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  1. What did do today on your loading bench !

    first bucket cleaned. im loving this shiney brass!
  2. Pic Of The Day 2

    HA! good one mac!
  3. The Wall

    way up north they have a ditch in some areas.. and nothing saying its a boundry. monitored by sizmec and cameras. bp sits in his suv all day and waits for a call.. ive herd of a few jeep trails on the east side that are serious jeep trails but can be done. the few illeagels ive met say they fly to canada and walk across.. i believe both borders should be reinforced!
  4. The Wall

    and its hot as fook on that border!
  5. The Wall

    30 ft is a daunting task nun the less. The wall needs to (mame) persuade anything and anyone going over it.. sharp edge on top. then a back up like razor wire net on the back side for effect.. so i guess a mine feild is out or it would be done?πŸ˜ˆπŸ’£ giant boulders will break a leg if your moving to fast.. i plan on lining my fence with 4-6" quarrey cobbles (on the outside) to keep the dog shits out of my lawnmower and dieter tagers from taging my fence. 4' buffer from the sidewalk. my experience is skunk related..i need a fence!
  6. Rock River LAR8

    hit and miss.. @Robocop1051 ask badger ordanance? thats all that popped up in my search.. sorry i cant be more help?
  7. Aero build

  8. Joke of the day

  9. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    im guessing they will with love from Russia!
  10. What did do today on your loading bench !

    not at the bench yet but not wasting time on my ass trying to recover the leg.. 8lbs per bucket and then sum.. id guess 40 lbs of .45 deprimed ready to tumble..πŸ‘gonna be a hefty bill to reload all that!
  11. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    a flip answer.. emp would wound our troops in shithole countries...
  12. New here and a couple questions..

    my 2 cents dpms would be easier to find.. but many here are great enablers abroad! and slightly cheeper? Are you capable of swaping parts yourself or know a gunsmith?
  13. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    and from the vet thank you! we will celebrate in your honor..and shared misery!
  14. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    well i guess thanks for spending my $ is in order!