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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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  1. I doubt I will be as lucky being in as good of shape as you are in just 25 years. Lol
  2. Al I didn’t know you were that old. You look pretty damn good for a geriatric 🤣
  3. Good idea sending it back to them. If they can’t or won’t fix it, let us know and we will do our best to help you get it running for you.
  4. Maybe it is just because my area is full of oak trees that create a lot of crunch
  5. Thanks @dpete, your testimony is good enough for me.... but without the muffs, can you still hear dear walking through the woods often times before seeing them? Or am I just the only one here that isn’t completely deaf? 🤣
  6. ARTrooper


    Some day soon I hope. They just have to much energy Maybe I will see if I can find that. nice chicken @shepp, looks delicious
  7. The thing you have to realize is people here are more than willing to take their own risks in some form or another, but they aren’t going to suggest someone else do something that could be risky. This is a place of learning safely about firearms and we pride ourselves in coming up with solutions to building functional firearms and sharing the facts. Nobody wants to create a bad reputation for the forum here.
  8. Maybe I am just dumb but I would have shot it by hand. Lol. Should have seen the things we shot in Afghanistan that were confiscated, now some of those were scary. I get “the forum” saying it isn’t an approved and supported thing. Good thing I am just a member and not admin... I always say, “send it.” Then again I might be a little bit of a hill billy these days. 🤣
  9. ARTrooper


    Kids to busy scaring all the fish away as the jump in those streams. Haha
  10. I wasn’t going to ask... but I was hoping. Haha
  11. Sounds really really good
  12. ARTrooper


    My wife was going off of a recipe she found, which had us soak the roast in a marinade over night. So it wasn’t a brine. Ignore my comment from the canning thread, didn’t see this. Smoking fish is one thing I want to get into often. Wife and I love the taste of smoked fish.
  13. You know guys, ever since I joined this forum, I have gained weight. No wonder with threads like this. Lol
  14. That sounds good. Have you smoked that before?
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