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  1. I too own a DPMS Gen II it's the Recon. From what I have read Palmetto State Armory got the GenII line from Remington now when or if they produce anything we can use remains to be seen. Now a lot of manufactures will say there rifles or parts are "DPMS pattern" which is usually Gen I pattern stuff which is totally useless to those of us with Gen II rifles.
  2. Would an Officer frame with the Commander slide work?
  3. If it functions don't sweat it or over think it.
  4. 40??? man that was a bit ago.....i think? Welcome from Arizona!
  5. We had a Cadet from West Point in the summer of 84 when I was in West Germany, they stuck him in 3rd Plt (aka third herd) he made the mistake in thinking he was dealing with Junior class men instead of Scouts and Tankers ( 3/7th Cav) he was bossing around the third herd inmates err umm Troopers and the Plt Sgt kept telling him to shut up and observe, a Spec 4 pulled him aside and told him in that if he didn't back off they would put him in a wall locker with a buffer and shove the wall locker out the third floor window! Needless to say he was as quiet as church mouse after that! 🀣
  6. A true Leader. πŸ‘ 🍺🍺
  7. Welcome from Arizona!
  8. Sooooo no duct tape huh? Or is black tape more tactical?
  9. Welcome from Arizona Chief!
  10. I'm thinking that they forgot to put them back in,note the white stuff on the bottom hole.
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