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    1-1/2 times fook all is still fook all!
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  1. oh shits i gotta find a way to launch that comment at work! pc makes it harder these days, but thats almost ok..😂
  2. sketch


    i have a rack of beef ribs sitting in the fridge waiting to be grilled and i hear the family wants to go out for father's day.. who are these people?
  3. sketch


    you forgot the bacon..shame! looks delicious!
  4. first part is acknowledging you have a problem..
  5. sig brace for the .40 cal recieved and a 2$ hat from PA. 👍
  6. not a dig on ray but cali left out the cancer products.. weak ass!?
  7. 🤗 hahaha I did warn everyone! its a top 5 in my safe! I admit It doesn't come out to often.
  8. sweet pain! You like it even though its painfull.
  9. touche the vet is on 10mm with a vengeance.. I have to find the time but mikey has the resources. It shall be done .. dont cry for me. suckers!😈
  10. damn rabbit hole got me again..thanks for this boot! ?
  11. thats looks fun! couple d60's or a 100 rnd mags would do!
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