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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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  1. ARTrooper

    Sit Rep

    haha. never thought of it that way. funny the military still uses feet, inches, and yards at short distances though. we are all sorts of screwed up. haha
  2. Now I can finally finish putting my beachin tactical on!
  3. ARTrooper

    Sit Rep

    I often use meters because in the military we used meters and kilometers. lol.
  4. only advice for a ford is take it to the dump.
  5. I ALWAYS clean a new part or weapon when I first get it. often times companies will put a lubricant on it that is not good for shooting. they just want to get the rifle to you without any rust or other issues. At the very least, always field strip and thoroughly clean. Then lubricate it yourself with something you know works before shooting it.
  6. ARTrooper

    first ar308 build

    If it gets that bad I hope people be fighting back... and can't fight back with a rifle filled with dirt. lol. Besides, unless you are living in Madison or Milwaukee, you don't have to worry about anyone wanting to take your guns in this state really. lol.
  7. ARTrooper

    New from the PNW, rear sight problem

    welcome from western wisconsin
  8. is this thread gonna merge with the crazy chick thread now?
  9. ARTrooper

    first ar308 build

    just keep that thing that is full of holes out of the dirt. lol
  10. ARTrooper

    Vtac Sling modification Vtac Btac

    So when I was looking for a sling for my new rifle, I knew there was only one place to look. I was never really sold on Jacob's quick release slings though, especially since I have on order a quick release swivel attached to an m-lock mount (excuse the pictures for the sling not being fully attached for that reason). My favorite sling I have ever used has been a Vtac sling though and I recalled running across this thread. So I contacted Jacob. He immediately got exited, stating he hadn't done a vtac btac in like a year. I told him I would like it in Kryptek Typhon. For 550 cord colors we talked about black and gray. Once again, Jacob delivered. I plan on doing a full review once I get the rest of the mounting hardware, I just couldn't hold back on showing such a beautiful sling off. I might be a bit biased, but I think this is the most gorgeous sling he has ever made! I really can't understand why more people haven't wanted these and why the vtac btac isn't standard on his line. Look for a review of this thing being run through some tactical evaluations in the future. But for now, enjoy the view.
  11. ARTrooper

    Pharma in the crosshairs

    I completely agree.
  12. ARTrooper

    NETFLIX will go to shiit...

    Why can't they just take their bribe money and disappear for crying out loud?
  13. ARTrooper

    Scratched my itch.

    I haven't even had time to mow my grass... starting to look like Jurassic park
  14. ARTrooper

    GEORGIA school shooting now...

    I just go in with my uniform on and ask to speak to the superintendent. lol.
  15. ARTrooper

    Pharma in the crosshairs

    Well I guess I have never seen that. I just know people who have drugged up their kids and not needed to. Happened to my wife's youngest cousin. He was not an overly energetic kid, his crappy step mom just wanted him to be easier to deal with. now the kid is totally messed up and went from a gun loving, outdoorsman, hunter; to a snowflake who seems to have lost the kindness he once had. Probably more to that than just the drugs, but he definitely didn't need them. It was just more convenient for those raising him, than to deal with a young boy who just wanted to run around, use his imagination, and play.