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  1. with the current production PA10, you shouldn't have too many deal breaker problems. The recoil parts mismatch issues is really the only big bug a boo at the moment. everything else is annoyances. Yes, more expensive rifles may run better, but a PA10 can function. As always, with PSA your mileage may vary.
  2. Just found this thread. Beer! how can someone not enjoy a good beer? The number of different micro brews is just amazing, and we should be thankful for all the creativity in the industry. I have one personal favorite, but it's not anything new or fancy, been around probably longer than anything else, but definitely hits the spot on a hot Florida summer day. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier - yeah it's german, let's ignore that for now, this stuff is amazingly smooth, with a clean taste. notes of bread, banana and citrus. A good wheat beer is something to truly enjoy. and, something hailing from my home state, I wouldn't recommend this for daily use, but if you're looking to get your brains caved it, it will handle that duty well. Orange Blossom Pilsner squared
  3. Any updates on this rifle? How is going?
  4. Just curious if anyone here has seen or used a PX10, it's a palmetto state armory product. Essentially a .308 in the small frame ar15 platform. Supposedly made in limited runs, and very proprietary. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-px-10-18-mid-length-308-win-stainless-steel-16-5-m-lok-lightweight-moe-ctr-ept-rifle-5165448727.html
  5. I have the POF single stage flat shoe trigger in my pa10, it's a really nice trigger
  6. Good to hear. They do have a "notify me when this is back in stock" but my experience was by the time you got the email, they were already sold out ?
  7. After looking at mine, I see about the same amount sticking out of the upper where it engages the gas key. On mine you can see how far into the key it has been going when cycling, however the gun at least in my case, has functioned very well, with no problems now, around 4 or 5 hundred rounds of use so far. Before I ever fired the gun, I addressed the buffer system issues and that prevented damage to the lower. Ever since I got around that initial hurdle, it has been great so far. I am not expert, but if my rifle is functioning fine, other than an adjustable block for fine tuning, what's to gain changing out the tube?
  8. I built my first ar15 using a rifle kit from PSA, it turned out so good that I wanted to do an PA10, which I did, but it was a little more complicated. I did get it all sorted out, and it runs great now. part of that process, since everything was sold out all the time, I ended up buying a pair of matched lowers, one ar15, one PA10, and through that process, I used that new ar15 lower on my old rifle, leaving me with a complete lower sitting around. That is why I just ordered the $299 upper deal. This will set me up with one ar15 with a big honking scope and high end everything for target shooting, and one more down and dirty with plain irons on it.
  9. I just picked up one of those $299 uppers. I got the chrome lined nitrited barrel, NiB bolt carrier group, low profile m-lok rail, back up sites, and charging handle. That's a screaming good deal
  10. PSA is the only source I personally know of for the proprietary parts kit, their stock number for it is 503714, but it is out of stock right now, Your best option for that PA10 upgrade kit is to watch their site daily for when it pops up. I had to wait and watch their site for a few weeks to catch it in stock. Check the site daily between 8 and 10 am for when they update that days items. It will sell out very quickly once listed. What this means, if you are checking in the evenings only, you will likely never catch it in stock.
  11. When did they change the gas tube? I ordered mine in early spring 2018, and it was fine.
  12. I can confirm the pa10 18 inch .308 really likes the 168 grain projectiles. I have been using Hornady 168 grain stock#305016 for precision target shooting. For taking game, the barnes triple shock X 168 grain bullets would be an excellent choice. Both of these are not the most economical, but they are very accurate and the PA10 likes them.
  13. I have extremely good accuracy already with 62 grain fmj. cheap to load as well.
  14. one note on the PSA stainless barrels that have become common the past few years. Both my ar15 and PA10 have the stainless barrels. Both of them shoot horrifically bad groups with factory ammo, but both also shoot incredibly well with my loads made specifically for them. I find they both really shoot best with heavier bullets. 62 or 77 grain on the ar15, and 168 grain on the PA10.... The ar15 is a 1:8 twist, and the pa10 is 1:10 twist That characteristic of the PSA stainless barrels may be the root cause of the poor accuracy claims. For a person who loads their own ammo it's not a problem at all. If your a store ammo only person it's something to consider.
  15. I was able to get my PA10 gen 2 running perfectly with the help of folks here. I built mine up from parts however, so I was faced with knowing the PA10 gen2 was a completely proprietary weapon, and to make matters more challenging, PSA sells all the parts on their website, but they have zero information or guide to help someone piece it all together. To add insult to injury, they have parts on their website which are clearly labeled PA10, but it's not apparent if they were originally meant for gen1 or gen2, adding to the confusion. Their solution to the lower parts kit is a standard ar15 lower parts kit, along with a handful of components specific to the PA10, or a PA10 lower parts kit which is 4 pieces, then you still needed to order an ar15 lower parts kit as well. Next up is the whole buffer tube / spring / buffer conundrum, full complete rifles from them coming with incorrect buffer parts leading to the action not cycling properly, bolt carrier making destructive contact with the rear of the receiver, it was quite a mess to navigate through. After getting mine together and working properly, it really is a fantastic gun for the money invested. It's a shame that it isn't a straight up flawless runner out of the box for a good percentage of buyers. There is a lot of potential in it, but like others have pointed out, it's a mixed bag as of right now. You could be good to go, or not. If you feel confident in being able to sort it out, it's a great deal of gun for the little money invested.
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