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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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  1. ARTrooper


    We have actually been cooking the majority of our meals on it. Surprising I haven’t made smash burgers, which are all the rage. 😂
  2. ARTrooper


    So I got a new grill, a blackstone gridle with two side burners, one having a setup for deep frying that I haven’t used yet. Just a few pictures of things I have grilled but I have done everything from pancakes and eggs to steaks or pizza. I am loving the thing. Smoking a wild turkey and grilling fajitas at the same time. 😁 Shrimp Stir fry
  3. ARTrooper


    Shepp I needed these in my life!
  4. I am done arguing with you. I already apologized I your thread. The hijacking your thread comment was a joke as were the small little pokes such as calling you a pansy. Sorry after several years of me being on this forum and us talking, I thought we had a good enough acquaintance that we could both joke around and even poke fun at each other a little. But even after I apologized and stated I understood why you didn’t want me to post my own pictures and rifle details, you still kept at it and eventually elevated it to full on insults. This whole thread is just one big insult after another besides the first two initial posts on 3/19. If you would have just waited I would have gotten to posting my details but after the third and following comments, I don’t want to share anything here in a thread that doesn’t make this forum look good in my opinion. Despite all this, I still think you are often a damn good man that can be very generous and who has a wealth of knowledge about many things, especially guns. I hope our next conversation is much more civil. Have a good day Tom.
  5. Wow Tom. Think you have gone a little bit farther than just friendly back and forth pokes. i have made threads before, including rifle threads. Actually had to make my .260 thread twice because it magically disappeared the first time. I have bought guns so I haven’t posted them because I didn’t do anything special to get it. so what if I don’t post build threads often because I can only afford to build a rifle every couple of years. And sorry I didn’t jump to this thread immediately to post my own stuff. I have a full time job and a family. My life does not revolve around anyone’s approval besides my wife and children. all I did was post those few pictures and didn’t go into details on your thread. I wasn’t trying to steal your thread, guess maybe I was just looking for a bit of a “nice job” from someone I have come to respect. Maybe you think I live off other people’s threads, but when I joined I was under the impression people wanted active members that can contribute in any way they can. Sorry if my contribution isn’t good enough for you. and maybe I am lazy at times, I will be the first to admit that. But that is only because I work so hard at other times. And go ahead and bring up army courses, I don’t care. I may not have a ton of ribbons, awards, and badges, but I have fought in combat and performed a roll that few Infantryman ever get to experience because I earned my position by being one of the best soldiers in my entire brigade. I am not hear to prove anyone or to show off. I am here for the camaraderie I have found in several amazing people here.
  6. Nobody every asks me questions about my guns. I am lonely in my own threads. ☹️
  7. I am just trying to get you riled up now. I am sorry it bothered you so much with me posting my rifle in your thread.
  8. I was refer to special people bugging you about your threads. Don’t get so defensive you pansy.
  9. 🤣 seems like you always get the specials on your threads. so much for me just being lazy and just showing pics. Lol. I get it. I will make my own thread when my lower comes in tomorrow. Actually using a lower from another rifle. Just wanted to show that it wasn’t going to be another 3 year rifle and feel apart of the cool guy 6mm club. 😂
  10. I am hijacking Tom’s thread. well took me a lot less time than the .260 🤣
  11. Happy birthday Rob. Hope you had a great time with your lovely family.
  12. Well they do use blades in Raid Shadow Legends. Haha
  13. I could really use an aero m5 upper and lower right now for a 308 build I want to do as soon as possible
  14. https://ruggedsuppressors.com/product/7-62-muzzle-brake/ This is what I am looking for to finish my 6mm ARC and to put on other rifles. I currently would like a few in the 5/8x24 thread-pitch. If anyone finds them online (in stock) or at their local gun store, please let me know. I have only seen them in back order on SilencerShop.
  15. ARTrooper


    That’s so beautiful i would just sit there staring at it while smelling the heaven it cooked
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