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  1. Ok, good to know. Thanks 98. I will feel more confident now and lucky. My brother gave me a case of those Federals and only 300 cci200s. He had them sitting around for nearly 13 years and he never set up a station. I will try to burn up those and save the precious cci for him if he ever decides to reclaim his stock. On another note. I was witness to an old modified 2 position safety Mauser action misfire on a friends 30-06 When this person flipped the safety from the near vertical “Full” position to the fire position, it fired. A shock to her. Then I took the gun and pointed it safely at the target, loaded a round flipped the safety on. Then without pulling the trigger, flipped safety off and Bam! Someone may have filed some of the parts improperly. I took it to a local guy and he fixed it up for me, putting a different safety lever on the right hand side instead, and installed a new Timney Trigger. No matter what kind of gun, I learned to keep that sucker pointed always in safe direction for sure. I will keep that in mind when using these possible “soft” primers, or any primer for that matter.
  2. PS. I just looked and saw a slamfire thread here, with someone using Federal 210m Primers, and people said it should not be a concern. Champion Primers are 210s? I will try those same tests that the other Slamfire Author did, to see if the primers leave a small dimple on a slamming bolt on a round in the chamber, for the heck of it. I also have a heavy buffer and powerful spring.
  3. Hello Guys and Maybe a Gal or two I’ve read a few places of Federal Primers being too soft for SemiAuto Lr-308s. I have access to some Federal Champion Primers. Will these work especially if I always load the rounds from the clip... Or will there be a slight chance of Slam fire using these Primers? I am going to start learning to reload, especially if I ever get a 7mm-08 barrel to make a second build with or a 6.5 Creed. Seeing BeltFeds ammo price Shock makes me hesitate for sure on those calibers for a second build. May just have to reload for fun instead for a while. Sincerely, The Dust that Will not Bust
  4. I took some pictures, one side’s gap is a little more than the other. The biggest gaps are at my radius points, but then on the verticals it is back to nearly snug.
  5. My upper and lower purchased from the same company were pretty snug but with a hairline gap with the rear takedown pin in. Now that I’ve shot it more than 300 times, there is a little more gap near the back and even more sideways wiggle from the front pivot pin. I suppose the Cerakote is slowly wearing. I am not too worried about it since the scope is rock solid with the barrel and the upper. I suppose eventually I will try to shim the top part of the takedown pin hole on the lower with some thin epoxy or something to force the pin lower. Or a dab of epoxy on the lower side of the hole in the upper. From memory I bet my gap if spread open is at most 1/32”=.03125” at the rearmost. That’s way less than your .1 max. I will confirm tonight for the heck of it. The thing that bugs me about things loosening up is the sideways rotation on the front pivot pin, which causes the rear hole of the upper to sometimes miss the slot as I’m closing the halves after having them pivoted open. I have to not just blindly close the halves when the gun is on its side. Not that big of a deal for now.
  6. I wish I could have ordered the tuner Brake with the right length threads. I’ve shot through it already, 40 rounds, and it seemed fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but I just got to thinking about gunk and debris hanging out there every time I cleaned the rifle. Build up of brass shavings likes to accumulate in the lugged chamber area of the barrel, so maybe it will clog up the front also. I bought these speedy little lug sponges, and an air compressor can blast the stuff out too. Im experimenting and still learning about it all. My older brother said he’d give me his unopened new rockchucker... I eventually will be trying to reload abit. I have 8 jugs of powder and a whopping 200 primers. Tuning my bullet loads will be the ultimate proper way to get the rifle to shoot well. The front end of this barrel will nicely become lighter as I shuck Ol Harrels Tuner!
  7. Two snapshots here, Crown and most of the inside of the Comb_nut_wash, and then of the shaped washer and the start of the muzzle device shaft. With this stuff inside the device, I have gotten rid of a huge void and expansion chamber which maybe would just collect more dirt and debris and change the flow of gases. Don’t know if it was worth doing or not. I either am going to use a bit of blue loctite which I have or rockset which I’d have to order. For now I’m going to leave the thing attached.
  8. Looks like wmv wont work, have to convert it to this phones format
  9. I have two PNG pictures a WMV movie and a JPEG to try and upload. First I will upload the HandDrawn JPEG. It shows the crown of the barrel, the bore, the outline of the Combo Nut-Washer I ground to fit the crown and the inside of the extra threads of the TunerBrake. It also shows the extra filler washer.
  10. Congrats Mustache. Before I baked my 6066-T6 aluminum upper, and froze my 416R steel barrel, I tried to do the math on the thermal expansion/contraction of those materials. I think you find the thermal expansion Coefficient, multiply it with the Change in Temp, and multiply that with the number of interest( diameter). I believe Most of the help in mating the two is due to the growing of the aluminum, with a teanie, Tiny, bit of help of shrinkage of the steel (almost negligible). It’s a friggen sick feeling to try and put the ol Faxon Barrel into the hole, before Temperature Therapy, and it only goes in a painfully tight 1/16” of an inch, rubbing off the Teflon. I’m sure you felt the same shock. Happy results. When your all done @mustachexpress let us know how that Barrel and you shoot.
  11. Ok. Tomorrow I will take it off, for the dual purpose of putting some blue thread locker on it and will take pictures of the two filler things I made and of the borescope pictures. One other note about this spiral Brake is that it does indeed send dust and debris flying when shooting prone. I wish Harrels had sold a version with side ports only but they only have that for 5.56. I’ll add some picture tomorrow
  12. Update: Spiral Muzzle/Brake Tuner from Harrels definetely does reduce recoil more than my cheap KaK compensator. Noticed it after my first shot. Then, as I got used to it, I guess I didn’t feel anymore that it kept the kick from happening, but I think the barrel flung around less after each shot. I fiddled with some of the Settings.. but then ran out of ammo (40). Didn’t see huge changes between the four different adjustments I did to the movable collar weights. They act as a lock Nuts against eachother. After five shots, they tended to loosen up despite having been tightened as hard as my hand strength could manage. Gonna have to come up with a solution to that beside using channel locks. One other thing I noticed, which others across the world have also noticed about muzzle devices of various sorts, is the fact that some devices threads are longer than the barrel threads; to accommodate different barrel length threads of all sorts. With my new Brake Tuner, there was almost 1/4” of void after the barrel crown to the end of the Brake threads and the start of the Brake. Not sure if this causes problems or is negligible to the shot gasses, but bugged me a bit. One solution of course would be to grind off the excess length of the Brake. I opted to just fill the void with carefully a crafted washer and once of those nuts with a washer built in. I drilled the nut with a 11/32 bit, giving me an inside diameter >.002 bigger than .308. I shaved down the corners of that nut-washer and the nut fit into my recessed flat barrel crown. This nearly filled the void but another washer ground to the right dimensions and shape fit tight against the Brake almost perfectly reducing the void. I screwed the Brake back on and torqued it as tight as I could, and sent the borescope down to confirm the fit. I hole powder residue will fill the small connections and the gas will now I hope will have a more streamlined exit towards the ports. I’ll keep a wary eye on the Brake. A little lock tight might save me from having the brake loose up, a washer or nut tilting , and my head getting blown off with a muzzle that explodes. I’ve shot more the 300 rounds with this new gun, and probably will have to shoot at least a hundred more just to fiddle with this tuner to see if it helps my shooting any using non-worked up loads. My shooting technique is something I also need to Greatly improve. Holding the trigger after each shot, squeezing ever so slowly, etc. Maybe( probably) all this time shooter error is a huge factor in the wide groupings I get with this gun. It may be way more less forgiving than my 30-06 bolt action. Stay Tuned: no pun intended, I might see no good changes with this thing and toss it into the recycle bin.
  13. I have the exact same barrel and just like jTallen says, HEAT. I did it different than the video, I haven’t watched it yet. I put my receiver in oven on some bricks at about 300?degrees after I put my Barrel in the freezer the previous night. Then after about 20 minutes in the oven, I quickly smeared some barrel grease on it and the two slid right together. I gentle tap with a board and a hammer on the back of the receiver made it seat completely the last 1/8 inch. Sweet thermal fit. Eye ball the feed ramps and make sure you like that alignment before it all gets normal temp again. My receiver was also smaller inner diameter than the barrel extension outer diameter. Faxon seems to do it that way.
  14. Well, the barrel might say Heavy in its description, but it only weighs 2.2 lbs and looks kinda thin to me. The compensator I had didn’t seem to be keeping the barrel tip down, so I doubt this “Brake” will have that much extra loudness or effect, the holes are bigger but they aren’t huge side ports like the other brakes one sees. I’ll give you guys a report, I looked in the mailbox and the Tuner Brake was there.
  15. Will Do... The same day I tested a new scope on my Lr-308, which did not yield better results, I shot a three shot group with my 30-06, all three shots touching eachother at 100. Granted, those bullets happened to be reloads using Hornady SST bullets. It was just random, unworked up powder in those cases though. The barrel of my 30-06 or its bedding or something just seems to like anything, much more than my LR. We will see if I can fool my LR’s Barrel into liking the loads I have for it, with a tuner, better than it has been. So far it’s been my ugly duckling rifle that I Love since it’s birth but it can’t hit or I can’t hit with it the broadside of the barn.
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