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  1. Canopy in matching leadfoot grey is in. 🍻🍻
  2. Oh no problems I can't fix brother. Its only 💰 thanks man!
  3. Not a bad idea. I think some moisture is coming in from the bottom as its open to the air.
  4. Minor issues probably due to weather. My control panel is the worst in 2 years but easly replaced. @DNP
  5. Thats heart felt right there.. forward!
  6. Dont confuse with El Chopracobre the aldult version this was a pup.
  7. Shhh, ask tom the last night of 2017. He and I were all that were stirring except.. EL CHUCABRE. We saved the whole camp from being ripped to bits without firing a single shot. We stared down the beast, eye to eye. He totally pushed me forward at my back. We stared down the beast for what was eternity.. and than it vanished! I poop you not as Tom was my witness.
  8. Gmg is in my mind a jeep.. its my smoker and it has many problems but these are my problems .
  9. Im the one you restalk for.. R2 is #2 🤣🍻🍻 unless he's with unforgiven then its a good night to be seen!??
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