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  1. I hear ya. I remember alot of those 12.5 DI setups running good. just had to have the proper gas tube made from what i remember. That sucks yours was a jammy sob. I just like the simplicity of it. Sorta simple like Sig's Classic Swat 5.56 with just a few positions. I loved that gun,should'be never got rid of it years ago. i also notice Adams Arms is down. Wasn't a huge follower of their stuff anyways. POF seems to gun good but haven't seen anyone run one on a DPMS/SR25 setup that was orignally DI. im not sold on a piston system being what I "NEED" but its what i'd love to try. Sorta like a HK51K 5.3" 308. Its not practical or even needed but just farging cool! I might just have to try it and figure out what i can get away with as far as options go. Makes sense for manufactures to not dive into the GP 308 category for aftermarket people. Theres not alot of us who build it from the ground up and want a gas piston system on a 308.
  2. First post here as a newish member but long time builder. I've had some time with a Sig 716 Patrol few years ago and didn't think much of it but now im considering trying to piece together or find the gas piston setup from Sig Sauer. Been difficult as to i can't find it or parts. Havent looked or called Sig direct yet though. this would be used on a 13.5 pinned/welded shorter build i already have. (Aero with BA barrel cut down). Want to ditch the Superlative arms block if possible. Im mainly interested in the piston set up cause it looks simple and has only 4 adjustments. Would likely need a new BCG due to gas key style too. I like little amounts of adjustments. I run the guns suppressed alot but don't feel a 30+ click adjustable gas block is the answer. Its slightly annoying to have that many adjustments and i think no more than 10 is needed. I also remember sig having some of their 13" barrels having wrong drilled gas port locations few years ago and were discounted nicely. Im not sure if gas system is DPMS or proprietary.... Anyone run a gas piston setup like this or an Adams arms or POF? Thanks for any help or ideas.
  3. they like ice cream too. his 3rd bday party. "you can get past a dog,but nobody fu<ks with a lion" ~Dante
  4. sounds awesome. Its def still hot up here but not phx hot. around 103-105 this year which is not as hot as some years but I will take it over 115+. just really humid which sucks ass. send me a message and we can meet up for sure down the road,exchange numbers,info,etc,etc. i love to meter sh!t. whatever you got lets do it.
  5. Hey guys,been on the forum before a while ago but got busy in life(had a little baby girl this last Dec) and forgot my log in information. I wasn't very active and more of a lurker. I've built about 6 total 308AR's over the past 7 years. Built minimum of over 75 AR15's in the past 15 years aswell. Maybe more. I will be more active this time around and can't wait to start on another Aero lower i have. Just can't decide the direction im going to take it. I live in Central AZ area wheres is smaller and not as big but i live close to Sedona area which is super touristy and liberal. You head down the road 25 miles and im in a po-dunk,hills have eyes spot that I love. I will add if anyone is close and or wants to travel i have a BK 2209 sound meter setup for measuring gunshots/suppressed stuff. If anyone has Form 1 or 4 suppressors and wants to see what it really does im just a drive away. On a side note,im a automotive mechanic by trade. from beginning of 2015 to the end of 2021 i had the luxury of working at a wildlife park as a mechanic and worked my way into working more with the big carnivores. I met my wife there and things just happened and we made it work. I was a dumb mechanic and she was a NAU grad and showed me the ropes of how to survive living with big cats. Sooo...im a animal person big time but PETA sucks ass and I do hunt because animals are also tasty. The wife and I. This dude Jabari (male lion 4 years old now) we hand raised along with his brother and his older sister. they all were rejected by mom and left for dead so we had to raise em'. Was a privilege being able to raise these lions for years and them accept us into their pride. His current weight im told by old co-workers is hovering around 480lbs still which is what he was in this picture.
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