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  1. just finished the .40 upper and the kaw vally gear is nice but kinda slips in alingment.. the barrel nut and hg nut are separate. so you have to use a ( gas tube alingment pin) then torque the barrel.. i find the alingment pin is ok for the gas but not the hg part.. when under tourqe speks. its loose fit in my areo upper. some slack.. so the finale barrel / hg torqued is to much for the aliingment pin.. minor issues. I run my sights off the upper, not the hg. barrel is snugged tight as well as the md. picked up some glock 22 /22 round mags x4 and have bushell trs25 red dot coming.. fun and games!
  2. had decent results with the wally run of zqi. best cheep chance results we got at 100''' was 3" group's on a bad day. have plenty of reloading brass from this.
  3. they call the red hang up button the "hater button. "
  4. can't wait for you to get beefier tires!
  5. 4/20 kids forget about Columbine. muddy waters. dont remind them ...
  6. ^^^ 🍻 beers for dad! cake is for kids!
  7. who you calling little... oohh yeah the pistol! 😂 "little pew pew" so the girls will like it like I do! note the cci/speer 115gn ammo is pretty dirty. leaves a lot of lead on the fingers and carbon (ash like floating black flakes) flows freely from the gun while shooting. eye pro is recommended with the blow back system! BadAss fun for sure!
  8. ^^^ Hell of a deal! my bro finished his fde 9mm so i had a half day to hit the range with him to test and site in. Bro has 2 glock mags, his pistol ran perfectly! on to my kci mags. Had feeding issues to figure out. ( same outcome in bros build) so i flipped the top round strait up in the lips and pulled it 90* out to the left, which gave just enough spread to run all 4 mags with no problems! we were both smiling 🎯 .40 parts are in today so on to the next one. 15"' targets and so fun to shoot! almost 1k through it now.
  9. nerf guns are the new bb gun projos. snowflakes.
  10. 6" barrel is sexy to the ladies..
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