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  1. desert 2017????
  2. how much heat does a barrel nut get? just sayin.. my opinion is the long run factor, i think you are doing a good job with what you have to work with and im no expert. i like it simple, less cutting is more to work with.. as i think about it a gas tube would be eaiser/ cheeper to replace.. my .02
  3. why not just slightly bend the gas tube.. if you move the barrelnut on and off again it will be yet another thing to try to line up and may the tourque gods be with you.. just reading your last thread maybe i missed something in the process.. i had to bend a gas tube "just" on a build and it has been reassembled three times.. shoots as expected! just a fraction to clear! my .02
  4. welcome aboard. the psa is a deal today.. i dont have one nore want one but they seem to work and todays deal on the upper and lower are tempting!
  5. this was a few minutes past and the deer were playing in the sreets. 2nd pic was the hole in cardboard trick for my youngest at home. i saw about 85% coverage where im at up north.
  6. Wont sit back if shits gets real. The leos deal with everything and protect us everyday. I honor those that do this job and hope they can survive dailey! sad to hear americans can stoop even lower as to take the life of another that strives to keep the public safe. sad times. Watch your ass leo's! make it home!
  7. hahaha learn something new every day! you dog !
  8. hahaha i love that story!!
  9. finished product.. sooo gooood!!
  10. just to wet your tounge.. fresh dungees for dinner the percks of fixing dudes house and the gf is cracking and making the cakes!! Damn right today was a good 9 hour day! Im kicking back and swizilin brew!!🍺
  11. no pressure... haha pics or it didnt happen
  12. robo has a twin getting ready for the dessert..
  13. thats the next level but im willing to learn! on level zero😐.. i have some med training from work but its far fetched from stress.. and if wounded mind set is not as clear as duct tape.. but ill give it a shot.
  14. 7 days delivered !! good packaging will buy again!