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Everything posted by louu

  1. I got these in the mail today, a bakers dozen lower receivers. Im an FFL so I always get cool poop in the mail
  2. Yup, looks like PV has them in stock pretty cheap. Thanks
  3. Looking for a 1000 head box of something at or above 150 grains. I was shooting the nosler 168 custom competition but the price just went wayy up. My ar10 is just a fun gun so I don't care if the bullets are not that great.
  4. Thanks bud No idea man, this is kinda my junk gun. It's the only ar style rifle that I bought already put together. I had a few stuck cases when I first got it so I used dychem on the rounds and found a few that were fat on the bottom. The small base die fixed the problem.
  5. Looking for a good but cheap copy of the radian/noveske charging handle. I'll probably just end up spending the money though
  6. I only need to use a small base die on 308 and only for my ar10 witch is the springfield. I guess it has a tight chamber. I do my brass prep on a progressive just using two dies, the normal Lee FL size deacpper followed by a RCBS small bars die. I use the homemade brass lube, 1:10 lanolin and 99‰ alcohol. Then I tumble, primer pocket, trim and load
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