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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun
  1. lol. yup. and still funny
  2. Pic Of The Day 2

    lol. I like the snow for about a week, but I still have wood to cut and stack and walls to put up on my wood shed. to much work to do and snow only makes it more difficult.
  3. Pic Of The Day 2

    Shepp, you're welcome for taking that 2" of snow for you. lol.
  4. Yes, yes... that was exactly what I was talking about. lol lol. that's not the commercial I was talking about. but I have never seen that one, that was ridiculous. yeah I have the opposite problem. lol. wonder what the comparison would look like with me holding the same pistol.
  5. Lol. never seen the burger king commercial with the guy holding the whopper who has little hands? really funny. so yes, I have little hands... makes other things look so much bigger though. :P
  6. Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    The lax policy for your wife's department sounds nice, but it not being that specific could bit her in the @ss. I think building the weapon should not be an issue as long as it is approved by supervisors in a very very detailed memorandum down to the very last part you put into it. That will be your legal protection if there is an officer involved shooting. But then as you said, rifles occasionally get stolen out of squads, and you have no protection against that. Also in an officer involved shooting, though very rare, the weapon will be taken into evidence and you probably won't see it again for years. I'm one that is all for providing personal equipment for yourself if the department doesn't provide the standards you want, I know many people that do, just do everything you can to cover your @ss. And like stain said, I agree you should look up recent use of force reviews and make sure there is nothing that can come back on you.
  7. I have burger king hands, so I'm not a huge fan of their grips, otherwise I'm in love with those rifles.
  8. Building a CSASS for the Wife...

    I think what the other guys have said is spot on. But, I think more research needs to be done. What are her department POLICIES? Maybe her department as real lax policies, mine has a very specific list of upgrades I can do to my patrol rifle, secondary weapons I can have, and even the number of rounds I have with me at all times. No point building a rifle for work if her supervisors won't even let her use it. If they will let her use what you are trying to build, I completely agree with the guys. 16" barrel, and don't worry about the rifle gas length, it will be great, especially considering you will be tuning it to a very specific round that her department uses. A 15" handguard. A flash suppressor that you can attach a suppressor to might be something to consider also. And a scope that is 1-8 power would be the way I would go also. In high stress situations nobody wants to be searching for their target with glass that is magnified more than they need. I agree heavily with robo, get the weight down on the thing as much as possible. LE carry enough weight and often times have to move fast. Weight plus speed equals exhaustion and that leads to poor shots. Lighter allows her to recover quicker before a shot hopefully. If this is all for naught because of policy. Maybe work on upgrading her 5.56 patrol rifle and go short and light. A department near me have patrol rifles with 10" barrels making it easier to get them out of their vehicles and reducing the weight as much as possible. the also have suppressors on their rifles. If penetration is the thing that makes you want to update your wife's patrol rifle, based on my experience I can tell you that 5.56/.223 has enough penetration to go through multiple walls in the average house. And if greater danger exception permits to using deadly force without isolating a target, a regular patrol rifle can do the job in the situation of a barricaded subject.
  9. Not like I could afford one anyways. lol. Would much rather build a bolt gun than spend tons of money for one that someone else made... unless of course it was unique like a desert tactical.
  10. PA10 for deer hunting

    I am a huge fan of 6.5mm rounds, but since you are a reloader, I would go with .260 rem over the creedmoor. That being said, because you are on such a tight budget, go with .308 since you already have the reloading stuff. 6.5 shoots a little flatter and a little less recoil, but for the ranges you are shooting, it doesn't make that much of a difference and put on a nice muzzle brake and it will help with the .308's recoil a lot. Like everyone else, I believe you only need a 16 in barrel, especially if you want it light as possible. Many people here even have them with rifle length gas systems that work just fine, although I would go with a midlength. Vortex is nice, I met one of the top guys from vortex and my brother actually went to their main factory and took a tour (jealous). But again if you are on a budget, there are other things out there that will work just fine. Burris has some decent scopes around $500 and Bushnell also. Primary arms is a favorite for cheap optics that function well also. Then if you really wanna go cheap while you save up for your dream glass http://www.fire-field.com/product-details.php?item=37 and it might surprise you, I have a heard a lot of good things. A .308 with a 16 in barrel and any scope from the companies I mentioned will get you deer at 200-250 yards with a steady hand.
  11. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    can I put bbq sauce on it? lo
  12. Pic Of The Day 2

    I need to put a pictures like those on the side of my squad car!
  13. Grilling

    Venison heart is far from roadkill if you cook it right. My wife is the most picky eater and she likes it. Last year I fried it with some onions and peppers. was pretty good. Only one heart this year, my first deer's heart was demolished by those 150gr .30-06 bullets, maybe I'll finish the review on those bullets now that I got to take some animals with them.
  14. Grilling

    so I am cooking venison heart tomorrow... any good recipes you guys have used?