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  1. Yes you are crazy (we all are so....) now that we have that out of the way 🤪 @jtallen83 is right there is great knowledge here, but be willing to listen to what they say and follow any advice they give you!
  2. AzRon


    Yeah if you don't have any this would have to do.
  3. Thank you @ARTrooper and everyone else for the tips on placement. @98Z5V not sure that my scope has the Paralex knob or not I'm not sure.
  4. I realize that this is an old topic but @Robocop1051 what are you using for a BCG is it DPMS Gen2 compatible?
  5. Thanks to @98Z5V I fixed the way my scope was mounted, I flipped it around and ensured that the rifle and scope were level as I was tightening it down and afterwards also. One question as I am new to scopes is were to place it, i got that you need to place the mount on the receiver but I need to know how far forward or back does it need to go from where it is in the picture?
  6. Welcome from Arizona! Good looking setup, kinda jealous that you can hunt off of your back porch.
  7. I saw that when you pointed that out i was just funnin ya!
  8. AzRon

    New old guy

    Welcome from Arizona!
  9. If i put on the other way i would be looking thru the small end! 🤣
  10. AzRon


    Ft Mudge was mythical place that Col Jeff Cooper used to describe a pistols adjustable sights that would go past "Ft Mudge"
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