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  1. shits is contagious:
  2. Thanks JT !
  3. I hate skunks after fucking yellow jackets! I batteled a family of skunks under a rental house i was renting for 3 months. The babies are assholes! I got sent home from work a few times because my clothes stunk so bad. I stayed up many nights on the porch waiting for the basterds with two bbguns in hand..
  4. haha yeah rapid fire a 458! that group will open up at point blank did the pad help with felt recoil to the sholder or just lop?
  5. what distance have you shot with the can on?
  6. super black pen bro!?
  7. damn you went straight over that shits! what kinda speed were running? thats impressive " gator glide"..
  8. way to go farkle!
  9. so my bro is a knife guy! he did work to get me a medford folder clone. its a beast on purpose! not an edc but might work as a primary edc for the chopper camper. its a stout compact knife! ill beat it properly and report back..
  10. sound might change due to shooter position ( distance) from the face of the window. I havent seen much video of muzzel flash and some vid said there was dope on the note on the cofee table?
  11. yeah last time i reloaded i had a s ton of it and asked my shooting partner to stop buying that brand..
  12. +1 what mags are you using?
  13. yep your hooked! nice! bank some ammo!
  14. same here..