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  1. @sagebrush thanks, the p365 is def a contender. @Sharpshooter i like how the xd-s feels and came close to buying it last month but didnt have the money. Whatever i buy will be in 9mm though because thats mostly what i shoot and my agency is going from .40 to 9mm next year. Also this will be carried on duty in an ankle holster and say i needed to grab it in a scuffle, i might not have the best grip or shooting position, which is another reason to have the lighter recoiling 9mm. Plus the added rounds in the mag would be nice. I thought about the red dot one. I have never shot a red dot but would like to. I am not sure i would want one for this purchase due to carrying it often on my ankle. Plus i dont want something i have to turn on if i am in a last ditch scenario. For my primary sidearm, i would love a red dot though.
  2. 140 is the longest i took with my 300blk so far, but it dropped in its tracks, so i wouldnt hesitate to shoot farther. Although i plan on using it more like a .30-30 brush gun in the future, just semi-auto. 😉 Plus i just ordered a vg6 precision .300 blk gamma for it to make follow up shots faster. Brownells have them for $43 right now. @TEC i have looked more closely at the rifles you are looking at, style def seems to be the main difference and diamonback is a little cheaper. They both have crome moly barrels though and i would guess you arent going to see much difference in performance. I suggest you go with whatever rifle you would need to put less changes in to make it exactly how you would want it. That would be the diamondback for me.
  3. Diamondback seems to ride the inexpensive tacticcool market. Dpms dont do that very well if you ask me. So i think it comes down to, what look do you like? Either brand will do what you want very well. My $500 radical firearms .300blk can even shoot out to 200 yards just fine that i would take a shot on a large deer. Maybe send us the links to what you are looking at specifically.
  4. Going to be used to mount the tac light i am getting for christmas.
  5. Basically i am looking at the hellcat, the sig 365, and springfield's xds mod2 in 9mm. Nothing else has really stuck out ton me as a contender for what i plan to use it for. (Desclaimer: i hate glocks and thats why the glock 43 isnt on my mind)
  6. Freaking awesome! I been wanting some for the different public land i hunt
  7. As long ad it turns out good and i dont screw it up. Lol
  8. Gonna tan my own hide for the first time this year.
  9. People and deer have to put on weight up here to survive the cold winters. Lol. Monster deer get much larger.
  10. So hopefully i will be getting a new conceal carry pistol the beginning of the new year that will double as a secondary in an ankle holster for when i am on duty. I have not gotten any experience with the Hellcat, so would just like to hear what you guys' thoughts are on it. I know there is some political stuff involving springfield which some gun owners have boycotted them for, but i havent the foggyiest what that is all about.
  11. Yeah the nosler match grade with the 125gr ballistic tip hunting shoot flat, accurate, and with a decent amount of energy for .300 blk. I just wish i would have bought a heck of a lot more when they first came out and were cheap. Now the cheapest i can find them is $30 for a box of 20
  12. Lol. Smart @s. Its the only deer i saw during gun season and i hunt to fill the freezer. So if it is older than a yearling, it will be hanging. The pictures arent the best but his right browtine is real high up and his left one is right at the base of his skull pointing straight forward... i think he wanted to be a unicorn
  13. So i didnt get a huge deer this year, but due to my .260 remington barrel needing to go back to get the headspacing fixed, i hunted with my .300 blk again! As with last year it did a great job. I got a niced sized body 6 pointer with a funky rack that was small for a 3 year old deer. He was about 160 field dressed. He was shot at 140 yards and still dropped right in his tracks, litterally just hit the ground below him. More and more i find myself loving .300 blk and my cheap $500 rifle. 😊
  14. Hey guys, i hope you all had a good thanksgiving. Sorry i havent been around that past few months. Been pretty busy because of the early winter and hunting. I havent forgotten about you guys though and i miss talking all the time with you all.
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