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  1. found my mt. range at 1690"' gotta start somewhere ! range is left of pic..🍻
  2. nice stick bro!🍻🍻
  3. sketch

    Fire season again

    maybe so but aslong as we pack a diet coke ration we are saved.. πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  4. sketch


    after brine/ rince pre smoke.. and the 4 hr low and slow temp 125/132* I think it was good but a fisherman's daughter says it's fishy.. well da!🀣🍻 top fillet is garlic and pepper , lower is the same with some creole ( heat) . add in some club crackers with cream cheese and top with smoked salmon. delicious!! I don't think you would want to eat this fish any other way.. pre frozen. Im gonna have to do work and catch a fresh one.
  5. seriously used this camping .. we camp high ground above the river but to fish we leave camp and gear free for any to enter and pillage. I use fishing line across the main road and I can hear the blank on the river 100 yds away. Last summer we had a dude cutting through our yard behind the house. sameshit set up the mine to the fence and fishing line. he stopped tresspasssing after the 2nd time! I have one screwed to the bed of my truck with copper wire tied to my equipment. πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. im busy buying off the shelves while im at work shh ! I grabbed up the 240gn and 250gn ppu to do break in and scope sight in. 100 rnds of nosler 300gn for final long range $$
  7. Hi im sketch.. I got my start back in 2016 bro! you're help on 300blk is gold. I've done a couple thousand rounds of .223 that im saving for special occasions. pistol loads in .45 .380 and in between. im good to go bro. just the recent purchase of 338 and highammo price I want to save a buck$ on ammo? I havent loaded 308 yet because I bulked buy on good shits when I joined. sillyπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ yeah so I bought 300 rnds of 338lpm. ughh! need relode components? I'm not sure if my press will handle 338?
  8. nice !!πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  9. Ill try to remember that lol!
  10. Thank you! @Lonewolf McQuade
  11. sketch


    Gf got some shity salmon from the store ( pre frozen) soo time to give the smoker a go and make something out of mush.. brine tonight in brown sugar salt pepper. Tomorrow rince and rest room temp for 2 hours. Low and slow for 2-4 hours hope I can save the fish? 🍻🍻 Or totally f it up! pic of finished product tomorrow.
  12. sketch

    Fire season again

    The last week has been pretty hazy and hard on the lungs.. today was probably the worst when the sun is red! I throw my steak in a pan and put it on the front porch to smoke , who needs a gmg 😷🍻 hope everyone is safe from the shitstorms these days.
  13. So a while back when I first started reloading ( the first ammo scare) my shooting partner grabbed up 3 lbs of Imr 7828.. but one canister is ssc (super short cut) ?? Im looking for 338lpm recipes and see the regular loads but not sure how the ssc works or is it the same weight ratios? Help.🍻
  14. same reason my gf calls me tripod. 🍻
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