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  1. https://youtu.be/bO2lApmrCF8
  2. this whole situation has absolutely nothing to do with the PO delivering items late , it has everything to do with the sellers actions , of course i know the PO delivers late , loses packages ,the thing that made this whole deal unseemly was he was in contact saying it had not arrived yet cashed it the day after i emailed copies of the forms and receipts for the trace and never to contact again leaving me wondering what was going on i personally would never leave someone hanging like that after going through al of that , but to cash the day after the docs were provided seems too coincidental , the cutting all communication seems like the true nature of the seller seeping through
  3. i do not see how the seller could feel i was jerking him around at all , i was in contact , scanned and provided him with the documents to prove i was doing everything i could , if the PO reimbursed me i would have resent the MO , why cut off all communication and cash the MO the next day after i sent the docs to prove the trace was being conducted im not twisted , no piss in my cheerios , i just cant deal with stupid , if the fella that discounted this as i am merely grasping at straws and am reaching ,cant see something is wrong with the sellers behavior in how he left me hanging , then no i want no dealings with that person 30k post count or not ,because if the seller actually received the MO on the 4th in order to cash on the 5th he should have , I WOULD HAVE emailed the buyer to let them know all is good it had finally arrived
  4. ordered today , 5 - 10 days for delivery
  5. so to be clear , if you had just been through all of that with a buyer of yours , dealing with it since (had to look it up) 9/12/21 , and then miraculously the MO happens to show up the same day they send the docs of the MO trace to you ,you then cash it the next day ,thats when you choose to cut all communication , by that i mean , NOT tell me it finally arrived , NOT tell me the hand guard shipped , NOT answer a total of 5 emails from me trying to get this resolved , no email saying "yup the post mark clearly says 9/1321 , glad it worked out" , instead thats your cue to simply to stop all communication at week 3 with "no it has not arrived yet" whats your GB handle because i want to block you if thats the case because id rather not have any dealings you
  6. here is my most recent GB experience ,,, had a chicom lower AKS handguard , found a upper on GB reasonably priced for todays standards anyway , pulled the trigger on it so i would have a set laying in wait for just in case because the prices are getting more ridiculous by the day only accepted MO so i sent the money order the next day ,with shipping and tax it came out to just under $75 bucks , any MO under $100 i do not spend extra on shipping for tracking 2 weeks go by and i contact to see if it arrived , only going from WV to Ga , he says no , gave it another week he says no , i told him im not buying another MO so we will give it one more week , thats a month from Wv to Ga , if it doesn't show i will pay the $6 and trace the MO , another week and he says no MO i go to the PO and pay to trace the MO , that was Oct 4 , i scanned the docs and receipts and sent him PDF copies so he knows "Im" not running a game , a week goes by i get a letter from PO saying that they are conducting the trace ,if they find it they will let me know it was cashed , if they can not find it that means it has not been cashed i will be refunded within 10 days , so i contact him letting him know , no response , on the 7th of Oct , 3 days after i sent him the docs i get the handguard , email him asking whats up did he get the MO , no response , now he will not even communicate , yesterday i get a letter with a copy of the front and back of my MO , stamp on the MO says it was cashed on the 5th ,one day after i sent him the docs for the MO trace i got my handguard , it was what i wanted and was what he sad it was , chicom wood is very distinct , so thats the good , but everything played out way too coincidental for me like he was fishing for a second MO , when he realized it wasnt happening he gave in
  7. thanks , i am pretty proud of this rescue , im not one for refinishing old guns , this one was in production from 1936 - 1945 , but there is a point where they are so far gone you cant hurt them by refinishing , that was the case here
  8. micmacman

    battle damage

    i purchased over 200 of these about 20-25 years ago , and these two were among them , they are pre WW1 German Gewehr 88 rifles , also known as Commission rifles , Gew 88's , chambered in 8mm the one pic was some time later after i dwindled the pile down , the second pic the bullet seems to have traveled to the chamber or breech locking the bolt , the head snapped off and is still in there , ive long since cleaned them up to be presentable but left the damage in tact as much as possible , the last pics are a rife the actually penetrated the barrel , when sighting the bore you can see daylight through it those undies are throw aways
  9. i have CCI Blazer .22 ammo i like allot , never considered blazer as junk ammo , never tried the 9mm stuff
  10. wow , im just the opposite of you , i cant put a gun to sleep without cleaning it , not to say it will not sit on the bench for 2 or 3 days until i can get to it ,but it doesnt go back in the safe until i clean and oil here is why , i have a early 416 code Poly AKS bought decades ago , i shot it and and put it away , shot it some more put it away , continued then moved on to a new rifle or something , but the next time i pulled it out it was covered in rust , to this day that rust reoccurs on that rifle no matter if i put it to sleep oiled heavy or not , little rust here , there and couple decades later it has light pitting , once rust takes hold ,you can knock it back all you want , there will be no stopping it beyond a full strip down and refinish , that rifle is living proof , the ammo was suppose to be non corrosive , not sure if the primers were and thats where it came from , but it was enough to make a grown man cry , chrome lined bore so all good there , but to make matters worse it is a rare double import marked rifle , it carries the import Kengs , and RAI both , no idea why
  11. if i can get this to work out to 300 yds like everyone that reviewed it says they are getting im happy ,even though a .243 is effective out to 500 + i do not really need anything beyond 300 because that would mean im shooting through brush and polymer tipped .243 does not like that
  12. well my experience hasnt been without its bumps and bruises , it wouldnt cycle , they gave me a grocery list of things to try ,and about $500 worth of ammo later ,thats $500 pre panic prices later , i finally very directly explained my displeasure the need to spend north of $500 to break in a $1800 rifle one single shot at a time and they did what they should have done much earlier which was send it back , the opened the gas port up and it seems to be the rifle i was expecting when i purchased it a year ago , ive only run a few mags through it since getting it back but again it appears it was under gassed all along work has been crazy and always is this time of year on top of preparing for winter i just havnt had any free time to really test it , but it did run all 3 mags flawlessly
  13. dont know if its adjustable , will drag it out this weekend and tinker with it some more
  14. ahhh ok ,thanks , i will have to find time to take care of that
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