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  1. Your kids are all grown up I see. Legend! You taught them the cannedchicken dance ?
  2. This is what started full30 a while back? Where is it now?
  3. Best defense is shits your pants and hope you ate something that would make him think twice 😏
  4. You could just buy some Remington hollow point crap 300BLK, but I would not use this ammo with a can. I have a post somewhere about this ammo. What is going on here?
  5. I have a sylvan arms also (possibly 2) and it is not worth the money. The aluminum is weak, and does not keep the lock stalk from folding under sling tension. Tested for 6 months. Or less.
  6. My bro had a full chicken ad6ed the other day.. I gave him some critter getter for in town use. Hope he don't shoot me in my ass. 🍊😆
  7. You could have either one. Neither is short. Ammo is in your area. Available or not? Practice with what you have. R u buying a complete rife or parts.?
  8. To address the actual as I re read, you have to give a significant pull to remove the plunger. I've had zero problems with this kit on a hike in a backpack.
  9. I have one on a 308 and the hinge will pop you in the lip if not shouldered properly. ( right handed and shortest lop) They work for me.
  10. Dropped some gift dollars on a goober.. Gerber strong-arm fixed blade. Coyote. Where to start? I have this blade for" just now in my hands reviewing" and the there is a stressful day on my mind. Work sucks! I herd my gate open and then a package thrown on my stoop. Wtf ups ! I get my knife in a box. In a bag. To the knife. This knife grip feels like it's coted in a soap or silicone texture (like atlas gloves when new and wet) but fits in the hand as a slim grip. Hope the grip gets more grippy after use. It has 2 features a full tang and the sheeth. The blade won't pop hair but is sharp ish. Thick enough to beat on The best part of this is the size and the sheeth. Compared to the Hogue size it works well on a rig in front but what is 1" over a dull blade. The sheeth is hard plastic? But retention is tops! I can't shake it loose yet. If the hogue had the sheeth options, it's a no question. But the hogue is still a better option. I give it a 4 out of 10 my new scale. Wait 5 years for the scale to weigh..
  11. 😄 🤣 😂 psa 308 love and hate relationship. 🍻🍻
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