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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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    Come to wisconsin and I will show you anytime brother 😉
  2. ARTrooper


    My newest love is catching trout behind my house before the family wakes up. According to the WI DNR, the average brook trout caught is 5-9 inches in length, i only keep 9 or bigger now. This is the largest I have caught at 12.5 inches and big enough to feed me. Skin still on, lightly battered with a local Amish lemon batter. Stuffed with lemon slices, onions, fresh dill, and butter. Then pan fried until a nice brown. Delicious and meat comes off the bone easier than a smoked fish. Pretty quick and easy cook. Plus these little guys are so aggressive and put up a heck of a fight for their size in inches of water where you can see all the action.
  3. Sorry for your loss Rob. I believe pets are more like Family. The love they give can comfort so much and get us through some hard times
  4. Wow very cool. We have some elk around me and black bear but they don’t compare to your grizzly and moose. i hope the 50 Beowulf does exactly what you need to. Would be awesome if you could get one of the few brands of standard action length AR platforms but these are proprietary and usually cost 3-6k.
  5. Those are the optimistic numbers. And I will say the caliber looks good from the muzzle, but even on their website they listed the velocity they were getting with their test rifles which was less than those numbers. Plus like I figured the round drops like a rock. now I don’t know a damn thing about grizzly, but seems this caliber is only good real close. 200 yard max, more realistically 100 yards. And even than, some much smaller cartridges that shoot more ballistic coefficient bullets would be better at 100 yards. kak industries do have their .300 WSM upper which from the little research I did I found multiple sources saying you could use to hunt grizzly. Seems a nice mono or bonded bullet is key. maybe as defense against charging bear, a 25 round pmag loaded with 168 gr barnes .308 being mag dumped in its face might do the trick 😛
  6. I agree with these two calibers, gonna be a lot easier to find parts and ammo. another option I would think, is the .375 raptor. Unlike a lot of other big bore calibers made by a small company, the .375 raptor has a lot of information and all you would need is a barrel, which I have found on a few custom barrel brands that sell this chambering for under $400, x-caliber being one. this thing uses .308 brass so you can easily reload, I have even seen the dies from a few well known companies. And it can be loaded with heavier bullets for shooting subsonic much like the .300 blackout in the smaller ar15, but with more area and energy on the bullet. https://www.375raptor.com
  7. @Mike8623 what do you plan on using this rifle for? the thing about these small case, big bore calibers, is they have a bunch of energy out of the barrel but it is like throwing a brick. The cartridge doesn’t have a lot of powder to push it to any decent velocity. Throw in fat stubby bullets, with poor ballistic coefficients, and the bullets loose what speed they did have very quickly. This leads to extreme bullet drop and all that energy being lost quickly. This is one reason why .50 Beowulf never really caught on that well. Doesn’t take much range and faster and lighter long slim bullets actually end up with more energy. if you look at the .50 bmg, the reason it performs so well is it may be far but the bullets are also long and the case has a lot of capacity. Not trying to dissuade you from the caliber you are looking at but i think there is to little information out there and to little parts. I see a headache coming from a build like this. If we know what you want to use the rifle for, maybe we can give you suggestions if you really want to stray away from .308
  8. All their bits were covered… unfortunately 😂
  9. Tom before you get your panties in a bunch and make a big long speech, you could have just asked that if I meant SSA instead of SSA-E. yes I misspoke and what I originally posted was correct. I have the SSA, which specs are almost identical to the LaRue. sorry for the confusion it was a long night working and I think I grabbed the first acronym my eyes could focus on from your comment, which was apparently the “SSA-E.” Admittedly it was the wrong one, not trying to mislead anyone here.
  10. The take up for my SSA-E on the second stage is not as smooth as my LaRue, that’s the biggest thing that stood out to me, otherwise the weight did feel so similar in both stages between the two and I couldn’t tell the difference.
  11. Well that’s how most manufacturers work, they manufacture basically the same thing for many brands. From hun parts to Walmart brand milk. Lol.
  12. For M5 Aero Precision lowers, you are going to want their lower parts kit because it is slightly different to make it easier to assemble and disassemble. Such as the bolt catch being threaded for a screw (in the parts kit) instead of using a roll pin. Just have fun building it after you do your research and buy the correct parts. Heck it took me over like 2 years to build my first and I had no special tools. Build it as you get the parts that fit together and buy the special tools only if you have the money to make things easier.
  13. Doesn’t holosun make primary arms red dots also?
  14. I like it for the price I paid for it, but honestly I like the feel of my larue mbt-2s straight trigger better. Maybe I need to just break in the geissele.
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