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  1. The FCG pocket is actually identical to an AR15, so if you were using a manual mill you could zero off the back of the frame, or the takedown pin hole.
  2. We ran off a few Gii lowers in 7075 even had a few cerakoted.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I absolutely plan on keeping all our dimensional and tolerance data private. R&D ain’t easy!
  4. That’s great! I’m an embossing die maker by trade, but the Gii parts are a passion project. I have a theory that everyone who owns a milling machine eventually makes a gun part. So far I haven’t been let down
  5. Thanks again, and I really appreciate the warm welcome from everyone else here as well!
  6. Thank you, you're much more gracious around here than other forums which will not be mentioned 😅 We would be very happy to be a contributing sponsor once this little venture gets off the ground! The products previously mentioned are currently available at defense-depot.com and I'd welcome everyone to give our Instagram a follow as we'll try to post updates on products as well as discount codes and the like.
  7. That would be our little shop, and thanks for the mention! Our parts are pretty pricy but we're working hard on bringing the prices down. Low volume stuff is always expensive, so the more interest we can drum up the more parts we can make with each run and thereby reduce the cost per part. We have an instagram page and a website, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to link them. We'll eventually have all the proprietary parts for the GII guns fully stocked, including bolt carrier groups, handguards, charging handles and receivers.
  8. Hello everyone. I’ve been a big fan of the Gii small frame rifles for some time now. I was very disappointed by the demise of Gii producers, and while it seems DPMS is back, and has plans to produce these guns again in the future, there aren’t currently any big manufacturers making aftermarket parts available. I own a small machine shop and decided to start making replacements for the unavailable proprietary parts needed for the DPMS and Rem R25 Gii receiver sets. We’re still a very small startup and currently only have pivot pins, bolt catches, and mag releases available, but coming soon are a bolt carrier group, handguard and eventually a complete receiver set. Incidentally our small parts are all made from 6al-4v titanium and are significantly lighter than OEM steel. We have a website, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to post it here. Just getting the word out there that someone is supporting the Gii format!
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