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  1. I'll be there.. my challenge is with a red dot. Looks implausible. 🍻🍻
  2. I'd advise not to add sights to a gas block even if designed for the pic rail height.
  3. Recently went and looked at a new pair (3 years +inflation) they want 80$ more and 4 lazy sombitches had to pause there chat to ask if I needed help.. I replied no but you will. See ya!
  4. We can handle that with our bare hands.
  5. I you tubed my first build and then bought the proper tools. The ffl might be the way to go and not have spend the tool $
  6. Been following since this am glad one is done.
  7. sketch


    You guys gotta get a good knife! Takes little effort and cuts like butter.
  8. sketch


    3.5 lbs Bottom round roast beef (6:99$) is fantastic! Oil and rub/ season/ insert garlic cloves, overnight. Bring to room temp. Grill at 195/200 for 2.5 hours wrap in tin foil with overnight juices.. return to heat for temp 135' let rest for 1 hour in a cooler.. and I will never buy roast beef at the store again. 1/2 $ done at home and way gooder! French dip!
  9. Any trans action might get you noticed but we don't know what you do you or judge.
  10. Did it start the bank convoy with prince rupert?
  11. It was all ass umed trans actions.. Set and match . I'm 👎
  12. True^ but it wasn't the cash it was the girl trans. Action.
  13. Right? I don't know but..
  14. Inorder for this to transpire I need blankes. The web site is nill,, so a die set for 308 blankes that fit the mold will set this rule 65b off ! Links apriciated..
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