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  1. Might have to try it for ya. Set up my phone facing the meter around 100yrds away. Shooting at a target around 10-20yrds away from the meter set up for reference. I bet it would be around 100db unsuppressed 5.56. I honestly have no idea lol.
  2. BUMP! Open to trades like these listed.
  3. Thank you! I will definitely post more videos. I also want to do another random "how loud is this" video. Other random ideas to use my meter are always welcomed
  4. HYou guys are awesome lol. We can definitely plan a time to gather!
  5. Hope you guys enjoy my video I made. I enjoy metering different things when avalible. I never could a video of meter results for any blast diffuser. So I made 2 with different lengths and tested em out. I really wanted to try a SUREFIRE WARDEN but I'm not shelling out $300 for a device/diffuser set up.
  6. love me 10.5 sbrs. but this post in itself describes what i do all the time. I literally do the same thing. Theres guys that have 15 AR15's that are basic with some add on's,and then theres me..the guy whos got so much good poop in 5-7 AR's that can run all day in hell.
  7. random gun stuff trades are welcomed. projectiles,brass,gear,ar15 stuff like BCG,Handguard,stocks,etc. looking for a stripped OD Green Aero Precision ar15 upper reciever.....
  8. I picked the platform like most. Already did the AR15 thing and still do but always wanted a big frame AR and the 308 caliber is hard to beat for all around usage. Common caliber,I reload for it,can find projectiles in a wide range of weights and list goes on. I originally wanted a super short 308 like the HK51K.. but I can't drink champagne on a beer budget so yeah,that little bastard is just stupid and badass at the same time but no way i could afford one to be made. I built my first one in 2017 i believe but had plans for one with a CMMG lower back to 2010. That didnt pan out and it was sold to make a move out of state.
  9. Diamondback Barrel has a .070" gas port diameter just FYI. Both 5/8x24 threaded muzzles.
  10. Top 3 pictures are CMMG and bottom 4 are the Diamondback. I have 1 NEW UNFIRED Diamondback 13.5" midlength gas barrel up for grabs. Paid $130 few months ago. Never installed either. Would like $100 shipped Next up is a used 12.5" CMMG barrel with a midlength gas also. Approx 400rds down tube. Gas port is .089"-.090" shows finish wear signs externally but no damage to barrel. Since this guy is used but usually is expensive I'd like to just part ways with it for $100 shipped aswell. No PayPal but Venmo works or typical money order works too. Reach out to me here in a private message or call or text me aswell. Mike 928-45one 65seven4
  11. I had a tiny end cap strike a while back and I was concerned with all the horror stories about the 51T being bad after so much wear. ECCO Machine is the business that does the conversions and he's done literally hundreds upon hundreds of em. I chose the Griffin mount set up cause I like their muzzle devices and price aswell. ECCO Machine does a 1.375x24 ASR thread so you can choose a bunch of industry standard mounts. He coated it Socom flat black for me too;) The mount can be welded in but I chose to just use rockset on it instead.
  12. If anyone is in the Arizona area and has suppressors(form 1 or 4) I'd always like to hook up my BK 2209 sound meter and get some data.

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