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    1-1/2 times fook all is still fook all!
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  1. sketch

    Joke of the day

    good stuff MM 😂
  2. sketch


  3. sketch

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    taking shape nicely!
  4. sketch

    Beachin Tactical Sling Porn!

    job well done!
  5. sketch

    Range Report

    table of cabin fever relief right there!
  6. sketch

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    I started with the dry and it worked fine. dont rember any clogs in the case, but it could happen. stainless pins in a primer pocket ive had and still not a problem to get loose. the brass is ten times cleaner in my opinion. I get excited when i have a pile of shiny brass! I do rember having 9mm stuck in .45 alot with the dry. id recomend sorting in either aplication.
  7. sketch


    nice beef!
  8. sketch

    I cant shoot left handed

    funny i tried left hand today as my rotator cuff in my right shoulder is so painful to shoot after reagular pratice on the rifle.. i can barly hold my arm up and extended for a full 7 rnds. I did pretty good with the .22 and a red dot, but i was trying so hard to pull the trigger with the left hand.. I need lots of pratice! 15 yds and a 5" group with a red dot. supported or not. right eye only. hope you can get more time on the range before you need it blue! Is this a timed qual?
  9. sketch

    What did do today on your loading bench !

    might i sugest a wet tumbler. its the cats pjamas! this is what i have but you should find it in the 150$ range when on sale, or less... Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 7L Rotary Tumbler and Media Separator for Cleaning and Polishing for Reloading https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HTN4R6O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_5PJACbYXFTQ20
  10. sketch

    WTB - Empty American Gunner boxes

    got a pic of the box? maybe a size description.? im interested in the project... is this ammo specific?
  11. sketch

    Another new guy from Washington

    Wa state is catching up in numbers.. here on the site! usta be all az. and a few others but our numbers are growing as fast as our laws are closing!? Ill flip the lights off when its a done deal, but wait for it!
  12. sketch

    Another new guy from Washington

    welcome from Wa brother. Thank you for your services! enjoy your new adventures and many projects! Your a few hours from Areo, also a prefered vendor.