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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun
  1. In Wisconsin you can deer, wolf, and black bear hunt with .22 Cal as long as it isn't rimfire. and if it has the energy it says it will, then it should be a nice close to medium range hunting round. problem is I have only found target bullets that would work for .224 valkryie, no hunting bullets.
  2. Liberals: "the guns made the knives and fists do it"
  3. Yeah... I might be a little fanatical. lol. but I don't think you can really beat the performance of a CZ for its price. are there better pistols out there? hell yeah, but you're gonna be paying more. And plenty of upgrades for CZs too. Come on up, I'll let you shoot mine if you bring the ammo. :P
  4. If shepp is like most other Wisconsinites, he drinks cheap beer out of a can. lol
  5. But the law says weed is bad!
  6. Yeah and I like the look with that better. idk about feel though.
  7. I don't get out much, so I don't know these things. lol
  8. https://fieldjournals.com/2017/10/06/the-ar-15s-creedmoor-224-valkyrie-vs-22-nosler-and-6-5-grendel-modern-intermediate-calibers-025/ The charts are just projections off of the case model... but if actual performance comes close to this, it will be a very impressive round indeed. I am interested to see some more data and how this caliber progresses. using 6.8 cases is a nice plus also.
  9. Ok, thanks for the heads up because I have been thinking this will be my next pistol after finishing my build. I am usually a huge fan of thumb safeties for single action... but not sure I would need or want one in a striker fire. Probably something I would have to try out.
  10. Did sig come up with a permanent fix for the problem yet?
  11. Where can you sell kids? I would like to sell both mine so I can afford guns. lol. And welcome from Wisconsin #3
  12. Notice the bong on the table to his left. lol
  13. Yeah, that's what I was thinking also. And maybe I should have clarified. Robo is right. Proof and other carbon fiber barrels aren't really "lightweight" barrels, but are lighter in weight to steel barrels of same diameter and stiffness. A pencil barrel is lighter than the thicker contour carbon fiber barrels.
  14. Yeah, why can't the internet just be used for what it was meant for... PORN.
  15. I have a magazine some where's around here with a review on the XDE. I can find it for you if you like. All seemed to be very positive. I got to say, has me interested and would be basically just like my CZ75-SA except feel like an XD.