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  1. Thank you! Definitely relieved on both fronts!
  2. HEY OOOOOHHHHH! Apologize for taking forever to update but I was recovering from spinal surgery. Finally got the rifle running like a dream! Combination of factors, 1) EA1095 spring + opening up gas port. 2) The lower receiver I was using had the mag catch sitting .5mm lower than all my b other receivers. I after I was able to get the rifle to lockback consistently on an empty mag, I was then having trouble getting it to chamber a second round after firing. I initially thought it was too high of bolt speed since I opened gas port to max spec and the bolt would run over the subsequent round. SO I used an adjustable gas block to tweak but I couldn't get a setting where it would want to lock back on an empty mag AND cycle through a full mag. Finally pulled out the mitutoyo calipers and measured everything and sure enough the mag catch was lower. I swapped the lower for a noreen and it ran beautifully. Even swapped back to standard gas block and still runs great. Now after i got it running I swapped another upper onto it ( BA 18" rifle length barrel and Aero M5 upper) and it seems under gassed so I'm going to open that port up a bit Because I do know that its waaay under what max spec is purported to be. Thanks for the help everyone!
  3. Thank you for the kind words, i'm actually waiting for insurance so I can schedule surgery. I used to move furniture for a living for 13 years and have enjoyed recreational power lifting for about 18. Chickens finally coming home to roost. I'll get photos as soon as i'm able
  4. Howdy folks! So USPS finally delivered my EA1095's on February 16th. I tested on the 19th and the bolt would lock back on a empty bag reliably with all my mags. Unfortunately it would not chamber a 2nd round. The failure to feed malfunctions appear to be over gassing now where the new cartridge (towards the mouth of the casing) would get pinned between the bolt and the feed ramp of the barrel extension. Iphone Slow mo also appears to show excessive bolt speed. So i ordered an adjustable gas block when i got home that day. Unfortunately i suffered a back injury the next day and have been preoccupied dealing with that. I'll keep you guys posted when I hit the range next.
  5. Ordered a Sprinco "Red" today from Primary Arms because USPS lost my springs from Slash's Heavy Buffers.
  6. I'm assuming the EA1095 will get delivered Monday. I will update this thread with results as soon as I test. With my work hours I'm just not sure if it will be Monday though.
  7. Duly noted sir, I appreciate your input!
  8. I Included the cartridge box pics for clarity. From what I understand SAAMI .308 win is hotter than 7.62NATO? I was wanting it to function with "NATO" fmj's before I try commercial .308. Personal preference I'd rather control/throttle the energy going in to the system. Yes when I swap the uppers/lowers between the 2 builds, they function flawlessly. I don't know the port size of the black "carbine". I just ordered the parts and slapped it together and it's run without a hiccup even before the A5 setup with the standard DPMS buffering system. I've pinned the gas block (War Machine WarBlock 75) on the black "carbine" and am not wanting to remove it if I don't need to.
  9. I'm glad you said that about the Stag spring, because I took out all my recoil springs from all my builds and the Stag spring was easily the stiffest of them all, even more so than my AR9 blowback springs. All the dimensions measured out fine, unfortunately the ea1095 was supposed to be delivered yesterday but USPS dropped the ball. As far OEM authenticity, is Slash's Heavy Buffers a legit source? That's where I ordered mine and I emailed them and they claim it's an OEM Armalite ea1095 spring. I've never done business with them before.
  10. Got an ea1095 on the way from Slash's Heavy Buffers. Fingers crossed
  11. Cyclones or Hawkeyes?😄
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