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  1. i just had a ballistic advantage 20 inch bull barrel delivered by Armorally. It was a fantastic price and took 3 days with free shipping. Pretty darn good. i got a cryptic coating bcg from Opticsplanet in 3 days with free shipping. just ordered 10 more pmags.
  2. jeffery

    AR Trigger

    I have a Larue 2 stage trigger I was thinking of using on my .308 build but I am considering a Geiselle 2 stage ssa ex version. It is going to be a bench gun so I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this
  3. I am enjoying it although its slow. I dont have the money to throw at it especially now with the things the way they are. That said I did just buy a barrel and bcg. I did a lot of reading on the matter and originally I was thinking of getting a proof research 18 inch stainless steel barrel with a jp enterprises bcg. I sent them an email on head spacing and they said they head space their barrels on jp enterprise bolts so I was going to go with that. Combined it would be $1k for the 2. The more I thought about it the more I realized that although thats probably the perfect match for long range and all I just would never have a place I could shoot thats further than 100 yards probably. That combo is way more capable than that. So I brought myself back down to earth a little. I still think I did make a really good choice with a ballistic advantage 20 inch premium bull barrel and a cryptic coating bcg. I think that will work really well for my needs. Im not a competition shooter or anything like that.
  4. I decided to do a .308 build because I already have 2 ar15's carbine and I wanted a long rifle so I picked this. Still buying parts for now though.
  5. I just started toying with the idea of reloading. I bought the Lyman 50th anniversery addition on reloading and Im reading it now. Still watching tons of videos. I had no idea there was so much to all of this. Its staggering.
  6. that does happen and it happens to everyone on every skill level. Ive seen guys with years of experience crash planes that cost thousands because of human error. I haven't crashed yet. some hard landings still and last year I lost my first plane in the woods because of a loss of orientation and depth perception . damn trees were a lot closer to the plane than i thought.lol didn't find it for a year until another member found it while looking for his plane.lol. It was in pretty good shape actually. still fun though. but i am still a rookie at it. this is the one I lost. I bought a bigger one after I lost this one. I guess my other hobby is riding motorcycles. below is a pic of the bike. the green plane is the one I bought after loosing the first one. The pics on the bike are from an area in Tennessee called the Dragons Tale. If anyone might have heard of it. The pic of the bike at distance is on a roadway called the cherohala skyway. the other is on the Dragon. 318 turns in 11 miles. Pure adrenaline rush. Fun as hell.
  7. actually thats kinda where it went..lolol, hell i would probably crash the damn thing anyway..lol
  8. I got some a couple of weeks ago for 223 for $7 each. I think it was gun prepper .... but here is my question. How many pmags is enough? I know everyone is rightfully worried about bans on mags etc. but that said I got 30 now and I just dont think I need more... you guys have a lot?
  9. Well lets see.... I picked up the hobby of RC airplanes. Its a lot of fun and of course not cheap....lol I didnt really even get a chance to fly this year at all. Kind of a bummer but thats ok.
  10. Man I want to start reloading. I bought a book to start reading up on it. Lyman is the book I bought. Sucker is thick! Gonna be a while to get through it.
  11. Thanks for that. Im in Dayton Im sorry to say. but its about 50 miles north of Cinci.
  12. Its a solid point. One I have been considering for a while. Its really the only sticking point for me overall. I dont even really have anyplace to shoot distance here in Ohio anyway. There is a range run buy the state that goes out 100 yards which is great really. Ohio put a ton of money into this range and from the looks on the website its pretty sweet looking. Outdoors of course but its like $25 a year I think. But I digress. So its a toss up and thanks for the heads up on the prs .. I was not aware of that. If I did go with a 20 inch I would use that but if I go with a 16 I might just get the other magpul collapsible thats like the one on my ar15.
  13. the magpul is collapsible
  14. ok so the upper and lower set and hand guards are Aero. Larue 2 stage trigger Thats it so far but I was considering the following. Cryptic Coating bcg or lantac or JP Enterprises titanium firing pin Rainier Arms Ultramatch mod 2 20" fluted barrel Magpul PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock - Black probably a Radian Raptor charging handle ambi. of some sort. if not maybe Aero version. Building a long gun of a sort is what I am focusing on at the moment since I already have an AR15 carbine length. But thats not exactly set in stone either
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