you really don't like them. What you won't acknowledge is some people care less about your bad blood with a representative and some people have PSA rifles that function fine and don't really mind if they need to switch out a few parts to make it work better.
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