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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun
  1. Pic Of The Day 2

    That's why I live in the hills. :P
  2. I have no friends

    Just what I was thinking. lol. Welcome from Midwest Wisconsin
  3. I have no friends

    So you currently live in NY or that is where you moved from?
  4. Lower Vice Block

    hmmm I'm intrigued. Most bullpups aren't easy to change anything yourself with parts not from the manufacturer.
  5. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    Currently watching Bear Grylls to come up with your next challenge. haha
  6. Pic Of The Day 2

    I say we increase speed limits as a way of natural selection, parents always teach their kids to look both ways while crossing the road. That idiot was to stupid to learn that.
  7. The Wall

    good point, and they already can't agree on a budget. lol. to soon?
  8. New FN SCAR

    bumber, the military gets all the nice toys. lol
  9. The Wall

    I actually looked into boarder patrol, but the wife wanted to be by family and not many openings to protect us from Canada. lol.
  10. Rural driveway alarm

    give it a few years, you're getting older and might forget the code.
  11. New FN SCAR

    hmmm. so what civilized countries can you get one?
  12. The Wall

    Lol. well assuming they give us booze and bullets, we would also be approved to protect the boarder.
  13. The Wall

    I think the government should pay for 308ar members to have weekend vacations at the boarder with unlimited booze and bullets.
  14. Muzzle Brake Options

    tiffohs, most people put .308 brakes on their 6.5s, but JEC makes a nice brake in a 6.5mm size. its outside diameter is .975 so doesn't match up perfectly, but that's splitting hairs if you ask me. the nice thing about the brake is it is threaded for if you get a suppressor. It is also one of the top performing brakes in many tests. It may not be the very top performing, but then again it doesn't look like a spaceship. http://shop.jeccustom.com/Quick-Brake-JEC-QB5824.htm