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  1. shits some kids are over rated.. whats the time frame on this auction.. im in a 3 week low but still in come xmas?
  2. at his age he's talking gummers .. all do respect. 😵
  3. wow!! that is not bad for an angry monkey with a wrench! He got some skillz. Truck needs some tiger stripes😁🍻🍻
  4. vortex/primary arms.. db has come along way but I'd give them a step back from dpms.. There is alot you can upgrade in either, so thank you for not making another psa thread!
  5. dude had a ring cut off at the local fdp but he didn't get the x ray for a couple weeks. even I said thatd be messed up...
  6. lol not my finger but the ring is to stop the blood so Dr. can work and take pics. apparently he likes to take pics of his work 🍻
  7. well shits the vet fubared his finger for 98! gotcha !! I did damn neer the same to my middle finger this last weekend. got stiffed in the middle finger by a heavy railroad tie. he is out for 4 + weeks from the gun range? I hope to do some xmas gift training with him but were pretty banged up. his finger pic inbound!
  8. sketch

    Sick Doggie

    dogs are unreplaceable! I hope you're buddy has a swift recovery! I just bonded with my puppy tonight.. tugofwar👍
  9. I bought the real deal at my lgs and had them laminated.. they last longer!
  10. sketch

    The line up

    hahaha a pearl necklaces bought and cost more in the long run. its cloudy and 25* im comfortable.. cant see squat.
  11. sketch

    The line up

    holding my pillow tight as the wind and clouds pass bye..
  12. sketch


    welcome to endless knowledge and experience.. first thing to know about you is your intention for the rifle, also what is your experience.. can you build your rifle cheaper than the one you want to upgrade off the shelf? like a bathroom or kitchen remodel you have to always have a budget$$ start there and many members here will save you heartache and $!
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