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  1. I call BS, everyone knows you can't get a Hi Point to fire! 😂
  2. Welcome from Arizona!
  3. Welcome from Arizona!
  4. Ok so back on topic, I am unsure what to get (brands aside) I am assuming that I need a short frame type bolt carrier and bolt yes? (DPMS GenII) I would also need to check headspace on the new set up yes? How do i rectify if it is different as I have heard people having spare bolts and carriers and wondered how they do that?
  5. Welcome from Arizona!
  6. All they ever use is emotion when making laws. This "panic" is starting to show people's true colors, politicians and every day people.
  7. Since DPMS is no longer and I want to shoot my Gen2 I will need some back up parts. I'm thinking (trouble!) that the part that would fail would be the bolt or the extractor, which leads me to my question, can I buy just the bolt or would it be better to get bolt and carrier together? What about head space? And lastly who makes a compatible setup?
  8. AzRon


    It's got a 4 groove barrel.
  9. AzRon


    They are various inspectors stamps to show that it passed an inspection.
  10. AzRon


    I adopted a Remington 1903A3 Friday, it was built late 1943 it appears to be almost original except for the milled trigger housing when it should have a stamped R marked housing, other than that I am very happy with it it joins my Smith Corona 03A3 and a Rock Island 03.
  11. Welcome from Arizona!
  12. I didn't think about Remington owning the patents. From what I have read and there is conflicting info on proprietary parts and who was allowed to produce them. I don't think that Remingtons ARs come close to GenII specs not do they care.
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