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Ranier arms barrels


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I searched for a discussion on these but really didn't find what I was looking for so I will throw it out to everyone...

I am going to order a Rainier arms 18" barrel for my build. I want to shoot everything through it and I want to be accurate as far out as I can. I will never shoot competitions but I love to shoot tight groups... What is the difference between the match and the select barrels from Rainier arms? The select is polygonal and the match is 1:10 I'm gonna shoot walmart crap and eventually reload. My question is the difference between the two.. Which is more accurate? Is the additional $45 worth the upgrade? .. I have an adjustable gas block already.... Thanks for the help...

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I own both the Select and that Match. The Select is 416SS and the Match is 410SS.  The difference in accuracy is negligible, with the edge going to the match. This is only after 10 round groups.  I opine you would be hard pressed to see any difference with the 3 or 5 round groups.  These are great barrels.  Both of the barrels eat most anything your run through it.  My Select like the 155gr A-Max and 168 GMM SMK the best.  My Match likes the 168 GMM SMK and 175 GMM SMK.  Don't get me wrong the Select shot the 175gr well, too, but there was a clear difference.  


I hope this helps.

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  • 2 months later...

I actually just started a topic on this last night because I hadn't seen this one yet. Here's what I've found


The match is a Shilen barrel blank with ratchet rifling


The select is a black hole weaponry blank with polygonal rifling.


Both ratchet and polygonal rifling are supposed to be good for accuracy with less projectile deformation, and easier cleaning as they don't copper foul as easy.


I'm planning on a 20" barrel and the price difference there is only $6. ($293.95 vs 299.95) They're both MOA guaranteed, so for me it just really comes down to twist rate. I think I'm going to go with the select as I already have 168s and 155s that I shoot through my bolt gun (1:12 twist) and there's something to be said for ammo consolidation between rifles, especially when it comes to buying bulk ammo or reloading.


 I also haven't been able to find enough information on the ratchet rifling to give me a super warm fuzzy on it. I doubt there's anything wrong with it as there are plenty of bench rest shooters using it, but the polygonal just makes me feel more comfortable as I know more about it and have experience with it.

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