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  1. 11.5” upper meaning barrel? Not a 12.5”? As mentioned we need more info.
  2. Hey 98, any response back from Armalite?
  3. Great looking set up! What rail system is that? I can tell even by zooming in.
  4. I like the style and need a short one for a sbr I’m gonna do. I have my eye on a SLR 8” which will do better but it’s $280-300. I will for sure post the build when I’m ready in the next few months. sure wish Dan Def would run some quads out of there CNC machines.
  5. looking for this specific rail. 9" MLOK and MK3 308 sized. they discontinued this style and went to a more "space aged" look that i can't stand. New or used. https://daytonatactical.com/products/cmmg-9-mk3-ar-10-308-m-lok-handguard-rail-rml9 send me a message here but for best contact just text me first. too many spam calls so i don't answer unless you text first. 928-four 51 657four thanks, mike in AZ
  6. Thanks guys. I have some more videos I'm making and will keep posting em'. I feel like I have opportunities to give people unbiased data to the community. I'm not making money off this but want people to have 3rd party data. I can't confirm but I don't think Silencercos stuff is truely as quiet as they say. I just don't but again I will admit I'm wrong if I'm wrong.
  7. Just thought I'd share with you guys my personal 12ga can. I try to be normal and professional on videos as I get older. But I gotta tell you in writing that 12ga suppressors aren't gonna be quiet. No fuckin way. I knew back in the day when no Country For Old Men came out I'd love to suppress a shotgun. I also knew it wouldn't be that quiet. In the movie it was about as quiet as a suppressed .22LR which is bullpoopy as we know. I've looked long and hard over the past few years to find info on suppressing shotguns and there's not much out there. It's a world of "this might work" but never much actual data or results to learn from. I built this a while back and wanted to share some results and findings.
  8. Nothing crazy about the parts. Pretty boring. Aero recivers and 15" Aero rail, toolcraft BCG,Noveske c.handle,18" BA rifle gas barrel,A2 stock/rifle buffer and Armalite spring. Factory Sig Sauer trigger,(def will get swapped out) GG&G QD mount with Vortex 6.5-20x50 Viper MOA. I wanted to do a custom camo design I saw from a video game a while back. The tank was camo'd tan and gray and had more Woodland camo styoe blobs but I tried to make it my own. Base parts are all FDE. I ended up using Alumahyde dark parkerized gray which looks more greenish in certain lights. Color looks much better in person IMHO. The Alumahyde does ok..I've had success sometimes and sometimes like this one they don't stick worth a poop no matter how well you prep the parts.
  9. Might have to try it for ya. Set up my phone facing the meter around 100yrds away. Shooting at a target around 10-20yrds away from the meter set up for reference. I bet it would be around 100db unsuppressed 5.56. I honestly have no idea lol.
  10. BUMP! Open to trades like these listed.
  11. Thank you! I will definitely post more videos. I also want to do another random "how loud is this" video. Other random ideas to use my meter are always welcomed
  12. HYou guys are awesome lol. We can definitely plan a time to gather!
  13. Hope you guys enjoy my video I made. I enjoy metering different things when avalible. I never could a video of meter results for any blast diffuser. So I made 2 with different lengths and tested em out. I really wanted to try a SUREFIRE WARDEN but I'm not shelling out $300 for a device/diffuser set up.
  14. love me 10.5 sbrs. but this post in itself describes what i do all the time. I literally do the same thing. Theres guys that have 15 AR15's that are basic with some add on's,and then theres me..the guy whos got so much good poop in 5-7 AR's that can run all day in hell.
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