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    1-1/2 times fook all is still fook all!
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  1. sketch

    Pictures of Cars !

    wash you got any racing vids out there of your boating years? that kia is sick! char and yourself are gonna make black tracks in the driveway! i love hitting the garage sideways in the snow. freaks the girls out👍😈
  2. sketch

    Moving forward

    damn bro this is looking very interesting! great ideas!!
  3. sketch

    Joke of the day

    hahahaha! a retail store.
  4. sketch

    Pictures of Cars !

    i put on headphones!! holy shits
  5. sketch

    hunger at work

    his head/ mind shouldn't count but i digress im just a lil guy. but i got feelings too... lol!
  6. sketch

    Robo's Magpul Bipod Sale

    you called it bro! !!!!!🤣
  7. sketch


    that cat looks like you took his share! i bet he sleeps on your head tonight? good lookin chicken.
  8. sketch

    Joke of the day

    what store does a dog go to after its tail is removed?
  9. sketch

    hunger at work

    i usta pack a propane grill to work and have brats or burgers and feed the crew. problem was they would fall asleep after and not want to work..
  10. sketch


    thats a tasty lookin meal sisco!
  11. sketch

    NM training camp

    no one is giving the locals that poped there ballon a nod. a neighbor called in gun shots frommmm a desert. closet door not opened or its perfectly shut down. interview the neighbor that called it in. fbi dosnt follow through on a wim right? g damit.. it wasnt russia! let em go.
  12. sketch

    Pictures of Cars !

    the more i see it the more i want to wait and see who drives it?
  13. sketch

    Pictures of Cars !

    not mine bro its at the hardware store once in awhile. its got some rust but its really straight lookin.
  14. sketch

    Carbon Fiber M14 Hand Guard

    great work ss!