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  1. The xd-s in 9mm and the hellcat are actually 2 pistols i am looking at for my new main cc and secondary for while on duty. Just worked 26 hours of overtime this past week, so soon as i get paid i will be seeing what i want to buy. Other brands are on the list though.
  2. How long is the barrel on that?
  3. Can you do this with an 870?
  4. Lol. Would be nice. Been a long time since i shot 600
  5. Very nice brother. We shooting it this spring/summer up here?
  6. Lol. Been bussy since the new year. The best thing about this place is no matter how quickly we go off on tangents, someone gets the information out there that is needed.
  7. Haha just hear to help. I blame all the sh1t talking and brotherly love on the beer.
  8. Fair enough, where is the best place to get it though?
  9. Wow Tom, only putting in 2 cents? Usually it is a wealth of knowledge and we cant get you to shut up.
  10. Honestly, i have hunted in -30 degree weather with basically any type of barrel you can think of. The biggest difference i have noticed is stainless is easier to maintain. Also better accuracy, although my stainless barrels are of a higher quality so i cant say that is comparable. And these days it seems like most barrels are shooting sub 2 moa easily
  11. Must be a stressful relationship. Lol
  12. Absolutely have it headspaced. I have a .308ar chambered in 260 rem that is sitting because the headspace is off and i need to send the barrel back in. If i didnt check the headspacing before i shot it, i dont want to even know the problems it would have caused. And if you are getting a bcg machined, i dont see why they cant check the headspaciing for you also.
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