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  1. ARTrooper

    98's 6mm ARC

    But how does the energy compare between the two? and grendel still has one thing going for itself; wolf makes steel cases ammo for it really cheap. Don’t judge, I don’t make a lot of money. Lol
  2. Hopefully they can get it running without it costing you a dime. No point putting money into a rifle that is brand new and they should have working correctly
  3. I know this is apples and oranges, but i have a randical firearms .300 blk. Never once have i had problems. Also my local sherrif deparyment uses radical uppers on their patrol rifles with no issues. Dont hold it against Radical, they arent the best but they do build affordable rifles that are worth the price. Many companies have issues with their large frame ARs. 98 can help you figure it out i have no doubt. Or maybe try contacting customer service.
  4. ARTrooper

    98's 6mm ARC

    Hmmmm i am really interested in how this would compair to a 6.5 grendel in energy on target also.
  5. Yup, thw only sunglasses i have found to fit my head decently are oakleys half jacket asian fit... or kids sunglasses. And i can share hats with my 6 year old. Lol
  6. Yeah i wish i could find a decent priced helmet that fits me too, but i wear a 6 5/8 small and most companies dont make a size under 7 inches.
  7. Lol. Yeah where do i sign up to invest?
  8. Who cares about weight, that is thin as hell for a lvl IV! I need this!
  9. Anyone familiar with Geauga Firearms Academy? Lot of good content on youtube. My wife likes it to get a female perspective on shooting and concealed carry. I like it because Kim is a smoking hott redhead. They have a good sense of humor too.
  10. Yeah i would love better plates. My issued hard plates are lvl III and while they are super light at like 4 pounds each, they are at least 1.25" in thickness. I would rather have double the weight and half the thickeness in lvl IV or double the weight and .25" in lvl III because bulky plates really suck! Especially when you have all your duty gear on and have to get in and out of vehicles.
  11. No. I didnt know they did that until a couple of days ago. But we would have had to go to a place in madison to get that deal and the wife doesnt think it would have been worth the extra trouble for us since we had the kids.
  12. When my financial means and time allows me, i would lovr to make it down there. No telling when that will be because everything keeps breaking. Lol
  13. I chose it over the sig p365 for a few reasons. 1. The sights were easy to pick up for me. I am left eye dominate but right handed, so when shooting both eyes open, it is difficult for me to quickly align a standard 3 dot system. But the u-dot or whatever you call it with the U in the back and the green in the front was a lot easier on my eyes. 2. The mag release was much easier for my "burger king" hands to be able to reach and it seemed to shoot the mag out better than the 365. 3. The trigger. While the 365 has a lighter trigger i believe with a shorter reset and arguably smoother, i just liked the hellcat's trigger better. It had more of a solid wall before before the break, making stacking the trigger a lot easier. Also everything seemed more audible and crisply seperated, such as the trigger reset. 4. I prefered the feel of the hellcat over the 365 also. It was weighted and shaped differently. Though the hellcat is more boxy i think, which i usually dont like, it felt comfortable in my hands. This was the most minor difference that caused me to choose the hellcat as they both werent bad in the hand, just a little different. I also compared many many other small pistols but the hellcat came out on top with the p365 in second for what i was looking for. I did really like the feel of the p365xl version, but a little larger than what i wanted for a secondary while on duty. Also i tried the p365sas. I saw a youtube video on that holigraphic sight thing that is on it about the sun washing it out if the sun is behind you. While it was easy to pick up and align the sight, sure enough, even with overhead fluorescent light, the sight with get washed out and difficult to see if i put the light directly to the rear of the sight. Even with the lighting at a distance of 20 feet away.
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