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  1. cheap-bastidge

    Finally got to the range with 1st AR-10

    I have extremely good accuracy already with 62 grain fmj. cheap to load as well.
  2. cheap-bastidge

    Finally got to the range with 1st AR-10

    one note on the PSA stainless barrels that have become common the past few years. Both my ar15 and PA10 have the stainless barrels. Both of them shoot horrifically bad groups with factory ammo, but both also shoot incredibly well with my loads made specifically for them. I find they both really shoot best with heavier bullets. 62 or 77 grain on the ar15, and 168 grain on the PA10.... The ar15 is a 1:8 twist, and the pa10 is 1:10 twist That characteristic of the PSA stainless barrels may be the root cause of the poor accuracy claims. For a person who loads their own ammo it's not a problem at all. If your a store ammo only person it's something to consider.
  3. cheap-bastidge

    Finally got to the range with 1st AR-10

    I was able to get my PA10 gen 2 running perfectly with the help of folks here. I built mine up from parts however, so I was faced with knowing the PA10 gen2 was a completely proprietary weapon, and to make matters more challenging, PSA sells all the parts on their website, but they have zero information or guide to help someone piece it all together. To add insult to injury, they have parts on their website which are clearly labeled PA10, but it's not apparent if they were originally meant for gen1 or gen2, adding to the confusion. Their solution to the lower parts kit is a standard ar15 lower parts kit, along with a handful of components specific to the PA10, or a PA10 lower parts kit which is 4 pieces, then you still needed to order an ar15 lower parts kit as well. Next up is the whole buffer tube / spring / buffer conundrum, full complete rifles from them coming with incorrect buffer parts leading to the action not cycling properly, bolt carrier making destructive contact with the rear of the receiver, it was quite a mess to navigate through. After getting mine together and working properly, it really is a fantastic gun for the money invested. It's a shame that it isn't a straight up flawless runner out of the box for a good percentage of buyers. There is a lot of potential in it, but like others have pointed out, it's a mixed bag as of right now. You could be good to go, or not. If you feel confident in being able to sort it out, it's a great deal of gun for the little money invested.
  4. cheap-bastidge

    PA10 Part 1

    I think the need for a small base die depends on what the once fired brass came out of. I can speak from experience when getting my pa10 up and running, my lot of 7.62 LC brass would not size properly at all with a regular FL die, after sizing like that, it would not fit a case gauge properly, or chamber in the rifle. A small base die was the only way I found to get the brass back in spec. Subsequent reloading of the brass and the regular FL die was all that was required to load again. I have a feeling this situation was due to the brass having been fired from a very old and worn machine gun. After that initial small base resize, the brass has worked well and the reloads very accurate.
  5. cheap-bastidge

    PA10 Part 1

    Speaking of reloading for the pa10, I have had good results so far using 7.62x51 nato brass, using 168 grain hornady hpbt bullets, and cfe223 powder. Good combination, but you need to be super careful preparing the brass, full length sizing with a small base die is a MUST. Be very careful with your powder charge, because 7.62 nato is a different beast than .308 due to a different case volume. Right between 43.7 and 44 grains seems to be the sweet spot, extremely accurate. No signs of overpressure on brass or primers at this level. I know the pressure is very near the limit for the caliber. This is the sweet spot for controlling the cost per round yet still getting very good accuracy. If you know a better and still inexpensive way, please speak up 🙂
  6. cheap-bastidge

    PA10 gen 2 platform - branching out to new calibers

    I have been giving serious thought to the 45 raptor option, that should work with little fuss at all. Still, I already load for .458 winmag, but that is a single shot encore pistol and it is hell to shoot. Don't get me wrong it's awesome, but definitely punishing
  7. cheap-bastidge

    PA10 gen 2 platform - branching out to new calibers

    Nemo made a custom long action and does 300 win mag with it, they did a few one off 458 models, but yeah, PA10 is not going to accept a long action cartridge. Still, there are some other options that would fit.
  8. Since my PA10 in .308 turned out so nice, I have been recently thinking about how well the platform would work for branching out to a more interesting caliber..... Has anyone here thought about putting together another upper for something a little more interesting, like a 45 raptor, or other heavy hitting cartridge? say a .458 winchester magnum could be quite fun.
  9. cheap-bastidge

    Initial thoughts on PSA PX10.

    I am very interested in how this turns out.
  10. cheap-bastidge

    Need some advice

    I have watched the conduct of PSA with customers on "another" AR forum 🙂 It appears if you are polite, patient, and correctly explain your situation, they tend to be very good to their customers. After the experience I personally went through with my own 10th anniversary set of stripped lowers, I would advise to be very careful and sure you are ordering the correct parts when building out the pa-10. I did fine on mine, but did have some issues with an incorrect buffer. That was taken care of by PSA, but if I had not had the advice of well known members of this forum, I would not have noticed the issue before it would have done damage to my lower. I now have a great set of matching rifles, ar-15 and pa-10, and am very happy with how it turned out. PSA builds can turn into very nice guns, with excellent accuracy, without doubt. That being said, PSA still has a few lessons they need to learn, especially surrounding the buffer system on the PA-10 guns. I have also seen rumblings recently with some gas tube length problems. It seems to me these are being issues due to the lack of any sort of industry standards on the ar-10 pattern rifles being produced. Combine that with a company moving at the pace of PSA and some things are bound to happen.
  11. I didn't have a choice on taking off the extractor, it was bound up tight, no movement at all.
  12. That is part of my normal practice, which is why I was able to identify and correct the problems before attempting to fire the gun. That being said, there are a lot of folks out there who would just spray so lube in it, slap it on a lower and go to town with it, (or not, if it fails)
  13. I just recently put together a gen 2 PA10, and I found the extractor was not working at all right out of the box, the springs were all gunked up, causing it to not allow it to go over the shell when closing into battery. I had to take it apart, clean all the gunk out, and lube the heck out of it and put it back together. THEN it worked as it should. I found it odd they choose to use 2 o-rings (stacked) and 2 springs (1 inside the other) , never seen one done like that before. Once this was done it functioned perfectly when I took it to the range and fired it. If I had not done this, I am sure there would have been major malfunctions.
  14. I have been around guns my entire life, but just joined here. Mostly I came here for the information and experience with the PSA PA10 platform that seems to be richer here than about anywhere else. I just put together a PA10 recently, and have it up and running, but will likely have questions down the road. bfoosh assisted me with some buffer questions over on the PSA industry forum over at ar15.com and he seemed to have a pretty good grasp of the platform, so I figured it would be wise to come over here. I had experience with rifles in my youth, but most of my adult life I focused on a variety of handguns, and reloading ammunition for those. It was only a couple of years ago I got back into rifles via Palmetto state armory. As you can guess from my screen name, I am not fond of spending large sums of money to put a rifle together, so I do my best to pull good performance from as little funding as I can. Now, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate quality when I see it, but at the same time, if you are diligent and put time into a project, you can turn out a very precise rifle on a budget. At least, that has been my experience with PSA products so far. I used to have the opinion that the only rifles worth a darn for accuracy were of the bolt action variety, but my forays into ar-15 and PA-10 have changed that opinion. with the stuff on the market today, you can indeed obtain serious accuracy with a semi auto these days.
  15. cheap-bastidge

    PA10 whirlwind

    I was able to install a POF 3.5 lb drop in straight shoe trigger on my PA10 gen 2 without any issues at all. Great trigger for a decent price ($139)