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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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  1. ARTrooper

    Joke of the day

    Was there a joke with this post because I just can't stop staring at the chick.
  2. ARTrooper


    I love bbq sauce, I put it on burgers, brats, and hotdogs instead of ketchup and mustard. lol.
  3. ARTrooper


    hmmm. my wife cans, maybe I should start making seasoning and bbq sauce. lol.
  4. ARTrooper

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    I'll figure out something if I have the time off. 😉 And I don't think I am going to find a better job, so I would rather not quit it. lol.
  5. ARTrooper

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    hoping and praying that I get the days off and can hitch a ride with shepp. lol. Wife okayed the trip, now just need the job to
  6. ARTrooper


    Worth it if you buy it from sam's club where you can get larger amounts. lol.
  7. ARTrooper

    Looking for barrel

    ok, now we are getting somewhere. lol. would have been so much easier if we would have started out with that information. lol. since you plan on shooting competitions, I say the biggest thing is trigger time and load development. most of the time it seems like rifles these days are far more accurate than the shooters if they have the correct load tuned in.
  8. ARTrooper

    Looking for barrel

    Are you planning on shooting competitions? I said in my last comment, if you plan on shooting "matches" then I could see the use of going long. But for most shooting applications that long of barrel is unnecessary. much shorter barrels with the 6.5cm can still get out to 1,000+ yards. I don't blame you for not being able to afford a kreiger, I can't afford a take down pin at this time. was just my recommendation or something similar, again if you were trying to make the most accurate rifle you could, if you planned on shooting competitions. I was referring to length, not diameter. some of the heavy grain rounds have better ballistic coefficiencies because of the long slim shape, but that doesn't mean they always fit into a mag. some people have gotten around this by seating the bullets deeper in the case, but that can affect accuracy, among other things. If it was a bolt gun where you could load one at a time straight into the chamber, that would be less of an issue. Federal has never been my favorite ammo manufacture so maybe someone else could give input on their 150gr 6.5cm rounds.
  9. ARTrooper

    Looking for barrel

    The article I was thinking about when he was talking about 1,000+ yards. You can do those ranges with shorter barrels. So unless he plans to shoot matches, then I would say yeah go for it, but I would also say go for something like a kreiger or a shilen. What 150gr rounds would you be talking about? Maybe I have fallen behind on 6.5mm lately because the largest rounds I have seen lately for 6.5 creedmoor and .260 rem has been 143gr. Also, will 150gr fit in a mag for an ar-10?
  10. ARTrooper

    Looking for barrel

    Why you going so long on the barrel?
  11. ARTrooper

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    I'm still waiting until my schedule is out. Only have us scheduled till October 13th right now. And I can't take the days off if I don't already have them off because I already have to cancel one week I have off so I can use those days when the baby is born. Hoping I have a 4 day weekend though, it is a possibility based on the previous weeks.
  12. ARTrooper

    Might have been Shepp!

    Yeah me too until I had to clean all the little bastards myself. lol.
  13. ARTrooper

    98's .260 Remington

    Not a bad price either. Not like I will be getting mine finished anytime soon, but the barrel might be the last thing I get because I still haven't fully decided what I want yet. lol. plus most companies only have 20 or 22 inch barrels in .260 it seems and I will probably be going shorter than that.
  14. ARTrooper

    New Magpul Bipod, Should be Good!

    I'd take a black one for M-Lok!
  15. ARTrooper

    Might have been Shepp!

    I don't usually fish for pan fish, but crappies are strange. I got into a school of big ones one time and was pulling them in left and right with 1/2 ounce rattle traps. those paper lips are some of the best tasting fish in my opinion.